Maruti Suzuki Ciaz vs Fiat Linea Comparison Review

Fiat Linea Vs Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Comparison Review:

"Its quite simple deciding the winner of these two. Ciaz though being cheaper than the Linea, is the best in almost every segment. Be it mileage, handling, reliability, cost of ownership and maintenance charges, Ciaz scores. Having so much of features and pros, Ciaz hardly makes us worry about the price."

Pricing & Features:
We have a wide variety of cars in the 10-lakh category in the Indian market. Surprisingly most of them are sedans and few compact SUVs too. Here, we are comparing the diesel trims of Fiat Linea and the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz.

The Fiat Linea Emotion is the top of the line variant of the diesel trim and it costs around 12.6 lakhs (on road Delhi). It is powered by the 1.3L Fiat Mulitijet Diesel engine that delivers 92 bhp of power and 209Nm of torque.
On the other hand we have the Suzuki Ciaz ZDi+, being the flagship model of the diesel trims. It is reatiled at 10.9 lakhs (on road Delhi). Under the hood, it has the 1.3L DDiS engine that puts out 88 bhp power and 200Nm of torque. This makes it quite closer to the Linea in aspects of the engine.

The Ciaz is around 1.7lakhs cheaper than the Linea but seems to be standing ahead in almost all the compared segments. It is shocking to note that, Suzuki has sold 6360 units of Ciaz in October 2016 whereas Fiat managed to sell only 95 units of the Linea.

Price of other variants:

Fiat Linea 1.3 Dynamic: 11.2 lakhs
Fiat Linea 1.3 Active: 10.1 lakhs

Suzuki Ciaz ZDi: 10.2 lakhs
Suzuki Ciaz VDi+: 9.5 lakhs
Suzuki Ciaz VDi (O): 9 lakhs

Fiat Linea 1.4 T-Jet: 12 lakhs
Fiat Linea 1.4 Fire Active: 8.7 lakhs

Suzuki Ciaz ZXi AT: 11.2 lakhs
Suzuki Ciaz ZXi+: 10.5 lakhs
Suzuki Ciaz VXi+ AT: 10.4 lakhs

Common features in the Linea and Ciaz:
Touch screen Navigation system, Automatic Climate Control, Voice control, OVRM Indicators, Leather Seats, Multi Function Steering, Rear A/C vents, ABS with EBD and Dual Airbags.

Extra features in Ciaz:
Rear View camera, Anti Theft Alarm, CD Player, Integrated Antenna, Fabric Upholstery and Engine Start/Stop button.

Extra features in Linea:
Cruise Control, Rear Fog Lamps, Rain Sensing Wipers, Brake Assist and Automatic Headlights.

Performance & Drivability:
The Fiat Linea has got just 3 variants in diesel and two in petrol. The 1.3L MultiJet diesel engine in the Linea is healthy enough to commute through the city and cruise at high speeds in the highways. It puts out 92 bhp of power and 209 Nm of torque which is a pretty good feed. The diesel engine in the Linea is a bit noisy than others but it doesn't fail to compromise in its performance. The Linea accelerates quickly than the Ciaz and beats in terms of torque too. The 5-speed manual gearbox is easy shifting and there is linear power delivery all the way till the redline. If not satisfied with the power output of the diesel mill, Linea is ready for action with the petrol engine. The 1.4L T-Jet engine under the hood churns out 123 bhp power and the same 209 Nm of torque. Push the gas pedal to the floor and the Linea presses you back against the seat and lunges forward. This accelerates even faster than the diesel trim and is aggressive in squeezing out power. Mostly the petrol Linea is prefered by car enthusiasts and petrol heads. 

On the other hand we have the Suzuki Ciaz, which is more like a friendly vehicle. It is more ergonomic and friendly. Under the hood, it has the 1.3L: DDiS diesel engine with the new SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) system. This is engineered to boost up the efficiency and eventually to increase the mileage of the car. Ciaz feels lighter than the Linea and smoother in performance. It does not assure power packed driving like the Linea, but offers us many other amenities. The diesel engine puts out 88 bhp power and 200 Nm torque, thus performance upto the desired level. The Ciaz also feels easy-to-drive than the Linea at times. The car is badged SHVS for its new mild hybrid system that works on enhancing the fuel efficiency. This results in a jaw dropping mileage which is really the icing on the cake, 

Engine Displacement (cc): Linea - 1248 ; Ciaz - 1248  

Maximum Power: Linea - 92 bhp ; Ciaz - 88 bhp

Maximum Torque: Linea - 209 Nm ; Ciaz - 200 Nm

Fuel Efficiency:
The Fiat Linea offers the mileage of an ideal diesel engine. The mileage in the city is around 17.2 kmpl and 20.4 kmpl in the highways. The petrol mill of the Linea is offers only 11.2 and 14.2 kmpl in the city and highways respectively. Had it been an automatic transmission in the petrol variant, the mileage would have been even worse. 
Meanwhile the Ciaz is a rockstar when it comes to fuel efficiency. It deserves an ovation for it has a mileage of  25 kmpl in the city and 28 kmpl in the highways. Thanks to the SHVS system. The SHVS also stands in favour for the petrol mileage. The petrol Ciaz offers 16.7 kmpl in the city and 20.7 kmpl in the highways. This is hardly possible for any other petrol engine to achieve. 

ARAI Mileage (kms):
Linea: City - 17.2 ; Highways - 20.4
Ciaz: City - 25 ; Highways - 28

Linea: City - 11.2 ; Highways - 14.2
Ciaz: City - 16.7 ; Highways - 20.7

Fuel Cost for 75,000 kms est.:
Linea: 2.2 lakhs
Ciaz: 1.6 lakhs

Linea: 3.7 lakhs
Ciaz: 2.5 lakhs

Space & Comfort:
Linea offers adequate comfort to the driver and passengers during short city commutes as well long highway drives. The seats are well cushioned with enough legroom. The cabin looks sluggish and is pleasant to the eyes. The Italian build quality is noteworthy and classy. 
Space inside the Ciaz is a bit greater than in Linea due to the increased wheel base. Ciaz can easily occupy three passengers comfortably and the fourth one has to stuff his/her self inside.There is more than enough legroom. The occupants can get immediate access to the air conditioners as there are Rear A/C Vents in both the cars.

Length (mm): Linea - 4596 ; Ciaz - 4490

Width (mm): Linea - 1730 ; Ciaz - 1730

Height (mm): Linea - 1487 ; Ciaz - 1485

Ride Quality & Handling:
The Linea offers a punchy experience when driving in the city and in the highways as well. Th gear shifts are really precise. The power delivery is linear throughout till the redline. The steering wheel is a bit tight and heavy which makes handing uncomfortable at times. The dashboard is not very attractive. The passengers at the back can taste enough comfort. The ride quality is stiffer than that of Ciaz. The Ciaz has a better dynamics than the Linea. It reacts better and responsive to the driver's inputs. The ride quality is smoother and the steering feels very light, eventually making the handling sharp. Linea being a taller car having a higher ground clearance, is likely to show some body roll. The noise of the diesel engine is comparitively less in the Ciaz. On the whole, Ciaz seems to offer a better and smoother ride quality than Linea.

Wheelbase (mm): Linea - 2603 ; Ciaz - 2650

Ground Clearance (mm): Linea - 190 ; Ciaz - 160

Tyre Size: Linea - 205/55 R16 ; Ciaz - 195/55 R16

Reliability & After Sales Service:
The worst part about Fiat is its reliability. It is sad that Fiat offers a very poor reliability trust and after sales service to its customers. The number of service centers in the country is very scarce. This is the only drawback of Fiat and is the reason for the meagre number of selling units. Meanwhile, Suzuki stands in a different level when speaking about reliability and after sales service. Being the top first car manufacturer in the country, Suzuki has also shined in satisfying Indian customers needs and taking care of their budget. There are quite a number of service centers in each nook and corner of the country, hence maintaining a Suzuki in any part of India is just simple as that.

Resale & Cost of Ownership:
Needless to say, Suzuki has the highest resale value in the market. On the other hand, Fiats are rarely looked upon in the second hand category. Petrol heads who only performance might look for an used Fiat. Ciaz having a better mileage, makes the cost of ownership comparitively lesser than Linea. 

Resale after 5 - 6 years est.:
Linea: 2-3 lakhs
CIaz- 5-6 lakhs

Linea: 2 lakhs
Ciaz: 4.5 lakhs

Total Cost of Ownership (Vehicle Price + Fuel Cost - Resale Value) est.:
Linea: 10.4 lakhs
Ciaz: 7.2 lakhs

Linea: 13.7 lakhs
Ciaz: 9.2 lakhs

Its quite simple deciding the winner of these two. Ciaz though being cheaper than the Linea, is the best in almost every segment. Be it mileage, handling, reliability, cost of ownership and maintenance charges, Ciaz scores. Having so much of features and pros, Ciaz hardly makes us worry about the price. On the whole, it is totally worth it to invest on Ciaz than Linea. 

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