Tigor vs Dzire vs Amaze vs Xcent Comparison Review

Tata Tigor vs Maruti Suzuki Dzire, Hyundai Xcent & Honda Amaze Comparison:

"The Tigor is let down by two things, first is the choice of powertrains, which are still not in the same league as its well entrenched rivals, and second is the terrible reputation of Tata Motors when it comes to quality, reliability, after sales service and resale value"

Tigor vs Dzire vs Amaze vs Xcent Comparison Video:

Performance & Drivability:
Tata has ensured that the Tigor petrol, seems quite evenly matched with its competitors, on paper. However, on the road, it falls short of the competition, especially in terms of refinement, and is just not able to match the smooth and free-revving nature of its competitor’s engines. The problem is that Honda’s iVTEC, Suzuki’s K12 and Hyundai’s Kappa 2 are legendary powertrains, which have proven to be impossible to match, even for giants like Volkswagen, Toyota and Ford. Tigor has done a good job of matching them in terms of drivability though, with a 3-cylinder layout, as opposed to their 4-cylinder configurations. However, Tigor’s 75 kg heavier kerb weight, gives it an added disadvantage over its rivals, in terms of outright performance.

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Tigor - 83, Dzire – 89, Xcent – 87, Amaze – 92
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Tigor – 111, Dzire – 122, Xcent – 119, Amaze – 114

Power (PS@rpm): Tigor – 85@6000, Dzire – 84.3@6000, Xcent – 83@6000, Amaze – 88@6000
Torque (Nm@rpm): Tigor – 114@3500, Dzire - 115@4000, Xcent - 114@4000, Amaze – 109@4500
Kerb Weight (kg): Tigor – 1025, Dzire - 945, Xcent – 958, Amaze – 955

The Tigor diesel, feels a bit outclassed compared to the rivals. Its 1050cc, 3-cylinder engine and heavier kerb weight, is just no match to the higher displacement mills powering the competition. Tigor is saddled with a fair bit of turbo-lag at lower revs, requiring frequent gearshifts around town. Even on the highways, it quickly runs out of breath, requiring you to plan your overtaking maneuvers well in advance. It is over 50 Nm down compared to the Dzire, the upcoming Xcent and the Amaze in terms of torque output. However, Tata has at least sound deadened it, to a notch above the Amaze and almost in line with the Dzire & the Xcent.

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Tigor – 64, Dzire – 71, Xcent – 71, Amaze – 94 
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Tigor – 128, Dzire – 180, Xcent – 179, Amaze – 188

Power (PS@rpm): Tigor – 70@4000, Dzire – 75@4000, Xcent – 75@4000, Amaze – 100@3600
Torque (Nm@rpm): Tigor – 140@1800-3000, Dzire - 190@2000, Xcent - 190@1750-2250, Amaze – 200@1750
Kerb Weight (kg): Tigor – 1095, Dzire – 1055, Xcent – 1060, Amaze – 1065

Fuel Efficiency: 
The Tigor has the highest certified ARAI mileage amongst the group. However, in the real-world it will actually turn out to be half a kpl less efficient its 1200 cc engined rivals, going by what the Tiago customers have been reporting on the forums.

Handling & Ride Quality: 
Tata has built up a strong competency, in the dynamics department, with some of the best suspension setups of the segment, as seen in the Zest, Bolt, Tiago and Hexa. The best thing about recent Tata cars, is that they have been extremely well suited for Indian road conditions, with best in class ride quality, without much of a compromise in handling. Their decent ground clearance, generous suspension travel and adequate tire size, has proven to be just right, for tackling broken and patchy road situations, that we encounter so frequently in our country. The Tigor is by far the best riding vehicle amongst the group, with a more pliant and comfortable ride compared to the Xcent and Amaze, and especially superior, than the excessively stiff setup of the Dzire. It also handles much better than the Xcent, matches the Amaze and is almost as good as the Dzire, with an equally keen turn-in, and a precise steering, but falls just short of the Dzire, in terms of braking.

Space & Comfort:
The Tigor, is not a typical Tata with acres of leg-room, and a rear seat big enough to accommodate four passengers occasionally. It is unexpectedly tight on space. Squeezing a third passenger at the rear, will make things uncomfortably tight, on the Tigor’s second row. But then, the Amaze is just as tight in terms of rear seat space as the Tigor. The Xcent’s rear seat is even narrower than the rest, making it a strict two seater. The Dzire is the tightest in terms of knee-room, which coupled with its ultra-stiff ride, makes it the last choice, for rear seat occupants. Both the Xcent and the Amaze have class-leading, 400-litre boots, the Tigor having a little bit smaller boot and the Dzire having the smallest boot, with a 316 litres of capacity. In terms of interior fit and finish, Tata has ensured that the Tigor does not feel outclassed compared to its rivals, and has even equipped it with features, par for the segment.

Reliability and After Sales Service: 
Tigor's biggest flaw is that it’s a Tata. Both Hyundai and Honda have over 15 years of strong track record of making reliable vehicles in our country. Maruti Suzuki, as we all know, has not made an unreliable car for the longest time, by far, in a period spanning four decades, in our country. Thanks to their inherent reliability and obsessive interference into service operations, the Japanese and Koreans manage to have a firm grip on their service centers, leading to a hassle free ownership experience extended to their satisfied customers. Tata on the other hand continues to struggle with niggling reliability issues and overlook the dire state of affairs at its touch points.

The Tigor is let down by two things, first is the choice of powertrains, which are still not in the same league as its well entrenched rivals, and second is the terrible reputation of Tata Motors when it comes to quality, reliability, after sales service and resale value. But, don't write it off so soon. Tata may still have an ace up their sleeve in terms of pricing. Going by what they did with the Tiago, they just might scare the living daylights out of the competition by pricing it in line with the Celerio!

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