New EcoSport vs S-Cross Comparison Review

Published on: Feb 01, 2017
S-Cross vs New EcoSport Comparison :

"S-Cross has got a herculean engine that delivers insane authority on road but it lacks in overall refinement that one demands and it feels like a big hatch rather than a Compact Suv. While the EcoSport stands and delivers through its divine road presence, gracious performance with variety of Engine options including a petrol unit with Automatic transmission,& the main USP being its much affordable pricing than the S-Cross".

Pricing & Features:
The S-Cross is available only in 1.3 & 1.6 Liter Diesel engines, while EcoSport is available in both 1.0 Liter Petrol unit and a 1.5 Liter Diesel unit.
The top of the line 'DDiS 200 Alpha' variant of the S-Cross costs about 12.54 Lakh Rs. on-road Delhi and the 'DDis 320 Alpha' retails for 14.28 Lakh Rs. on-road Delhi, which is about 1.80 Lakh Rs. expensive than Ford Eco-Sport's '1.5 TDCi Platinum edition' which will cost you 12.47 Lakh Rs. on-road Delhi and will be full feature packed.

Both of them offers countless features of convenience like Cruise control, Infotainment system, Parking sensors etc, but EcoSport is one stride ahead of the S-Cross in offering much superior safety features like 6 Airbags over 2 airbags of S-Cross, Traction control with ESP, Hill hold control.

Pricing of other variants:
EcoSport 1.0 Ecoboost Titanium+ (petrol) -10.73 Lakh
EcoSport 1.0 Ecoboost Platinum (petrol) - 11.84 Lakh
EcoSport 1.5 TDCi Titanium+ (diesel) - 11.44 Lakh
EcoSport 1.5 TDCi Platinum (diesel)- 12.47 Lakh

S-Cross 200 Zeta (diesel) - 11.33 Lakh
S-Cross 200 Alpha (diesel)- 12.52 Lakh
S-Cross 320 Zeta (diesel) - 13.20 Lakh
S-Cross 320 Alpha (diesel)- 14.28 Lakh

Common Features:
ABS, EBD, Airbags, Child safety lock, Automatic Climate Control, Key-less Start/Stop, Power Windows, Cruise Control, Rear Parking sensors, Reverse Camera, Anti-glare Mirrors, Driver seat Height adjustment, Driver Armrest, Full folding & 60:40 Split rear seat, Rear Defogger, Rear Wiper, Rain-sensing wipers, Automatic Head Lamps, DRLs, Fog Lamps, Avg. fuel consumption, Avg, speed, Distance to empty, Adjustable Cluster Brightness, Touchscreen Infotainment system with GPS navigation, USB, Aux, Bluetooth, FM, Steering mounted controls, Tilt & Telescopic steering.

Extra Features in S-Cross (Alpha):
Rear Armrest with Cup holder, Projector with Xenon Headlamps, 6-speakers, Apple Car-play and Android auto.

Extra Features in EcoSport (TDCi Platinum):
Traction control, ESP, 6-Airbags, Hill hold control, Hill Descent control, Two 12V power outlets, Cooled glove box, Voice Command, SYNC App-link Compatibility.

Performance & Drivability:
The S-Cross boast two engine options, the 1.3 Liter DDis 200 producing 89 bhp of power output and a fibrous 1.6 Liter unit delivering a healthy 118 bhp of potential. Frankly speaking, the 1.3 mill of the S-Cross feels way under-powered when driven back to back with its 1.6 Liter counterpart as the 1.6 Liter motor is high on max power and torque than the former and is much more fun to drive. It responses boomingly fast, the 5- speed manual gearbox is slick and performs like a charm. Sadly the S-Cross isn't available with an Automatic unit even as an option.The only exasperate issue in S-Cross is the diesel engines vibrations and noise that advance inside the cabin and feels you uncomfortable, you could also hear some clattering sound from the engine when it is at idle.

On other hand the EcoSport might be lacking in terms of brawniness that the S-Cross offers but its diesel mill tends to deliver coherent and serene power remittance as long as you pull it up to the red line. Cabin insulation in the EcoSport is par excellence in its segment which lets you enjoy every moment of your driving and hold you passionately behind the steering. You can choose from the 6 - speed power-shift Automatic transmission or a 5 - speed manual unit, both of them have a wider gear ratio and provide seamless torque even at low rpms thus making city drives much easier and surge in the overall fuel efficiency.

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton) : 
EcoSport (1.0) - 104, EcoSport (1.5) - 89
S-Cross (1.3) - 75, S-Cross (1.6) - 95

Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): 
EcoSport (1.0) - 142, EcoSport (1.5) - 111
S-Cross (1.3) - 167, S-Cross (1.6) - 253

Power (PS@rpm): 
EcoSport (1.0) - 125@6000, EcoSport (1.5) - 99@3750
S-Cross (1.3) - 89@4000, S-Cross (1.6) - 118@3750

Torque (Nm@rpm):
EcoSport (1.0) - 170@1400, EcoSport (1.5) - 205@1750
S-Cross (1.3) - 200@1750, S-Cross (1.6) - 320@1750

Kerb Weight (kg):
EcoSport (1.0) - 1200, EcoSport (1.5) - 1248
S-Cross (1.3) - 1195, S-Cross (1.6) - 1265

Fuel Efficiency:
EcoSport's 1.0 liter petrol unit is claimed to deliver an ARAI certified mileage of 18.9 kmpl while its 1.5 liter motor gives you an ARAI certified mileage of 22.7 kmpl. The S-Cross undeniably offers you a better fuel efficiency than EcoSport as its 1.3 and 1.6 liters of power-train admittedly delivers an ARAI mileage of 23.65 kmpl and 22.07 kmpl respectively.

In our back to back tests the S-Cross's DDiS 200 was 6 kmpl more efficient than Eco-sport's 1.0 petrol and around 3.2 kmpl fuel-efficient than 1.5 TDCi unit of EcoSport. Also the DDiS 320 of the S-Cross was again 4.75 kmpl more handy than 1.0 Ecoboost and about 2 kmpl more productive than 1.5 TDCi mill in our real world tests. All credit to the Maruti Suzuki's highly efficient diesel engines that are doing consistently well from a long phase of time.

ARAI Mileage (kmpl):
EcoSport 1.0 (Ecoboost Petrol) - 18.9*
EcoSport 1.5 (TDCi diesel) - 22.7*

S-Cross 1.3 (DDis 200 Diesel) - 23.65*
S-Cross 1.6 (DDis 320 Diesel) - 22.07*

*All Mileage's are of Manual Transmission

Fuel Cost for 75,000 km (in Lakh):

EcoSport 1.0 (Ecoboost Petrol) - 3.60
EcoSport 1.5 (TDCi diesel) - 2.72

S-Cross 1.3 (DDis 200) - 2.38
S-Cross 1.6 (DDis 320) - 2.54

Space & Comfort:
Maruti S-Cross is gifted with roomy cabin and comes loaded with various amenities.It looks premium on the inside with its leather upholstery and all black cabin with silver inserts give it a rich feel throughout. It is much longer than the EcoSport and the difference could be felt at the rear seat where three average adults could be deftly accommodated. The seats offer you adequate amount of lower back and lumbar support but the situation becomes dense for taller passengers as it feels short of Head-room.
EcoSport doesn't let-down in any way in the terms of overall quality and feel inside the cabin, as it is smartly designed and five occupants are a swift piece of work for it. Despite getting shorter in length than S-Cross, the EcoSport feels much roomy as the cabin is accompanied by premium upholstery, well designed seats and an exquisite Dashboard layout. It's got much higher seating than the S-Cross, thus giving you a commanding position on road due to its higher 200mm of ground clearance. There is ample amount of Head and Knee room for the occupants and is an immense pleasure on-board.

Boot-space (liters):
EcoSport - 346
S-Cross - 353

Length (mm): EcoSport -3999 , S-Cross - 4300
Width (mm): EcoSport - 1765, S-Cross - 1765
Height (mm): EcoSport - 1708, S-Cross - 1590

Ride Quality & Handling:
Both of these machines are capable enough to yield a very comfortable & spirited Ride quality because of dedicated craftsmanship offered by their respective Guardians. The S-Cross have one of the supreme dynamics in the business which helps it steer very competently across the corners with precise body roll and a confident feedback to the motorist. Though it looses its composure during sudden whacks and over rotten tarmacs because of its rigid suspension set-up.
EcoSport excessively delivers ripping steering rack, terrific grip and a brilliantly controlled body roll the moment you steer it around the Curves. The suspension is thoroughly tuned to soak up sudden undulations and jolts encountered during the drive. The chassis is of top-notch grade and delivers great enthusiasm on the go, and to be precise the EcoSport is predominantly a keen drivers machine.

Wheelbase (mm): EcoSport - 2520 , S-Cross - 2600

Ground Clearance (mm): EcoSport -200 , S-Cross - 180

Tyre Size: 
EcoSport - 205/60 R16 (Titanium+) , 205/50 R17 (Platinum edition)
S-Cross - 205/60 R16 ( All Variants)

Reliability and After Sales Service:
Maruti is a leading brand when it comes to Reliability and after sales service unlike Ford which is improving day by day and trying to conquer their After sales strength in India. Though Ford was never behind in terms of the Reliability that it is delivering even since the launch of their Figo's and Ikon's here in the country. Ford's quality cannot be questioned as it significantly tops the list in Customer satisfaction and durability.
Maruti is still ahead in terms of touch points across the country while Ford is improving steadily in this department. Ford is consistently claiming that even their 5th year service cost is as low as Rs. 3662/- which proves to be excellent. Even they moved one step ahead and provide their customers with Real time service updates, Service price promise and free pick up and drop facilities. It feels like Ford is working very hard to give best to their Customers.

Resale after 5 to 7 years est. (Lakh):
EcoSport 1.0 Titanium+ (petrol manual) - 5.70 Lakh
EcoSport 1.5 Titanium+ (diesel manual) - 6.30 Lakh

S-Cross 1.3 (DDis 200 Alpha) - 6.18 Lakh
S-Cross 1.6 (DDis 320 Alpha) - 6.36 Lakh

Total Cost of Ownership (in Lakh): (Vehicle Price + Fuel Cost – Resale Value)
EcoSport 1.0 Titanium+ (petrol manual) - 8.45 Lakh
EcoSport 1.5 Titanium+ (diesel manual) - 7.30 Lakh

S-Cross 1.3 (DDis 200 Alpha) - 7.59 Lakh
S-Cross 1.6 (DDis 320 Alpha) - 8.15 Lakh

Maruti S-Cross is a very accomplished car which has been provisioned with loads of elements and Maruti's unbelievable reinforce but its feels more like a blend of a Crossover and a Hatch rather than a compact SUV. It also doesn't offers any option of petrol engines and neither an Automatic variant even as an option though its diesel units offers tremendous power but its competitor , the Ford EcoSport in reality is a much practical offering with high ground clearance, more engine options to choose from and even an Automatic transmission for both petrol and diesel trims. Ford promises the lowest service cost in EcoSport making it a much better deal and a peace of mind for the buyers. The icing on the cake for that matter is EcoSport's much affordable price tag over the S-Cross and hence gains the priority spot in the list of most talented and preferable Compact SUV currently available in the market and will positively strengthen up the sales figures for Ford !

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