Maruti Suzuki Ignis vs WagonR Comparison Review

Published on: Jan 15, 2017
Maruti-Suzuki WagonR vs Ignis Comparison:

"5 year old WagonRs sell for less than 3 Lakh Rs. in the used car market today. Within the next 5 years, the sales of the current WagonR will get discontinued because it does not pass the upcoming crash norms resulting in even more depreciation. The Ignis on the other hand will surely fetch over 4 Lakh rupees in the used car market after a usage of 5 to 7 years"

Ignis vs WagonR Video Comparison:

Pricing & Features:
The Ignis ‘Delta’ petrol, is priced at 5.70 Lakh Rs. On road Delhi, which is 60,000 Rs. more than WagonR ‘VXi ABS’, costing 5.10 Lakh.

The Ignis ‘Delta’ automatic-petrol, costs 6.30 Lakh, which is 90,000 Rs. more than WagonR ‘VXi AMT O’ variant, costing 5.60 Lakh Rs.

The top-end WagonR with the option pack has just 2 extra features over the Ignis ‘Delta’, which are Fog Lamps & Rear Wash-Wipe-Defog. However, Ignis ‘Delta’ also has 1 extra feature, which is Steering Mounted Audio Controls.

Common Features: ABS, Airbags-2, AC, Power Steering, Power Windows, Central Locking, Keyless Entry, Electrically Adjustable Mirrors, Stereo: FM, USB, Aux, Bluetooth + 2 Speakers

Extra Features in Ignis (Delta): Steering Wheel Switches

Extra Features in WagonR (VXi ABS): Rear Wash-Wipe-Defog, Fog Lamps

Pricing of other variants:
Ignis Delta (diesel manual) – 7.30 Lakh
Ignis Delta AMT (diesel automatic) – 7.95 Lakh

Performance & Drivability:
The WagonR feels like a lame duck, when compared to the Ignises, or should we say Ignii, in terms of performance. It is heavier than the petrol Ignis, and it also has a 200cc smaller engine. This makes it less drivable than the Ignis around town, as well as slower in terms of outright acceleration.

 It feels even more outclassed, when compared with the diesel Ignis. The Ignis diesel has over twice as much torque as the WagonR, and that torque arrives 1500 rpm earlier than the WagonR as well. No wonder then that the Ignis diesel feels immensely superior to the WagonR across the rev-range. The difference in their overtaking abilities on the highway is just unbelievable!

 Lest we forget, we are impressed by Suzuki's efforts of offering an AMT automatic option on both the cars including the Ignis diesel.

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Ignis (petrol) – 101, WagonR (petrol) – 76, Ignis (diesel) – 79
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Ignis (petrol) – 138, WagonR (petrol) – 101, Ignis (diesel) – 200

Power (PS@rpm): Ignis (petrol) – 84.3@6000, WagonR (petrol) – 68@6200, Ignis (diesel) – 75@4000
Torque (Nm@rpm): Ignis (petrol) - 115@4000, WagonR (petrol) – 90@3500, Ignis (diesel) – 190@2000
Kerb Weight (kg): Ignis (petrol) – 835, WagonR (petrol) – 890, Ignis (diesel) – 950

Fuel Efficiency:
WagonR has an ARAI certified mileage of 20.5 kmpl, which is 0.4 kmpl less than the Ignis petrol, in spite of the Ignis having a 200cc larger engine.

 The Ignis diesel has an ARAI certified mileage of 26.8 kmpl, which is 6.3 kmpl more than the petrol WagonR.

ARAI Mileage (kmpl):
Ignis (petrol, manual & automatic) – 20.89
WagonR (petrol, manual & automatic) – 20.5
Ignis (diesel, manual & automatic) – 26.8

Fuel Cost for 75,000 km (Lakh)
Ignis (petrol, manual & automatic) – 3.40 Lakh
WagonR (petrol, manual & automatic) – 3.50 Lakh
Ignis (diesel, manual & automatic) – 2.20 Lakh

Space & Comfort:
The WagonR is no contest to the Ignis in terms of interior space. The WagonR is a strict four-seater. The rear seat is just not wide enough to accommodate three passengers. The Ignis on the other hand, is a good 200 mm wider than the WagonR. This makes it a genuine five-seater. It also has a 50% bigger boot than the small 170 litre cubby hole at the back of the WagonR.

Boot-space (lit): Ignis - 258, WagonR - 170

Length (mm): Ignis – 3700, WagonR – 3599
Width (mm): Ignis – 1690, WagonR – 1495
Height (mm): Ignis – 1595, WagonR – 1700

Ride Quality & Handling:
The WagonR is one of the worst handling cars in the market today. Obviously, it is no match to the dynamic abilities of the Ignis. Firstly, the WagonR has an uncomfortably bumpy ride. The Ignis feels far more supple and pliant over the bumps in comparison. Secondly, the WagonR is downright scary around the bends. It has copious amounts of body roll, coupled with a substandard chassis and a downright sterile steering setup. The Ignis feels way more enthusiastic around the bends and although it may not be a handling biased hot-hatch, it feels far more grippy, precise and feel-some than the obnoxious WagonR. Thirdly, the Ignis is much better suited to Indian road conditions than the WagonR thanks to higher ground clearance and bigger tyre-size and lastly, it feels immensely more stable and safe than the WagonR, at highway speeds, as well as under panic braking situations.

Wheelbase (mm): Ignis - 2438, WagonR - 2400

Ground Clearance (mm): Ignis – 180, WagonR – 165

Tyre Size: Ignis – 175/65R15, WagonR - 155/65R14 (VXi), 145/80R13 (LXi)

Reliability and After Sales Service:
Maruti-Suzuki is a legend, when it comes to After Sales Support in our country. Add in the typical Japanese reliability factor, and you end up with the most hassle free car ownership experience, in the market. The Ignis being exclusive to Nexa showrooms, has a slight disadvantage over the WagonR in terms of rural reach, but otherwise, you just can't go wrong with either of these cars, in terms of overall service support.

Resale & Cost of Ownership:
Five year old WagonRs, sell for less than 3 Lakh Rs. in the used car market today. Within the next 5 years, the sales of the current WagonR will get discontinued because it does not pass the upcoming crash norms, resulting in even steeper depreciation. The Ignis on the other hand will surely fetch over 4 Lakh rupees in the used car market after a usage of 5 to 7 years.

Overall, both the petrol as well as diesel powered Ignis work out to be cheaper than the WagonR in terms of Total Cost of Ownership, which is reason enough to end any arguments in favour of the WagonR.

Resale after 5 to 7 years est. (Lakh):
Ignis Delta (petrol manual) – 4.00 Lakh
WagonR VXi ABS (petrol manual) – 2.85 Lakh

Ignis Delta AT (petrol automatic) – 4.25 Lakh
WagonR VXi AMT O (petrol automatic) – 2.95 Lakh

Ignis Delta (diesel manual) – 4.25 Lakh
Ignis Delta AT (diesel automatic) – 4.75 Lakh

Total Cost of Ownership (in Lakh): (Vehicle Price + Fuel Cost – Resale Value)
Ignis Delta (petrol manual) – 5.10 Lakh
WagonR VXi ABS (petrol manual) – 5.70 Lakh

Ignis Delta AT (petrol automatic) – 5.45 Lakh
WagonR VXi AMT O (petrol automatic) – 6.10 Lakh

Ignis Delta (diesel manual) – 5.25 Lakh
Ignis Delta AT (diesel automatic) – 5.65 Lakh

The WagonR has already survived for way longer than it deserved to, in our market. Now with the advent of the Ignis, there's absolutely no reason remaining for even the most single-minded, brand fanatic Maruti customers to go for the WagonR. The Ignis is more comfortable, better quality, safer and also cheaper alternative to the WagonR in the long run. The Ignis 'Delta AT' diesel would be our recommended variant of the Ignis. It offers an unbeatable combination of AMT's sheer convenience around town, with the accomplished overtaking abilities of the Multijet diesel. Whatever extra you may shell out on EMI, will be recovered in lower monthly fuel costs and better resale value compared to other variants of Ignis as well as the WagonR.

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