Should Mahindra Discontinue Bolero ?

I will go for “No” and if Mahindra may be thinking of above, then I would like to convince them for not doing so because first of all, Bolero is not only SUV model for Mahindra but it’s a brand name which describes Mahindra & Mahindra durability and currently Bolero is doing great by keeping the name of her ancestors Jeep (now Thar) and non-forgettable legendary Marshal. We automobile geek know how Marshal performed in its time and with all respect of that Mahindra Bolero is significant successor of Marshal. This all verbalize that Mahindra Bolero has laid its stone way back long only name has been changed.


But as if someone is in debate with me for discontinuing of Bolero I would love to clear his/her concept and will buy time for current Bolero for another 4 years, after that it may need cosmetic changes.
Launch of its power+ model make clear intension that company is not in mood to discontinue and now she got prestigious tag of mHawk. As in coming 4 years, I can’t see any other product is going to beat her durability, reliability and least but not the last its resale value. There is no other company who could offer marvelous features like Bolero on this price bracket of its segment. Tata Sumo is hassling to cope her but all effortless, it doesn’t mean Sumo is dull in character, it has elegant dynamics and appreciating features but Sumo have been star in her era but Bolero is star of this era with no rough sides. Current Bolero SLX provides 70 bhp to your foot with 190 nm of torque, AC cabin, all power windows, power steering, cushioning seat with arm rest and unmatchable ground clearance. It’s fully digital odo is one of its wellness that provides you exact digit of your speed and its top end variant ZLX provides you with all bright features like rear wipers, voice command system + SLX only in 8 lakh.
Bolero was the only successful the rugged SUV from 2000 by keeping her tag of break free, keeping you on road, no. 1 UV and it’s the thing which can be taken on anything. Bolero torquey engine, responsive steering and suspension are made for no limit, easy handling on rough terrain and road is one of its goodness and profit from her side helping a lot to Mahindra & Mahindra to be a shining star in automobile market.
By going through above talk one may utter that Bolero is not at all a bad deal but it is not sold widely in India. Mahindra’s outlet in Mumbai have less unit of Bolero for sale as they are proud to be selling of XUV 5oo, but here in Jharkhand we have reverse scenario, as one of our dealer have been registered for no.1 seller of Bolero in India in 2012-2013, some people feel obsessed to own Bolero, as they think it may reflect their image in wrong way. But in Jharkhand people loves to adorn their key hanger with Bolero’s key neighboring Verna or Ciaz’s key whatever their second choice may. It’s not only in Jharkhand but UP, Bihar, Jat’s of Haryana, Punjab guys and other also (except the fashion cities) love this rough toy to be parked at their premises and other companies think in same way as they accept Bolero with big smile for exchange of their cars. They know very well about Bolero’s resale value. It starts with 5 lakh and every of its penny is worth it. Its sibling Scorpio is also doing great one can say it is luxury form of Bolero. According to stats of most selling vehicle in India, she always found column in top 10 with Swift desire, alto and other best seller and will always remain top seller because fan following of Bolero is high. Its low maintenance feature will surely keep her in Top 10 as I have personal experience of it.

So Bolero is doing great by keeping all her promises. She will never ditch hence no need to discontinue.