Tata Bolt vs Hyundai Grand i10

Tata Bolt v/s Hyundai Grand i10


Hyundai has an advantage with the Grand i10 as the i10 looks compact and much better styled than the Tata Bolt which looks like an evolution of the Indica Vista. The Bolt is not a badly designed car. But it's not as appealing as the Grand i10. The fact that the Bolt reminds you of the Indica Vista is the sore point. It should have been a whole new car rather than an evolution. 


The Hyundai takes the crown when it comes to features as the i10 has DRL's, request sensors on doors, memory storage upto 1GB, rear AC vents, keyless entry and push button start. The Bolt, on the other hand, comes with touch screen navigation, Harman's 8 speaker music system setup, speed sensing auto door locks. One has to say that it is a closely fought battle.

Build Quality:

Interiors: There's no arguing that the current gen Tatas' are being built in a much better manner than their predecessors. However, it still has a long way to go before it can stand up toe to toe with the Grand i10. The quality of the plastics used in the Bolt around the steering wheel is very flimsy when compared to the overall car. On the other hand, the i10 has the best interior in its class. The look and feel of the plastics and the materials used is certainly a notch above that of the Bolt. The Bolt is a good attempt but the crown rests with the i10.

Exteriors:  Tatas' are known to make real solid cars on the outside and the Bolt is no different. A gentle tap on the sheet metal and the quality of the plastics used assures one that it can survive the harshest of conditions. As much as we like the i10 on the inside, the same cannot be said for the exterior. The i10 somehow does not manage to give that assuring feel. Try closing the doors of both the card and you'll know what we mean. 

Ride Quality and Dynamics:

The i10 is strictly a neutrally balanced car when it comes to battle on the ride quality front. A lot of the undulations on the road filters through to the cabin. NVH levels are acceptable and there's nothing more than it. This is one aspect where the Bolt trounces the rival. The ride quality of a Tata product can never be questioned and the same can be said for the Bolt as it feels very comfortable both in the city and on the highways. NVH levels are fantastically controlled in the Tata Bolt. The Bolt is a winner even when it comes to driving over as the ABS with EBD, the great steering, better ground clearance provides assuring feedback to the driver. 


While both the Bolt and the Grand i10 sport a 1.2-litre petrol engine, the Bolt with its turbocharged unit puts out 90 PS of power and 140nm of torque compared to the 83 PS and 114nm of torque in the Grand i10. The best part is the fact that the Bolt is hassle free to drive in the city with minimum throttle inputs. Add to that, the option of the selectable driving modes makes sure that you can have fuel efficiency or performance as your priority.

Engine Displacement(cc)  - Bolt - 1193 (Petrol) ;  Grand i10 - 1120 (Petrol)
                                        - Bolt - 1248 (Diesel) ;  Grand i10 - 1197 (Diesel)

Horsepower - Bolt (Petrol) - 88.8 BHP @ 5000 RPM ; Grand i10 (Petrol) - 70 BHP @ 4000 RPM
                   - Bolt (Diesel) - 74 BHP @ 4000 RPM ; Grand i10 (Diesel) - 81.86 BHP @ 6000 RPM

When it comes to the diesel engines, there is a role reversal as its' the Grand i10 which feels the better refined among the two. The i10 performs well when kept in its powerband and the refinement levels are particularly good when you understand that it is a three-cylinder setup. The Bolt, on the other hand, has the Fiat sourced Quadrajet 1.3-litre diesel which is tuned to generate more torque than the Grand i10. But the power is pretty much not visible due to the weight of the Tata Bolt. 

Performance & Fuel Efficiency:

Due to a higher kerb weight, the Tata bolt feels a tad more sluggish when compared to the Grand i10. A difference of 200 kgs is to be found in the petrol variants of the two and that is more than enough to make one understand as to why the Grand i10 feels more sprightly. However, that said the turbocharging in the Bolt is very linear and the power is pretty controlled which aids in overtaking easily and nipping around the town. The i10 is good in town, but on the highway, the Bolt would stand you in good stead.

Kerb Weight:   Tata Bolt - 1125 kgs (Petrol); 1160 kgs (Diesel)
                       Hyundai Grand i10 - 935 kgs (Petrol); 1025 kgs (Diesel)

The Grand i10 sips more efficiently and that is evident as it is the lighter than the Bolt. The Bolt petrol will return anywhere between 12 to 17 kmpl, while the diesel can manage anywhere between 15 to 20 kmpl. The petrol variant of the Grand i10 can extract around 16 to 19 kmpl and the diesel would range anywhere between 20 to 24 kmpl. The numbers do depend upon the driving conditions and the style of driving. 


There is no arguing that the Bolt has the best passenger space as five people can be accommodated easily. The long wheelbase of 2470mm in the Bolt is a champion and the length and width of the Bolt is higher than the i10. Carrying five is a bit of a task in the Grand i10 if you are well built. The Grand i10 has better boot space with 256 litres compared to the Bolt's 210 litres.

Length (mm):  Bolt - 3825 ; Grand i10 -3765

Width (mm):  Bolt - 1695 ; Grand i10 -1660

Height (mm)Bolt - 1562 ; Grand i10 - 1520

Wheelbase (mm): Bolt - 2470 ; Grand i10 - 2425 

Overall Serviceability and Ownership Experience:

The wide and customer friendly dealer network of the Hyundai trumps the Tata in this aspect. The better resale value of the Hyundai makes it the ownership experience a little more pleasant than that of the Tata. However that being said, Tata has been revamping the after sales support strategies to present a better buying and post buying experience. 


The Tata Bolt is a great attempt by Tata in improving their products and hats off to them for their efforts. The Bolt drives good, feels very well put together and looks much better than the previous line-up. However, its' the Hyundai Grand i10 which wins this comparo thanks to the better quality interiors, higher fuel efficiency, friendly buying experience and better ownership experience.

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