Re-Registration of Vehicle (Passenger Car) after 15 years completion

Overall Experience – Very Good

If you do not know the process, people in RTO are friendly and will help you out.

Time required – 3 to 4 Hours (After 15 years of vehicle usage)

Necessary documents – 

1) Form 25 – This is a form for re-registration application. (This form can be easily filled-in in case you have RC book in front of you.)  --- This form can be downloaded from RTO site or you can go to Photo-copy centre in front of the RTO and ask for form No. 25. They will probably take 2-3 Rs extra than the printing cost. --- But, it’s easily available. So, no worries.
2) Original RC Book/Paper/Smart card – Original copy
3) Valid Insurance document – Original or Photo-copy
4) Valid PU Certificate – Original or Photo-copy
5) Aadhar Card - Photocopy

White Reflector strips pasted on both sides of Front Number Plate
Process – 

1) Go to RTO with above original documents and 1 photo copy.
2) Check for Window for re-registration (Most of the RTO’s have windows clearly marked with vehicle numbers. For e.g. 0 to 999, 1000 to 2999 etc. (if RTO is has big volume)
3) Go to RTO Office window where they check the form no. 25 and write Environment tax (Green Tax) amount on your form. In case of Indica, it is Rs 3000 for next 5 years and for Maruti Alto – it is Rs 2500 for next 5 years. They will also tell you at which window to fill the fees (Environment Tax/Green Tax)
4) First you may need to make an entry into RTO computer on another window (if vehicle details are present.) as in my case – vehicle was from 2002 registration year. – They will need original RC paper along with application form.
5) Go to Cash window and submit environment tax.

Red Reflector strips pasted on both sides of Rear Number plate
Time Lapsed from steps 1 to 5 – Approx. 1 hour.

6) Go to RTO Vehicle Inspection.
7) You may need to stick Red and white Reflector stickers on your car. Approx. price – RS 350 for 2 red Reflector stickers (To be fixed on rear side of vehicle) and 2 White Reflector stickers (To be fixed on Front side of the vehicle). Reflector sticker vendors are available at site who will approach you and can do this job for you. These stickers will also improve visibility of your vehicle in dark.
8) Get the vehicle chassis no. imprinted on your Application form (Using black lead pencil)
9) New number plates standard required Number plate to be printed with 4 digits. So, if your number is 444, it needs to be written as 0444. You can go to an accessory centre and get this corrected before inspection. Or, you can also do the paint job near the RTO Inspection centre. Usually one painter is available on site that will make changes to number plate/re-painting of number plate etc. instantly for Rs 100.
10) RTO Assistant will make an entry in RTO log-book for your vehicle.
11) Show the car and the papers to RTO Inspector. They will inspect the car, confirm chassis number/Number plate. RTO Inspector will sign on the form.
12) RTO Inspector will enter the details of Inspection into Computer and handover the papers to you confirming that vehicle Inspection is over.

Time elapsed from steps 6 to 12 – Approx. 1 to 1.5 hours

13) Go to RTO and get sign of Deputy RTO on the completed Application form/Inspection form.
14) Go to computer window and fill in the Re-registration fee. It is approximately Rs 650 (Rs 600 Re-registration fee = Rs 50 Postage) as of September 2017. RTO will give a receipt of the same to you.
15) Submit the Application form, Original RC paper, Valid PUC, Valid Insurance document to RTO Window.

Time elapsed from steps 13 to 15 – Approx. 20-30 minutes.

16) Now, wait at your home. Your re-registration RC will be posted to your address in 3-4 weeks.