Work With Us

CarComparos is looking for Talent:

We are looking for like-minded souls who are good at:
1. Writing Articles
2. Recording fresh or existing articles in audio form
3. Making Videos using fresh or already recorded audio

In the interest of absolute transparency, here's are our terms of contract:

We are willing to offer 500 Rs. for every script, 500 Rs. for every. On an average all our articles have received 4000 views. Which equals to 260 Rs. per article. If you write 2 articles every day, 5 days a week, that equates to 11,440 Rs. per month.

The payment terms have been kept as such, so that authors first do adequate keyword research to ensure that the story they are planning to write actually has readers interested in reading it. Secondly, writers need to own the responsibility of promoting their own stories on social media.

Once you are added as an author to our back end, you can see the number of views on your article in real time, so that there is complete transparency in terms of remuneration. At the end of the month, total number of views on all your articles will be calculated and payment will be transferred to your account accordingly.

We require no formal education or work experience, just knowledge about the Indian Automotive Industry and writing skills. We will train you in the aspects of the work, which you may not be aware about.

If you are interested, drop a mail on