Bolero Power Plus vs Scorpio Comparison Review

Mahindra Scorpio vs Bolero Power+ Comparison:

"The Scorpio almost makes up for its 2.5 Lakh rupee price disadvantage by retaining superior residual value than the Bolero. Overall the Scorpio S4 works out to be just 50,000 Rs. more expensive than the Bolero ZLX in terms of Total cost of ownership."

Scorpio vs Bolero Power+ Video Comparison:

Pricing & Features:
The range-topping, Bolero Power Plus ‘ZLX’, costs 9 Lakh Rs, on road, Delhi, which is almost 2.5 Lakh rupees cheaper, than Scorpio's ‘S4’ variant costing 11.5 Lakh. Bolero ZLX has a couple of extra features over the Scorpio S4, like the 1-DIN Audio System with Bluetooth and a Rear Washer-Wiper. However, both cars do not offer some very rudimentary features, like the missing Tilt Adjustable Steering in the Bolero ZLX, while the Scorpio S4 skimps on Painted Bumpers and Remote Based Central Locking.

Pricing of other variants:
Scorpio ‘S6 Plus’ variant costs 13.9 Lakh
on road, Delhi

Common Features: AC, Power Steering, Power Windows, Central Locking by Key

Extra Features in Scorpio (S4): no Body Colored Bumpers, no Central Locking by Remote

Extra Features in Bolero Power Plus (ZLX): Music System: USB, Aux, Bluetooth, CD + 4 Speakers, Rear Wash-Wipe, no Tilt Steering

Performance & Drivability:
The so called Bolero Power Plus, is actually one of the least powerful cars in India, in terms of its power-to-weight ratio. The new 1.5 litre engine may seem like an upgrade over the old one, on paper, but in reality, it has lost the effortless drivability, of the old 2500 cc mill. In comparison, the Scorpio, powered by the 2.2 litre mHawk engine, feels like a welcome upgrade. Performance is immensely superior than the Bolero, across the rev range. It doesn't run out-of-breath at highway speeds, the way the Bolero does. Even the refinement of Scorpio's mill, is noticeably better than the Bolero's.

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Bolero Power+ - 44, Scorpio – 66 (difference 50%)
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Bolero Power+ - 121, Scorpio – 154 (difference 27%)

Power (PS@rpm): Bolero Power+ - 71.4@3600, Scorpio – 120@4000
Torque (Nm@rpm): Bolero Power+ – 195@1400-2200, Scorpio – 280@1800-2800
Kerb Weight (kg): Bolero Power+ - 1615, Scorpio – 1820

Fuel Efficiency:
The Bolero Power Plus, has an ARAI certified mileage of 16.5 kmpl, which seems quite low, given the engine downsizing of 1000 cc, compared to the old Bolero. That is all because of its hefty kerb weight, of over 1600 kilograms. Nevertheless, it is still 1.1 kmpl more efficient than the Scorpio, having a fuel efficiency of 15.4 kmpl. In our back-to-back tests, the Bolero Power Plus was almost 2 kmpl more efficient than the Scorpio.

ARAI Mileage (kmpl):
Bolero Power+ – 16.5, Scorpio (manual) – 15.4 (difference 1.1)

Fuel Cost for 75,000 km (in Lakh):
Bolero Power+ – 3.40, Scorpio (manual) – 3.90

Space & Comfort:
The Scorpio is a rather generously sized vehicle, compared to the compact Bolero. However, both cars have disappointingly cramped cabins, with respect to their external bulk. The Bolero has rather tiny seats, and falls miserably short in terms of knee-room and legroom, especially for the second row passengers. Third row is no less than an abomination, and is downright unsuitable for human-beings, even for school going children. The Scorpio fares much better, with an adequate, though still not comfortable, middle row. However, even the Scorpio's side facing third row seats, are best left vacant.

Length (mm): Bolero Power+ – 3995, Scorpio – 4456
Width (mm): Bolero Power+ – 1745, Scorpio – 1820
Height (mm): Bolero Power+ – 1880, Scorpio – 1995

Ride Quality & Handling:
Truth be told, the two cars here, are simply the worst handling cars available in the market today. However, there is still a noticeable difference between the two. The Bolero claws back some lost ground, thanks to its superior high speed composure and stability, compared to the Scorpio. Both utes have an identical wheelbase, but the Scorpio is taller and heavier among the two, making it prone to generous amounts of body roll, and frankly scary cornering manners. The Bolero, also feels completely vague and ponderous around corners, but still far less unpredictable and scary than the Scorpio. Ride quality is simply pathetic in both cars, as well. However, thanks to their old-school body on frame construction and rear wheel drive, they are quite capable off-roaders, and feel indestructible, over the worst of our country's roads.

Ground Clearance (mm): Bolero Power+ – 184, Scorpio – 180

Tyre Size:
Bolero Power+ – 215/75R15
Scorpio – 235/65R17 (S4 to S10), 215/75R15 (S2)

Wheelbase (mm): Bolero Power+ - 2680, Scorpio - 2680

Reliability and After Sales Service:
Mahindra has worked hard, to build a good reputation for after sales service in our country, over the past decade, and it has worked wonders for them. It was an especially difficult task, given the iffy reliability, of their antiquated products. But still they have managed to patch up the things well at the dealer end, and have succeeded in giving a fairly hassle free ownership experience, to their customers. However, Mahindra still has a long way to go, to catch up with both the product reliability as well as the service quality, of market leaders like Maruti & Hyundai.

Resale after 5 to 7 years est. (Lakh):
Thanks to their immense popularity, especially in the smaller towns and villages of India, both these cars retain decent residual value. Five to seven year old Boleros retail for around 4.5 Lakh rupees today, Scorpios fare even better, retailing for around 7 lakh.

Bolero Power+ ZLX – 4.50 Lakh
Scorpio S4 – 7.00 Lakh

Total Cost of Ownership (in Lakh): (Vehicle Price + Fuel Cost – Resale Value)
The Scorpio almost makes up for its 2.5 Lakh rupee price disadvantage by retaining superior residual value than the Bolero. Overall the Scorpio S4 works out to be just 50,000 Rs. more expensive than the Bolero ZLX in terms of Total cost of ownership.

Bolero Power+ ZLX – 7.90 Lakh
Scorpio S4 – 8.40 Lakh

At face value, The Scorpio S4 looks like a horrible deal compared to the Bolero ZLX. It is 2.5 Lakh rupees more expensive, misses out on a couple of features, and guzzles more diesel as well. But when you look closer, you'll find that its a significant upgrade over the Bolero. Scorpio's powertrain feels like a revelation over the Bolero's when driven back-to-back, which is quite obvious, given Scorpio's, jaw dropping 50% advantage over the Bolero, in terms of power-to-weight. Scorpio is also a more practical vehicle than the Bolero, thanks to marginally bigger and considerably more up-market cabin. Painting the Bumpers and fitting a much better head unit than the Bolero's, won't cost more than 20,000 Rs. either. But what really turns the tables in its favor, is the fantastic demand for Scorpios in the used car market. That makes it just 5-6% more expensive than the the Bolero ZLX in the long run, making it the rightful winner of this comparison.

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