Ford Figo Aspire vs Honda Amaze Comparison Review

Published on : Feb 06, 2107
Honda Amaze vs Ford Figo Aspire Comparison :

"Figo Aspire undeniably is a determined drivers car,  badges top-tier safety, a powerful diesel engine and sublime comfort to its inhabitants while the Amaze yields an energetic petrol engine, eminent resale value & doubtless reliability of Honda".

Pricing & Features:
Both Amaze and Figo Aspire can be picked from a 1.2 Liter petrol and a 1.5 Liter diesel engines options while the Aspire also features a 1.5 Liter Petrol Automatic variant. However the Automatic gearbox as an option is only provided in the 'Petrol' variant of Amaze and both the cars have to compromise with just manual transmission on their Diesel trims.

The top end petrol variant 'VX' of Amaze retails for 8.23 Lakh Rs. on-road Delhi which is 70,000 Rs. more expensive than Figo Aspires top trim Titanium+ variant which costs 7.66 Lakh Rs. on-road Delhi.
The peak diesel variant 'VX' of Amaze is priced at 9.49 Lakh Rs. on-road Delhi that is again 48,000 Rs. costlier from Figo Aspires 'Titanium+' variant having price tag of  9.01 Lakh Rs. on-road Delhi.

Figo Aspire is more feature packed than Amaze and offers quite impressive yet convenient list of elements, making it one of the most desirable compact sedan in its segment.

Pricing of other variants:
Amaze S (MT) - 6.48 Lakh, (OPT) - 7.11 Lakh
Amaze SX (MT) - 7.80 Lakh
Amaze VX (MT) - 8.23 Lakh
Amaze S (AT) - 8.36 Lakh, VX (AT) - 9.32 Lakh

Aspire Ambiente (MT) - 5.86 Lakh
Aspire Trend (MT) - 6.40 Lakh
Aspire Titanium (MT) - 6.57 Lakh, (OPT)- 7.08 Lakh
Aspire Titanium+ (MT) - 7.66 Lakh
Aspire Titanium+ (AT) - 9.20 Lakh

Amaze E (MT) - 7.64 Lakh
Amaze S (MT) - 8.48 Lakh, (OPT) - 8.62 Lakh
Amaze SX (MT) - 9.06 Lakh
Amaze VX (MT) - 9.49 Lakh

Aspire Ambiente (MT) - 7.54 Lakh
Aspire Trend (MT) - 7.90 Lakh
Aspire Titanium (MT) - 8.15 Lakh, (OPT)- 8.49 Lakh
Aspire Titanium+ (MT) - 9.01 Lakh

Common Features:
ABS, EBD, Airbags, Electrical ORVMs, Automatic Climate Control, Power Windows, Anti-glare Mirrors, Driver seat Height adjustment, Rear Defogger, Rear Armrest, Fog Lamps, USB, Aux, Bluetooth, FM, Steering mounted controls, Tilt steering, Avg. fuel consumption.

Extra Features in Honda Amaze : 

Extra Features in Ford Figo Aspire:
6 Airbags, Speed sensing door lock, Follow me home headlamps, Average speed, distance to empty, Gear indicator, Shift indicator, Digital display for infotainment system.

Performance & Drivability:
Both of these sub 4 meter sedans are powered by identical petrol and diesel power sources. Under the hood of both lies a 1.2 Liter petrol unit putting out 87 bhp of peak power. While the diesel variants embrace a husky 1.5 Liter mill that delivers 99 bhp of power figures.

The petrol unit on the Amaze responds very deftly to throttle inputs and feels much lively than the 1200 cc petrol unit on Figo Aspire. It has an appropriate low end torque to deal with city traffic and balanced performance on the Highways. Aspire's 1.2L petrol motor is sluggish in terms of whipped accelerations but does significantly fantastic on long highway runs. Though the 1.5 Liter Automatic petrol mill of the Figo Aspire performs brilliant and is a charm to drive due to its healthy 110 bhp of power. It's equipped with dual clutch technology that gives the driver a commanding gesture and a option to even shift gears manually for fun driving. The 1.5 Liter AT variant of Aspire also comes with a 6 speed automatic transmission and the shifts are hardly noticeable as the swiftness in the transmission could be fairly sensed.

The story is vice-versa when its comes to the performance of diesel engines. Though both holds same set of diesel powering unit but the Figo Aspire constantly outperforms the Amaze as it shows distinctive character throughout the driving. It's got peculiar amount of refinement and robustness which could be felt everytime you thrust the accelerator pedal down. Amaze is contrary here as it shows turbo lag around 2000 rpm mark and doesn't delivers the power when demanded.
Also the NVH levels are quite harsh in Amaze and makes you feel uncomfortable inside the cabin, whereas Figo Aspire doesn't trends any jarring noises and indeed much more refined than Amaze.  

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton) : Amaze - 92 , Figo Aspire - 97
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Amaze - 114 , Figo Aspire - 208

Power (PS@rpm): 
Amaze (petrol, MT) - 87@6000 , Figo Aspire (petrol, MT) - 87@6300
Amaze (petrol, AT) - 89@6000 , Figo Aspire (petrol, AT) - 110@6300
Amaze (diesel, MT) - 99@3600 , Figo Aspire (diesel, MT) - 99@3750

Torque (Nm@rpm): 
Amaze (petrol, MT) - 109@4500 , Figo Aspire (petrol, MT) - 112@4000
Amaze (petrol, AT) - 109@4500 , Figo Aspire (petrol, AT) - 136@4250
Amaze (diesel, MT) - 200@1750 , Figo Aspire (diesel, MT) - 136@4250

Kerb Weight (kg):
Amaze (petrol) - 955 , Figo Aspire (petrol) - 995
Amaze (diesel) - 1065 , Figo Aspire (diesel) - 1015

Fuel Efficiency:
The petrol Amaze with Manual transmission is claimed to deliver an ARAI certified mileage of 17.8 kmpl which is almost 1 kmpl less than 18.16 kmpl of the Aspire. Amaze with Automatic transmission has an ARAI certified mileage of 18.1 kmpl.
Diesel unit of Amaze delivers a fuel efficiency of 25.8 kmpl which is almost similar to Aspires 25.83 kmpl. In real word test the Petrol variant of both Amaze and Aspire delivered same fuel efficiency, but in diesel variants the Amaze was almost 2 kmpl more fuel efficient than the Figo Aspire.

ARAI Mileage (kmpl):
Amaze (petrol manual)- 17.8, (petrol automatic)- 18.1
Figo Aspire ( petrol manual)- 18.16, (petrol automatic)- 17
Amaze (diesel manual)- 25.8, Figo Aspire( Diesel manual)- 25.83

Fuel Cost for 75,000 km (in Lakh):
Amaze (petrol,manual)- 3.85, Amaze (petrol,automatic)- 3.70
Aspire (petrol,manual)- 3.72, Aspire (petrol,automatic)- 4.01
Amaze (diesel,manual)- 2.30,Aspire (diesel,manual)- 2.35

Ride Quality & Handling :
Figo Aspire gets very well connected to the road and impose great confidence to the driver through its eminent weighted steering and minimal amount of body roll around the corners because of its precise chassis. Aspire's stiff suspension eats up all the bad patches without letting a shock filter through the cabin. While the suspension of the Amaze is set on the softer side and there's a concealed firmness and some amount of jerks could be sensed. Handling of Amaze is captivating but not the best in class, though the steering feels genial even at triple digit speeds.

Wheelbase (mm): Amaze- 2405, Figo Aspire- 2491
Ground Clearance (mm): Amaze- 165, Figo Aspire- 174
Tyre Size: Amaze- 175/65 R14, Figo Aspire- 175/65 R14

Space & Comfort:
Amaze comes up with uncluttered seating arrangement with generous amount of space for both front and rear passengers. Fitting three average build adults could be a task for prolonged journeys specially for the middle occupant due to teeny floor bump. Ample amount of head room makes job easy for tall passengers while space for knee could have been tweaked a bit by utilizing its vast 400 liters of boot. Situation gets highly plush when you hop into voluminous cabin of the Figo Aspire because of its much longer, wider and taller stance and making it more luxurious and boundless than the Amaze. The Aspire offers you more than enough scope to expand and stretch yourself and the huge glass area makes it feel more airy. Good amount of lumbar and back support are a blessing in Aspire when out on those peaceful vacation trips.

Boot-space (liters): Amaze- 400, Figo Aspire- 359

Length (mm): Amaze- 3990, Figo Aspire- 3995
Width (mm): Amaze- 1680, Figo Aspire- 1695
Height (mm): Amaze- 1505, Figo Aspire- 1525

Reliability and After Sales Service:
Reliability has never been an issue for Honda here in India. This Japanese automaker has a huge fan-base of its satisfied customers in the country. Honda engines remains untouched even after long years of continued usage. Even Ford has achieved a benchmark and emerged as an well established brand over the years. Although Honda has broad reach of service across the country where Ford tends to struggle a bit. But the interesting fact being the Figo Aspire is low on maintenance when compared with Amaze. The Service cost of Amaze is on expensive side and maintaining this car proves to be heavy on pocket. Despite all that, Honda offers an excellent resale value.

Resale after 5 to 7 years est. (Lakh):
Amaze VX (petrol, manual) - 4.60
Amaze VX (petrol, automatic) - 5.25
Figo Aspire Titanium+ (petrol, manual) - 4.45
Figo Aspire Titanium+ (petrol, automatic) - 5.20
Amaze VX (diesel, manual) - 5.95
Figo Aspire (diesel, manual) - 5.70

Total Cost of Ownership (in Lakh): (Vehicle Price + Fuel Cost – Resale Value):
Amaze VX (petrol, manual) - 7.35
Amaze VX (petrol, automatic) - 7.75
Figo Aspire Titanium+ (petrol, manual) - 6.78
Figo Aspire Titanium+ (petrol, automatic) - 8.01
Amaze VX (diesel, manual) - 6.30

Figo Aspire Titanium+ (diesel, manual) - 5.66

Amaze always came up with uncluttered design, commodious cabin and self-evident reliability of Honda as things got even better after the face-lifted Amaze on sale that offered catchy cosmetics and few mechanical character into it. It was all good for the Amaze before the launch of Figo Aspire as Ford was all set to establish new benchmarks in the compact sedan segment. The Figo Aspire came out with Snazzy Aston-Martinish looks, colossal comfort inside and committed performance.
Amaze petrol feels very active but its diesel counterpart is drowsy while Aspires 1.5 Liter Automatic petrol gives a burst of power to command the roads. Diesel Aspire is way ahead in refinement levels than Amaze. The TDCi motor of Ford feels more enthusiastic than the diesel i-DTEC in Amaze by putting out fleet-footed potential.
The Figo Aspire has segment best safety feature of 6 Airbags letting you enjoy invulnerable drives while costing economical than Amaze. Infotainment system of Figo Aspire is a level ahead from Amaze and furnishes you with amenities like Ford SYNC and My-dock smartphone, that proves to highly convenient. Figo Aspire pledges to be exceedingly practical than any of its rivals with most dynamic performance, priced at par with the competition and emerges out to be the most value-for-money car on sale & decidedly our pick of this Comparison.

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