Ride - Yamaha FZ 16 and Fazer to Anaikatti

Coimbatore is one of those unique places which give wanderers like us something new to explore, and this time it was Anaikatti. This scenic place is located 28 kms from Coimbatore and shares its border with Kerala. The reason this quiet little hill got our attention was one of my friend, who has a farmhouse up there. Our ride for this one day retreat was the Yamaha FZ 16 V 1.0 and the Fazer. Both these machines are able handlers when it comes to riding them on hills or plains.

road after Kanuvai

We started at 9.30 in the morning from Coimbatore, and the route is very much straightforward. You have to take the Thadagam – Anaikatty road, passing Edayarpalayam, Kanuvai, Mankarai to reach the foothills. The traffic eases up pretty much after crossing kanuvai and that allowed us to stretch the FZ’s legs for a while, managing around 80 – 90kmph, making it to the foothills in just 20 minutes. Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History, a research institute and a famous bird sanctuary, is located 4 kms before Anaikatti. 

small hillocks near Sholayur
The straight line stability of both the bikes is good and inspires confidence. The brakes have sufficient bite and stopping power is good. The front sports a 267 mm disc brake and the rear comes with drum brakes. Both the bikes make 14 PS of power and 13.6 Nm of torque and are eager to rev all the way to the redline and employ a constant mesh, 5 - speed manual gearbox in a one down, 4 up pattern. Telescopic forks are used in the front and monoshock suspension in the rear. The suspension setup and chassis make both these machines rider oriented; and for the pillion rider, it gets uncomfy for long rides on that small seat. Also while the stiff chassis is great for cornering, the ride becomes bumpy on bad roads. On the looks department, both are sporty and are best looking in the front three - quarter view. The dials are simple and functional and have the digital speedo and rev counters with trip meter. 

the FZ 16 and Fazer

Anaikatti at an altitude of just over 700 meters above msl, makes for a quick climb and we made it before 11 in the moring. A little further down the main road, we took an unmarked left turn, which leads to Sholayur, where our friends’ farmhouse is located. The narrow road was much like an off road terrain with potholes and big stones, but the 160 mm ground clearance meant not much harm to the underbelly of the motorcycles. The diamond chassis of the FZ 16 makes it a sporty handler and tackling corners are a delight. On a rainy day, a lot of focus was needed to navigate the narrow, terrible road to Sholayur. Thankfully, our friend’s farmhouse was just 4 kms from the main road and so we took a break there and headed further to explore the vastly unused terrain.

cloudy and rainy throughout the day

windmills st Sholayur

A little further there are roads branch from the Sholayur road, and these lead to windmills located there. The cloudy and rainy weather transformed the mountainous region to a scenic location, due to which a lot of time was spent taking pictures and hiking small hillocks nearby. There are small eatery joints in the village of Anaikatti to satisfy your hunger, but don’t go expecting tasty meals. We started the ride back to Coimbatore by 4.30 in the evening and made it in less than an hour to Idayarpalayam and stopped for tea. The grippy MRF radials in the front and rear, made the bike handle rainy conditions in an effortless manner. The FZ 16 and Fazer also had the widest rear tire (140mm) in its segment when launched which had a positive impact on the handling characteristics of the motorcycles. For a quick one day getaway to Anaikatti, the FZ and Fazer proved to be fun motorcycles to ride and the weather being in favor to us made the locales wonderful.