WRV vs Vitara Brezza Comparison Review

Published on: Mar 23, 2017
Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza vs Honda WR-V Comparison Review:

Part I
Comparison of Pricing & Features: 
WR-V's top-end diesel variant, the 'VX', costs 11.4 Lakh Rs. on road, Delhi, which is 50,000 Rs. more expensive, than Brezza’s range-topping variant, the ‘ZDi+' costing 10.9 Lakh Rs. The WR-V is also available with a petrol engine, costing 10 lakh Rs. for the ‘VX’ variant, which is 90,000 Rs. cheaper than the top-end diesel Brezza! It’s a crying shame that neither of these cars offer an option, of an automatic transmission, for now.

In spite of being 50,000 Rs. cheaper, the Brezza ‘ZDi+’ still has many extra features, that are absent in the WR-V ‘VX’ like Parking Sensors, Projector Headlamps, Apple CarPlay, Rain Sensing Wipers and Light Sensing Headlamps. The ‘WR-V’ on the other hand only has

3 extra features over the Brezza ‘ZDi+’, which are Telescopic Steering Adjustment, Electric Sunroof and Wifi Connectivity (for the head unit). But that’s not all, for some strange reason, Honda has deleted Cruise Control, Push-button Start & Smart Key, from the petrol engined top-end variant. So given the value, of the numerous extra features, that the Brezza has over the petrol WR-V, it is clear, that the Brezza is actually far better value-for-money than the WR-V.

Honda seems to have learned nothing, from their pricing disasters in the past, and continues to price their cars at a ridiculous premium, over the competition.

Common Features: ABS, Airbags-2, Automatic Climate Control, Power Steering, Power Windows, Central Locking by Remote, Parking Camera, Infotainment: FM, Aux, Bluetooth + 4 Speakers, Steering Wheel Switches, Touchscreen, Navigation, Electrically Adjustable & Folding Mirrors, Rear Wash-Wipe-Defog, Driver’s Seat Height Adjust, Alloy Wheels, Cruise Control, Push Button Start & Smart Key, LED DRLs, Fog Lamps, Auto-up Anti-Pinch Driver’s Window

Extra Features in WR-V (VX diesel):
Telescopic Steering Adjustment, Electric Sunroof and Wi-Fi Connectivity (for the head unit)

{WR-V ‘VX’ petrol does not get Cruise Control, Push Button Start & Smart Key}

Extra Features in Vitara Brezza (ZDi+): Parking Sensors, Projector Headlamps, Apple CarPlay, Rain Sensing Wipers and Light Sensing Headlamps

Part II
WR-V vs Vitara Brezza Comparison of Performance & Dynamics:
The WR-V diesel, is a far more drivable car around town, than the Vitara Brezza. WR-V has a 250cc larger engine than the Brezza, and its turbo, spools up much earlier as well. Brezza's turbo, wakes up only past 2000 rpm, giving it quite a bit of turbo-lag, and requiring constant gear-shifting, in and around city traffic. The Brezza fights back with better insulation and sound deadening, compared to the excessively noisy diesel mill, of the WR-V, which is unacceptable, for a car of its class.

The WR-V, is also available with the well-known, 1.2-litre, iVTEC petrol engine, from the Brio, the Amaze and the Jazz. It feels remarkably different from the diesels, thanks to its silky-smooth nature, and sonorous exhaust note. But it feels far too weedy, in terms of low-end tractability, as well as overtaking punch, compared to the diesels. Neither Honda nor Suzuki, has offered an automatic transmission on their offerings, for now.

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Vitara Brezza (diesel) - 76, WRV (diesel) – 83, WRV (petrol) – 82
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Vitara Brezza (diesel) - 169, WRV (diesel) – 166, WRV (petrol) – 100

Power (PS@rpm): Vitara Brezza (diesel) – 90@4000, WRV (diesel) – 100@3600, WRV (petrol) – 90@6000
Torque (Nm@rpm): Vitara Brezza (diesel) – 200@1750, WRV (diesel) – 200@1750, WRV (petrol) – 110@4800
Kerb Weight (kg): Vitara Brezza (diesel) - 1185, WRV (diesel) – 1204, WRV (petrol) – 1104

Handling & Ride Quality:
The WR-V has more mature dynamics, but the Brezza is more fun around the bends. The WR-V has a longer wheelbase and a softer suspension setup, than the Brezza. It absorbs the bumps and ruts slightly better than the Brezza, and tackles rough roads and broken surfaces, with far better composure, than the Brezza. The Brezza may have better ground clearance, but it jiggles and squirms over broken roads, making it feel less like an SUV, and more like raised hatchback, which it actually is. But its stiffer setup, makes it a real hoot, to throw around the bends. It does have a tendency to roll, due to its tall height, but it carries the unmistakable genes of the Swift platform, making it thoroughly enjoyable, to point and squirt, around mountain roads all day.

Ground Clearance (mm): Vitara Brezza – 198, WRV - 188

Wheelbase (mm): Vitara Brezza – 2500, WRV - 2555

Tyre Size:
Vitara Brezza: 215/60R16
WRV: 195/60R16

Part III
WR-V vs Vitara Brezza Comparison of Fuel Efficiency & Cost of Ownership:
The WR-V diesel, has an ARAI certified fuel economy of 25.5 kmpl, which is 1.2 kmpl more, than the Brezza. However, both cars returned identical fuel-efficiency, in our back-to-back tests. WR-V petrol, has an ARAI certified mileage of 17.5 kmpl. It was almost 5 kmpl less efficient than the Brezza, during our efficiency runs.

ARAI Mileage (kmpl):

Diesel – Manual: WRV - 25.5 kmpl
Vitara Brezza - 24.3 kmpl

Petrol - Manual: WRV - 17.5 kmpl

Fuel Cost: (for 75,000 km)
Diesel - Manual WRV - 2.50 Lakh
Vitara Brezza - 2.50 Lakh

Petrol - Manual: WRV - 4.10 Lakh

Reliability & After Sales Service: 
Both brands are well known, for producing fantastically reliable products, backed by excellent service support, at affordable prices. If you live in one of India's big cities, availability of a Honda's service center is not going to be much of a concern either. Only in the small towns and villages, would the Vitara Brezza, hold any advantage over the WR-V, in terms of service availability.

Resale & Cost of Ownership:
Brezza's roaring success in the marketplace, is bound to translate into, incredibly high resale value, in the used car market. Plus there's Maruti's immense advantage over Honda, in terms of the reputation of Service Support. Expect a used Vitara Brezza, to fetch at least 2 lakh Rs. more, than the equivalent WR-V, after a usage of 5 to 7 years. Overall the Brezza 'ZDi+' works out to be a mind-blowing 2.5 Lakh Rs. or 30% lower, than the WR-V 'VX' diesel, in terms of Overall Ownership Cost.

Resale Value (after usage of 5 to 7 years)
Petrol - Manual: WRV VX - 4.35 Lakh

Diesel - Manual: WRV VX - 4.50 Lakh
Vitara Brezza ZDi+ - 6.50 Lakh

Total Cost of Ownership (Price + Fuel Cost – Resale Value)
Petrol - Manual: WRV VX - 9.75 Lakh

Diesel - Manual: WRV VX - 9.50 Lakh
Vitara Brezza ZDi+ - 6.90 Lakh

Part IV 
WR-V vs Vitara Brezza Comparison of Comfort & Interiors:
The Brezza not only 'looks' bigger, but also more premium, than the WR-V, from the outside. But when you open the door and get in, it’s an altogether different story. Brezza's interiors, are the weakest link in the otherwise strong package. The un-sculpted expanse, of hard, dull-grey plastics, feels more dated and down-market, than even the WagonR, for God's sake! The WR-V, shares its interiors with the Jazz and the City, which feel way more premium and well crafted than the Brezza's.

 Both cars are adequately roomy, to comfortably accommodate 5 adults. That being said the WR-V's well-bolstered and supportive seats, give it an edge over the Brezza, in terms of ergonomics. WR-V's driving position though, is fairly low-set than the Brezza's, and makes it feel like a hatch, which might not be appreciated by folks, wanting the high-set SUV feel. The WR-V misses out, on the incredible magic seats from the Jazz, but still, holds an edge over the Brezza, with 363 litres of boot-space, which is 35 litres more, than the Brezza's 328 litre boot volume. The WR-V also has a party piece, which is it's electric sunroof, which takes the feeling of airiness inside its cabin, to a different level, compared to the Brezza.

Boot-space (lit): Vitara Brezza - 328, WRV - 363

Length (mm): Vitara Brezza – 3995, WRV - 3995
Width (mm): Vitara Brezza – 1790, WRV - 1734
Height (mm): Vitara Brezza – 1640, WRV - 1601

Part V 
WR-V vs Vitara Brezza Comparison's Final Verdict:
Technically, the WR-V is a much superior automobile, than the Brezza. It is more powerful, more drivable and yet more efficient, than the Brezza. It is a more practical car than the Brezza as well, with a spacious, comfortable cabin and better fit-finish. But it just cannot match the sheer value-for-money, that the Brezza offers. If you consider Brezza's advantage in terms of pricing, extra features and resale value, you will be surprised to see, that it is at least 2 lakh Rs. lighter on the pocket than the corresponding WR-V. Whatever little advantage the WR-V holds over the Brezza, is definitely not enough to justify the immense difference, in the Ownership Costs.

Honda needs to seriously take, a long hard look, at the ridiculous price tag it puts, on its vehicles. Such premiums may have been justified in 1998, when their competitors used to be way inferior to the Honda City. But now competition has not just caught on, but even surpassed Honda in most aspects. Honda needs to accept, that it can no longer justify, such stratospheric price-tags on their fairly lack-lustre products. If you look at the nuts and bolts, there is hardly any component that is more expensive, than what is already used, in the Jazz, which itself, is priced at a premium. Even if the WR-V was up to 40,000 Rs. more expensive than the Brezza, in the long-term, we would still have declared it the winner of this comparison, but at these ludicrous prices, it is no match to car it is trying to target.

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