Maruti Suzuki Ignis vs Swift Comparison Review

Updated on: Jan 13, 2017
Maruti Suzuki Swift vs Ignis Comparison Review:

"Suzuki seems to have worked a lot on the feedback about Swift's painfully tight rear seat and tiny boot. The Ignis is immensely better than Swift in terms of rear seat space. There is significantly better knee-room and head-room even for two 6-footers to sit one behind the other, with a couple of inches to spare on all sides"

Ignis vs Swift Comparison Video:

Pricing & Features:
The Ignis ‘Delta’ petrol, is priced at 5.70 Lakh Rs. on road Delhi. This makes it a good 50,000 Rs cheaper than the Swift ‘VXi ABS’, which costs 6.20 Lakh Rs. Notably, Even the automatic Ignis 'Delta AT', is just 10,000 Rs. more expensive, than the manual-geared Swift 'VXi ABS', having a sticker price of 6.30 Lakh Rs on road Delhi. In spite of being 50,000 Rs. cheaper, the Ignis 'Delta' has an almost similar feature list, as the Swift 'VXi ABS'. It has extra Steering Wheel Audio Controls, which are absent in the Swift 'VXi', but misses out on Fog Lamps & Electrically Folding Mirrors.

Common Features: ABS, Airbags-2, AC, Power Steering, Power Windows, Central Locking, Keyless Entry, Stereo: FM, USB, Aux, Bluetooth + 4 Speakers & 2 Tweeters, Electrically Adjustable Mirrors

Extra Features in Ignis (Delta): Steering Wheel Switches

Extra Features in Swift (VXi ABS): Fog Lamps, Electrically Folding Mirrors

Pricing of other variants:
Ignis Delta (diesel manual) – 7.30 Lakh
Swift VDi ABS (diesel manual) – 7.45 Lakh

Ignis Delta AGS (diesel automatic) – 7.95 Lakh

Performance & Drivability: 
Both cars are powered by the exact same K12 petrol mill, which is one of the best small capacity petrols in the business. It suffers from a slightly weak low-end, but has excellent refinement, strong mid-range punch and a likeable, rev-happy nature. However, the Ignis is a good 15% lighter than the Swift. This makes it more peppy than the Swift, which is especially evident in its drivability around town. Ignis is the only car here, which comes with an option of the new-age AMT automatic transmission, which makes it a breeze to pilot in city traffic. Even on the highways, the AMT matches the performance of the manual, and the smoothness of Maruti's AMT units is only getting better and better, with every launch.

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Ignis – 101, Swift – 88 (difference 15%)
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Ignis – 138, Swift – 120 (difference 15%)

Power (PS@rpm): Ignis – 84.3@6000, Swift – 84.3@6000
Torque (Nm@rpm): Ignis - 115@4000, Swift – 115@4000
Kerb Weight (kg): Ignis – 835, Swift – 955

Both the diesel cars are also powered by the same Fiat-sourced Multijet engine. Both cars suffer from turbo lag at low revs, with the Ignis faring slightly better due to its lack of mass. Once the turbo spools up, it gives a delightful punch, making both of them a joy to pilot, on the Highways. Maruti hasn't spared any effort with the Ignis, giving an option of an AMT to its buyers on the diesel version as well!

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Ignis – 79, Swift - 71 (difference 12%)
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Ignis – 200, Swift - 181 (difference 12%)

Power (PS@rpm): Ignis – 75@4000, Swift – 75@4000
Torque (Nm@rpm): Ignis – 190@2000, Swift – 190@2000
Kerb Weight (kg): Ignis – 950, Swift – 1050

Fuel Efficiency: 
Both the Ignis manual & automatic petrol, have an ARAI certified mileage of 20.9 kmpl, which is 0.5 kmpl more than the Swift.

ARAI Mileage (kmpl): Ignis (manual & automatic) – 20.89, Swift (manual) – 20.4

Fuel Cost for 75,000 km (Lakh): Ignis (manual & automatic) – 3.65 Lakh, Swift (manual) – 3.75 Lakh

The diesel Ignis manual & auto have a certified fuel efficiency of 26.8 kmpl, which is 1.6 kmpl more than the Swift.

ARAI Mileage (kmpl): Ignis (manual & automatic) – 26.8, Swift – 25.2 (manual)

Fuel Cost for 75,000 km: Ignis (manual & automatic) – 2.35 Lakh, Swift (manual) – 2.50 Lakh

Space & Comfort: 
Suzuki seems to have worked a lot on the feedback, about Swift's painfully tight rear seat and tiny boot. The Ignis is immensely better than Swift in terms of rear seat space. There is significantly better knee-room and head-room even for two 6-footers to sit one behind the other, with a couple of inches to spare on all sides. Plus, there is also enough width, to comfortably seat three adults in the rear, whenever required. The added 55 litres of boot-space over the Swift also feels like a welcome relief. The Swift manages to claw back some lost ground, with a better driving position and all-round visibility than the Ignis, and its interiors, feel more grown-up as well as a shade more premium than the Ignis.

Boot-space (lit): Ignis - 260, Swift - 205

Length (mm): Ignis – 3700, Swift – 3850
Width (mm): Ignis – 1690, Swift – 1695
Height (mm): Ignis – 1595, Swift – 1530

Ride Quality & Handling: 
One area where the Swift is still leagues ahead of the Ignis, is dynamics! Ignis is no match for the enthusiastic handling manners of the Swift. The Swift has minimal body roll, with excellent grip and lightening fast responses. But then the Swift also has a stiff ride, which can become no less than a punishment for the rear passengers over broken roads. The Ignis has higher ground clearance and a slightly softer setup making it much more bearable over bad roads. Overall though, it's the Ignis which is better suited to Indian road conditions than the Swift.

Wheelbase (mm): Ignis - 2438, Swift - 2430

Ground Clearance (mm): Ignis – 180, Swift – 170

Tyre Size: Ignis – 175/60R15, Swift - 185/65R15 (ZXi/ZDi), 165/80R14 (LXi/VXi/LDi/VDi)

Reliability and After Sales Service:
Maruti-Suzuki is a legend, when it comes to After Sales Support in our country. Add in the typical Japanese reliability factor, and you end up with the most hassle free car ownership experience, in the market. The Ignis being exclusive to Nexa showrooms, has a slight disadvantage over the Swift in terms of rural reach, but otherwise, you just cant go wrong with either of these cars, in terms of overall service support.

Resale & Cost of Ownership:
Since the current Swift is going to be replaced within a few months, it is bound to depreciate slightly more than the Ignis. Overall though both the cars will retain outstanding resale value over the next 5 to 7 years.

Overall, the Ignis petrol-manual works out to be around 45,000 Rs. cheaper than the equivalent Swift in terms of Overall Ownership costs. Interestingly, even the automatic Ignis petrol works out to be 15,000 Rs. cheaper than the manual Swift. The manual Ignis-diesel works out to be 20,000 Rs. cheaper than the equivalent Swift, while the automatic Ignis-diesel works out to be just 30,000 Rs. more expensive than the manual Swift.

Resale after 5 to 7 years est. (Lakh): 
Ignis Delta (diesel manual) – 4.80 Lakh
Ignis Delta (diesel automatic) – 4.95 Lakh
Swift VDi ABS (diesel manual) – 4.95 Lakh

Ignis Delta (petrol manual) – 4.00 Lakh
Ignis Delta (petrol automatic) - 4.25 Lakh
Swift VXi ABS (petrol manual) – 4.10 Lakh

Total Cost of Ownership (in Lakh): (Vehicle Price + Fuel Cost – Resale Value)
Ignis Delta (diesel manual) – 4.85 Lakh
Ignis Delta (diesel automatic) – 5.35 Lakh
Swift VDi ABS (diesel manual) – 5.05 Lakh

Ignis Delta (petrol manual) – 5.40 Lakh
Ignis Delta (petrol automatic) - 5.70 Lakh
Swift VXi ABS (petrol manual) – 5.85 Lakh

The Ignis is the clear winner of this comparison. It is a more practical vehicle than the Swift. It has a more comfortable rear seat, a larger boot and is better suited to Indian road conditions thanks to higher ground clearance and yet is unbelievably better value-for-money than the Swift. What makes matters worse for the Swift, is that Maruti hasn't bothered offering an automatic option on the Swift, even after all these years!

 The Ignis diesel-automatic is our pick of this test. It combines the fatigue-free commuting capability of an AT, with the overtaking abilities of the Multijet engine, and yet also earns the distinction, of being the cheapest automatic-diesel car in the market, by a huge margin. Our next pick would be the automatic petrol, followed by the manual-diesel.

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