Volkswagen Ameo vs Vitara Brezza Comparison Review

Maruti-Suzuki Vitara Brezza vs Volkswagen Ameo Comparison

"Brezza is notably better suited to Indian road conditions than the Ameo. It has 33 mm more ground clearance than the Ameo, which is quite useful while driving over our pothole riddled roads. You need to be extra cautious while travelling over broken tarmac in the Ameo."

Vitara Brezza vs Ameo Video Comparison:

Pricing & Features:
The top-end, Ameo ‘Highline’ (diesel) costs 9.9 Lakh, on road, Delhi, which is almost a Lakh Rs. cheaper, than the Vitara Brezza's 'ZDi+' variant, costing 10.85 Lakhs. Both cars have a few extra features that are absent in the other car. For example, the Ameo Highline has Cornering Lamps, Cooled Glove-box, Telescopic Steering Adjustment, Remote Controlled Window Operation, Auto-up Anti Pinch Windows for the Passengers and Auto Dimming Inside Mirror. The Brezza ZDi + on the other hand has Push Button Start, Smart Key, LED Daytime Running Lights and Projector Headlamps with Automatic Light Sensing. Overall Ameo's feature content is more useful than the Brezza, in spite of being a significantly cheaper car to buy.

Pricing of other variants:
Ameo ‘Highline’ petrol-manual costs 7.85 Lakh Rs.
Ameo ‘Highline’ diesel-automatic costs 11.4 Lakh Rs.
on road, Delhi

Common Features:
  1. ABS
  2. Airbags -2
  3. AC
  4. Power Steering
  5. Power Windows
  6. Central Locking by Remote
  7. Parking Camera
  8. Parking Sensors
  9. Stereo: FM, USB, Aux + 4 Speakers
  10. Steering Wheel Switches
  11. Touch-screen
  12. Navigation
  13. Automatic Climate Control
  14. Electrically Adjustable & Folding Mirrors
  15. Rear Defogger
  16. Alloy Wheels
  17. Height Adjustable Driver’s Seat
  18. Driver's Auto-up Anti-pinch Window
  19. Cruise Control
  20. Automatic Rain Sensing Wipers
  21. Fog Lamps
Extra Features in Ameo Highline:
  1. Cornering Lamps
  2. Cooled Glove box
  3. Telescopic Steering Adjust
  4. Remote Controlled Window Operation
  5. Passenger's Auto-up Anti Pinch Windows
  6. Auto Dimming Inside Mirror
Extra Features in Vitara Brezza ZDi Plus:
  1. Push Button Start & Smart Key
  2. LED Daytime Running Lights
  3. Projector Headlamps
  4. Automatic Light Sensing Headlamps
Fuel Efficiency:
Vitara Brezza (diesel-manual) has an ARAI certified mileage of 24.3 kmpl, which is 2-3 kmpl more than the manual and automatic Ameo diesel. The Ameo petrol has an ARAI certified mileage of 17.83 kmpl. In our back-to-back tests, Brezza was just over 1 kmpl more efficient, than both the diesel Ameos, and almost 5 kmpl more efficient than the Ameo petrol.

ARAI Mileage (kmpl):
Ameo (diesel, manual) – 21.29, Vitara Brezza (Diesel, manual) – 24.3, Ameo (diesel, automatic) – 21.79, Ameo (petrol, manual) – 17.83

Fuel Cost for 75,000 km (in Lakh):
Ameo (diesel, manual) – 2.75, Vitara Brezza (diesel, manual) – 2.60, Ameo (diesel, automatic) – 2.75, Ameo (petrol, manual) – 3.85

Reliability and After Sales Service:
Maruti-Suzuki has an immensely superior track record, compared to Volkswagen, when it comes to product reliability as well as Service Support in our country. Volkswagen’s products have often been fraught with product quality and part failure issues, which have been compounded by their uncooperative dealers. On top of that Volkswagen’s spares can be frighteningly expensive, especially if something like the DSG dual clutch gearbox, packs up and it is already known to do so. Then there is Maruti’s sheer service reach, courtesy of its 2000+ touch points compared to Volkswagen’s limited reach with just 120 outlets.

Resale after 5 to 7 years est. (Lakh):
The Brezza, is bound to hold significantly better residual value, than the Ameo, thanks to India's newfound obsession, with the compact SUV shape, as well as the immense difference, in the track record of hassle free ownership experience of the two brands in India, so far.

Ameo Highline (diesel, manual) – 5.35 Lakh
Vitara Brezza (diesel, manual) – 6.50 Lakh

Ameo Highline (diesel, automatic) – 6.15 Lakh
Ameo Highline (petrol, manual) – 4.00 Lakh

Total Cost of Ownership (in Lakh): (Vehicle Price + Fuel Cost – Resale Value)
The Brezza ZDi+ more than makes up for its higher price tag, thanks to its incredible resale value,
actually making it 40,000 Rs. cheaper than the Ameo Highline diesel-manual in the long run. Compared to the petrol Ameo, the Brezza works out to be 80,000 Rs. lighter on the pocket, and 1 Lakh Rs. lesser than the Ameo diesel-automatic in terms of Overall Ownership Costs.

Ameo Highline (diesel, manual) – 7.35 Lakh
Vitara Brezza (diesel, manual) – 6.95 Lakh

Ameo Highline (diesel, automatic) – 7.95 Lakh
Ameo Highline (petrol, manual) – 7.75 Lakh

Performance & Drivability:
The Brezza's Fiat sourced, 1250 cc engine, is no match to the potent performance of Ameo's 1500 cc diesel mill. The Brezza struggles with a bit of turbo-lag below 2000 rpm, while the Ameo lunges forward even at idle revs. Ameo also has an incredibly strong mid-range punch, even when you compare it to the already potent mid-range of the Vitara Brezza. The Brezza claws back some lost ground, by being remarkably refined, compared to the noisy diesel mill powering the Ameo.

The petrol Ameo feels simply outclassed in comparison to the diesel. Its main problem is its lack of torque. It is a whopping 50% less torquey than the diesel Ameo and 40% less than the Brezza in terms of its torque-to-weight ratio. This makes it cumbersome to drive around city streets, requiring frequent gear-shifting in traffic as well as making it difficult to overtake heavy vehicles on the highways.

Power (PS@rpm): Ameo (diesel) – 110@4400, Vitara Brezza (diesel) – 90@4000, Ameo (petrol) – 75@5400
Torque (Nm@rpm): Ameo (diesel) - 230@1500-2500, Vitara Brezza (diesel) – 200@1750, Ameo (petrol) - 110@3750
Kerb Weight (kg): Ameo (diesel) – 1165, Vitara Brezza (diesel) – 1185, Ameo (petrol) – 1060

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Ameo (diesel) – 91, Vitara Brezza (diesel) – 76, Ameo (petrol) – 71
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Ameo (diesel) – 198, Vitara Brezza (diesel) – 169, Ameo (petrol) – 104

Space & Comfort:
The Ameo falls short in one crucial aspect when compared to the Vitara Brezza, which is its rear seat space. Firstly, the Ameo's rear seat is not as wide as the Brezza's, making it a bit too tight for seating three adults. Secondly, the Brezza being a taller car, has a higher set seating position, resulting in better under thigh support. However, Ameo's interiors certainly feel much more luxurious and upmarket compared to the rather drab cabin of the Brezza. In terms of boot-space, both cars have an identical capacity of 330 litres.

Boot-space: Ameo – 330, Vitara Brezza – 328

Length (mm): Ameo – 3995, Vitara Brezza – 3995
Width (mm): Ameo – 1682, Vitara Brezza – 1790
Height (mm): Ameo – 1483, Vitara Brezza – 1640

Ride Quality & Handling:
Brezza is notably better suited to Indian road conditions than the Ameo. It has 33 mm more ground clearance than the Ameo, which is quite useful while driving over our pothole riddled roads. You need to be extra cautious while travelling over broken tarmac in the Ameo. Ameo's ride also feels a bit stiff compared the Brezza, especially at low speeds. However, the Brezza is no match to the Ameo when it comes to handling. Ameo's low center of gravity compared to the Brezza, results in much lesser body roll and excellent grip around the curves. Ameo's steering feel and precision is also in a different league altogether compared to the Brezza.

Wheelbase: Ameo - 2469, Vitara Brezza - 2500

Ground Clearance (mm): Ameo – 165, Vitara Brezza – 198

Tyre Size:
Ameo – 175/70R14 (Trendline), 185/60R15 (Comfortline & Highline)
Vitara Brezza - 205/60R16 (LDi/VDi), 215/60R16 (ZDi/ZDi+)

The Brezza effortlessly trumps the Ameo in this test. First and foremost, it is far better suited to Indian road conditions than the Ameo. It is also a more practical car than the Ameo, thanks to a more accommodating rear seat. Surprisingly, the Brezza is also better value-for-money than the Ameo, in spite of being almost a lakh Rs. more expensive than an equivalent Ameo, albeit, it will more than make up for it when the owner finally decides to part ways with it. Agreed that fundamentally it not as sorted as the Ameo in terms of performance or dynamics, nor is it as much fun to drive. However, the Brezza delivers better on the aspects that matter the most to the real consumers and hence is our choice of this test.

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