Volkswagen Polo GT TSI Vs Abarth Punto Comparison Review

Fiat Abarth Punto Vs Volkswagen Polo GT TSI:

"If extraordinary performance and power-packed revs is the only need, you are sure to go for the Abarth. But if you also want to take care of your wallet and be more practical, the Polo GT is the right choice." 

Pricing and Features:
Polo GT TSI, the top end variant of Polo family is priced at 10.14lakhs (on road Delhi). It is powered by the 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine. Unfortunately, we don't get a manual transmission in this variant. 
The rival Abarth Punto is a 1.4L turbocharged petrol drinking machine, costs about 12lakhs (on road Delhi). The Abarth Punto has this one and only variant. It is a three-pedaled vehicle that is ready to compete with the Polo GT.

Common features of Abarth and Polo GT:
ABS, Dual airbags, OVRM Indicators, Crash sensor, automatic climate control, Bluetooth connectivity, rear spoilers, front and rear fog lamps.

Extra features in Polo GT TSI:
Cruise control, voice control, vehicle stability control system, smoked headlamps and tinted glass.

Extra features in Abarth Punto:
EBD and  Rear AC vents. 

Performance and Drivability:
The Polo GT simply can't get close to Abarth because the Abarth's 1.4L T-Jet turbocharged petrol engine has a whopping 145bhp which is greater than the GT's. This makes the Abarth a very fast hatchback. The 5-speed manual gearbox is not smooth and makes shifting a little hard, but the revs are really quick. The beast does 0-100 km/h in just 8 to 9 seconds. The third gear takes you upto 140 kmph and the fifth gear manages to make 200+ kmph. One does not need to worry about the braking because it has got all four wheels disc. This gives a very confident feeling to the one behind the wheels when doing immense speeds.

Meanwhile the Polo GT's 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine is not as fast and quick as the Abarth. It churns out 105bhp power which makes it sound obviously slower than the Abarth. It has the 7-speed DSG automatic gearbox that makes city driving very convenient and stress free. Polo GT offers a better and smoother driving experience. The power delivery is very linear and lunges when pushed to the redline. It is more fuel efficient when compared to Abarth. The Polo GT is highly featured than the Abarth Punto.

Engine Displacement(cc): Polo GT - 1368 ; Abarth Punto - 1197

Maximum Power: Polo GT - 103.5bhp @5000rpm ; Abarth Punto - 145bhp @5500rpm

Maximum Torque: Polo GT - 175Nm @1500-4100rpm ; Abarth Punto - 212Nm @2000-4000rpm

Fuel Efficiency:
Having taken two petrol engine performance cars under comparison, fuel efficiency is not something to be taken into deep consideration. This is because both the cars fail to score good in mileage. But comparitively, the Polo GT has a better mileage than the Abarth Punto. 

ARAI Mileage (kms):
Polo GT TSI: City - 14.8 ; Highway - 17.2
Abarth Punto: City - 12.3 ; Highway - 16.3

Fuel cost for 75,000 km:
Polo GT TSI: 3.10 lakhs (approx.)
Abarth Punto: 3.27 lakhs (approx.)

Space & Comfort:
Polo GT wins this segment. There are a few reasons to justify this statement. The instrument cluster is pretty neat and legible. The interior feels rich and classy. It's got a neat black finish in the inside and the upholstery is very comfortable. There is enough headroom and legroom for the passengers.The rear passengers get headrests in both the cars.

Abarth Punto looks a bit dull in the inside. Fiat has failed to concentrate on the interior design it seems. The driving position is awkward as the steering wheel is very close to the driver. There is a noticeable amount of bodyroll when cornering which affects the sportiness of the vehicle. But the fact is, when you are being pulled by 145 horses, the comfort is hardly considered. On the whole, it is not as satisfying as the Polo GT. 

Interestingly, both the cars have the same 280 liter boot space which is to be appreciated. 

Length (mm): Polo GT - 3971 ; Abarth Punto - 3989

Width (mm): Polo GT - 1682 ; Abarth Punto - 1687

Height (mm): Polo GT - 1469 ; Abarth Punto - 1505

Ride Quality & Handling:
The 7-speed DSG gearbox gives the Polo GT an enjoyable driving experience. The steering is super smooth and makes handling easy. The ground clearance is apt and the suspensions perform great. The car is more versatile than its rival. If the driver lets it go wild, it is obvious in making wonders.
On the other hand, the Abarth Punto has a tighter steering wheel which feels hard at times. The ground clearance could have been lowered. All four wheels provided with disc brakes in the Abarth makes sudden braking and drifting a piece of cake. The suspension is stiffer than the regular Punto to give a better ride quality at high speeds. 

Wheelbase (mm): Polo GT - 2469 ; Abarth Punto - 2510

Ground Clearance: Polo GT - 155 ; Abarth Punto - 165

Tyre Size: Polo GT - 185/60 R15 ; Abarth Punto - 195/55 R16

Reliability & After Sales Service:
Fiat needs to travel miles to get a place in the hearts of Indians when it comes to Reliability and Service. This is the only drawback of Fiat and is also a nightmare to Indian customers. VW offers a better after sales service but the service charges might drill your pockets. The service quality is satisfying and cannot be questioned. 

Resale & Cost of Ownership:
The Polo GT manages to make a good deal during resale because Volkswagen has its significant place in the market. But, the case of Abarth Punto is something to be worried about. Being a make of Fiat, a petrol engine of very low mileage and having scarce service centers, puts a bad price for the Abarth Punto when reselling. 

Resale after 5-7 years est.:
Polo GT TSI: 5-6 lakhs
Abarth Punto: 3-4 lakhs

Total Cost of Ownership (Vehicle Cost + Fuel Cost - Resale Value) est.:
Polo GT: 7.74 lakhs
Abarth Punto: 11.7 lakhs

The clash between the German and the Italian is quite interesting. In case of the Abarth Punto, you will have to sacrifice a few factors before planning to own one. If extraordinary performance and power-packed revs is the only need, you are sure to go for the Abarth. But if you also want to take care of your wallet and be more practical, the Polo GT is the right choice. 

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