Ignis vs Brio Comparison Review

Published on: Jan 18, 2017
Honda Brio vs Maruti-Suzuki Ignis Comparison:

"The all new face-lifted Honda Brio offers boundless driving dynamics & whetted mobility in bottle-necked traffic situations, but it's no match for what Ignis has on offer which is extremely
remarkable. Ignis has got all the potential that makes it smart enough to dominate the market"

Pricing & Features:
The Ignis 'Zeta MT' petrol is priced at 6.30 lakh Rs. On road Delhi, which is 13,000 Rs. less than Brio 'VX MT' petrol, costing Rs. 6.43 lakhs.

The Ignis 'Zeta MT' has quite a few extra features over the Brio 'VX MT' like Rear parking sensors, key-less start, infotainment system, R15 alloys wheels & many more. While Brio have Chrome finish exhaust pipe & seat height adjust for driver as an extra trait over Ignis. 

Common Features:
ABS, EBD, Dual front Airbags, Steering adjustment, Electrically adjustable ORVMs, Rear Defogger, Fog lamps, Avg. fuel consumption, Integrated 2 Din audio system unit, 60:40 split rear seat, USB, Aux, FM, Steering mounted controls.

Extra Features in Ignis (Zeta):
Speed sensing door lock, Key-less Start, Cabin-Boot access, Adjustable head-rests, Rear Wiper, Instantaneous consumption, Bluetooth compatibility.

Extra Features in Brio (VX):
Anti-Glare Mirrors, Seat Height adjust for Driver, Full folding rear seat,.

Pricing of other variants:
Ignis Sigma (1.2 MT) : 5.04 lakhs
Ignis Delta (1.2 MT) : 5.70 lakhs
Ignis Delta (1.2 AT) : 6.29 lakhs
Ignis Zeta (1.2 MT) : 6.30 lakhs
Ignis Zeta (1.2 AT) : 7.02 lakhs
Ignis Alpha (1.2 MT) : 7.44 lakhs

Brio E (MT) : 5.09 lakhs
Brio S (MT) : 5.63 lakhs
Brio VX (MT) : 6.43 lakhs
Brio VX (AT) : 7.55 lakhs

Performance & Drivability:
Ignis is powered by a 1.2 liter petrol engine producing 84.3 bhp of peak power. Brio also has a 1.2 liter petrol motor that churns out healthy 87 bhp of power, greater than the Ignis. The K-series engine in Ignis strikes well at lower & mid-range rev bands. Though it could have been better tuned for high rpm's. It does not feel as stable at lofty speeds as the Brio but goes lavishly in the city. On other hand the Brio is blessed with Honda's peerless 'i-VTEC' power source that performs like a charm. The acceleration feels very peppy & the car delivers linear punch throughout the rev range. Its a very refined & delight to drive vehicle.

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Ignis - 101, Brio - 95
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Ignis – 138, Brio - 117

Power (PS@rpm): Ignis – 84.3@6000, Brio - 87@6000
Torque (Nm@rpm): Ignis - 115@4000, Brio - 109@4500
Kerb Weight (kg): Ignis – 835, Brio 930

Fuel Efficiency:
Ignis has an ARAI certified mileage of 20.89 kmpl for both Manual & Automatic variants which is evidently greater when compared to both Manual & Automatic transmission's of Brio, giving mileage of around 18.5 kmpl and 16.5 kmpl respectively. All hail to the highly fuel efficient engine of Maruti Suzuki.

ARAI Mileage (kmpl):
Ignis (manual & automatic) - 20.89
Brio (manual) - 18.5, Brio (automatic) - 16.5

Fuel Cost for 75,000 km (Lakh): 
Ignis (manual & automatic) - 3.40 lakh
Brio (manual) - 3.85 lakh, Brio (automatic) - 4.35

Space & Comfort: 
Ignis is way ahead of Brio in this section, as Ignis can easily house three adults at the rear due to its smartly assembled structure and seats. Ignis have generous amount of Knee-room & shoulder room. While Brio is congested on the inside, as it offers nominal amount of space for the rear seat occupants & is really troublesome for more than two people to be seated comfortably. Also the boot space of Brio is quite useless as it could barely fit a small duffel bag in it.

Boot-space (liters): 
Ignis - 258
Brio - 175

Length (mm): Ignis - 3700, Brio - 3610
Width (mm): Ignis - 1690, Brio - 1680
Height (mm): Ignis - 1595, Brio - 1500

Ride Quality & Handling:
The Ignis handles perfectly in the city conditions and provides ripping feedback when accelerated hard. It feels planted on the highways but tends to loose confidence at higher speeds. The steering pretends to give unnatural weighted feel at times & body-roll could be felt at the corners which is slightly disappointing. The suspensions feels firm at lofty pace which lets bumps inside the cabin.

Whereas the Brio is thrill to drive machine, it grasps well on the tarmac and feels alive on the  road everytime. It goes effortlessly at elevated speeds and feels composed at the corners due to Honda's well engineered chassis. The suspension is deftly tuned to soak all the potholes encountered on drive. Brio surely is one of the most dynamic hatch in its segment. Though the ground clearance is low than the Ignis which is a concern during bad patch of roads.

Wheelbase (mm): Ignis - 2438, Brio - 2345
Ground Clearance (mm): Ignis - 180, Brio - 165
Tyre Size: Ignis - 175/65R15, Brio - 175/65R14

Reliability and After Sales Service:
Both Maruti Suzuki & Honda are exceptionally reliable and excel in terms of overall quality they provide to its customers. Both have a strong trust of buyers & have constantly maintained the prominence over the past years. They have strong service network throughout the country which is improving further. Though the service cost of Maruti Suzuki is still less when compared to Honda's due to its cheaper parts and labor cost, regardless that Honda is far better in terms of overall quality.

Resale after 5 to 7 years est. (Lakh):
Ignis Delta (Petrol MT) - 4.00 lakh
Ignis Delta (Petrol AT) - 4.25 lakh
Brio VX (MT) - 2.45 lakh
Brio VX (AT) - 2.65 lakh

Total Cost of Ownership (in Lakh): (Vehicle Price + Fuel Cost – Resale Value)
Ignis Delta (MT) - 5.10 lakh
Ignis Delta (AT) - 5.45 lakh
Brio VX (MT) - 8.85 lakh
Brio VX (AT) - 9.30 lakh

The Ignis is loaded with equipment's, looks much smarter than the Brio and is engineered in keeping with the modern era. It's furnished with more space that is practical according to the current scenario where a happy family is able to accommodate comfortably. It may not have the supreme driving dynamics as the Brio does but is certainly cheaper than Brio in terms of price, cost of ownership and higher resale value over the years. Whereas Brio does not live's up to the expectations that a small car buyer needs to fulfill his demands. Maruti Suzuki has put up a great effort to please the hatch lovers in country. Therefore Ignis's incredible value for money attributes makes it one of the most ideal hatchback in the current period of market.

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