Ameo vs Polo Comparison Review

Volkswagen Ameo vs Polo Comparison Review

Pricing & Features:
The top-end Ameo ‘Highline’ (diesel) costs 9.9 Lakh, on road, Delhi, which is around 25,000 Rs. more expensive than the Polo 'Highline' variant, costing 9.65 Lakh Rs. Both cars have absolutely identical features and surprisingly, the petrol versions of both cars have exactly similar pricing as well!

VW Polo vs Ameo Video Comparison Review:

Pricing of other variants:
Ameo ‘Highline’ petrol-manual costs 7.85 Lakh Rs.
Polo ‘Highline’ petrol-manual costs 7.85 Lakh Rs.
Polo 'GT TSI' petrol-automatic costs 10.1 Lakh Rs.
Polo ‘GT TDI’ diesel-manual costs 10.4 Lakh Rs.
Ameo ‘Highline’ diesel-automatic costs 11.4 Lakh Rs.
on road, Delhi

Common Features: ABS, Airbags -2, Climate Control, Power Steering, Power Windows, Central Locking, Keyless Entry, Parking Sensors, Stereo: FM, USB, Aux + 4 Speakers, Steering Wheel Switches, Fog Lamps, Electrically Folding Mirrors, Electrically Adjustable ORVM, Rear Defogger, Alloy Wheels, Height Adjustable Driver’s Seat, Cornering Lamps, Cooled Glove box, Telescopic Steering Adjust, Remote Controlled Window Operation, Auto-up Anti Pinch Windows, Parking Camera, Touchscreen, Cruise Control, Rain Sensing Wipers, Auto Dimming Inside Mirror

Extra Features in Ameo Highline: none
Extra Features in Polo Highline: none

Performance & Drivability:
Petrol: It is high time that the Volkswagen Group ditches the lame, 1.2 litre, 3-cylinder, naturally aspirated engine, powering the Ameo & the non-GT Polo.
It is a grossly under-powered and unrefined unit. C’mon Volkswagen, even Tata Motors plonked a turbocharged, petrol mill in the Zest and Bolt, almost 2 years ago.
It’s not like Volkswagen Group does not have a turbocharged unit either. The one in the Polo GT is no less than a revelation. It has ballistic performance, coupled to a potent mid-range, which comes in handy while overtaking fast moving traffic on the Highway. Refinement is also in a league of its own and Volkswagen’s state-of-the-art Dual Clutch Automatic Gearbox takes it to another level. Shifts are quick, and unbelievably smooth, making it perfect for anything from rush-hour commuting to track racing.

Power (PS@rpm): Ameo – 75@5400, Polo – 75@5400, Polo GT TSI – 105@5000
Torque (Nm@rpm): Ameo - 110@3750, Polo – 110@3750, Polo GT TSI – 175@1500-4100
Kerb Weight (kg): Ameo – 1060, Polo – 1053, Polo GT TSI - 1109

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Ameo – 71, Polo – 71, Polo GT TSI – 95 (difference 34%)
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Ameo – 104, Polo – 104, Polo GT TSI – 158 (difference 52%)

Diesel: The Ameo, the Polo & the Polo GT are all powered by the same, 1.5 litre diesel mill, in different states of tune. However, on the road, there is hardly any difference in the way they drive. Nevertheless, it is one of the best diesel mills in the business, with best-in-class roll-on performance, hardly any turbo lag, and excellent top-end punch as well. Only caveat being, that the powertrain is slightly more vocal than what we have come to expect, from modern diesel engines powering its competitor’s vehicles.

Power (PS@rpm): Ameo – 110@4400, Polo – 90@4200, Polo GT – 105@4400
Torque (Nm@rpm): Ameo - 230@1500-2500, Polo – 230@1500-2500, Polo GT – 250@1500-2500
Kerb Weight (kg): Ameo – 1165, Polo – 1158, Polo GT - 1148

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Ameo – 91, Polo – 78, Polo GT - 91
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Ameo – 198, Polo – 199, Polo GT - 218

Fuel Efficiency:
The Polo petrol has an ARAI certified mileage of 16.5 kmpl, which is 1.3 kmpl less than the Ameo, while the Polo GT TSI automatic has an ARAI mileage of 17.2 kmpl which is 0.6 kmpl lesser than the Ameo manual. The Polo diesel has an ARAI certified mileage of 20.1 kmpl, while the diesel GT (manual) has a mileage of 19.9 kmpl which is over a kmpl less than the diesel Ameo.
In our back-to-back tests, we found no difference in fuel efficiency between the Ameo & Polo. Even the Polo TSI was just as efficient as the naturally aspirated Polo & Ameo petrols.

ARAI Mileage (kmpl):
Polo (petrol, manual) – 16.47, Polo GT TSI (petrol, automatic) – 17.21, Ameo (petrol, manual) – 17.83
Polo (diesel, manual) – 20.14, Polo GT (diesel, manual) – 19.91, Ameo (diesel, manual) – 21.29, Ameo (diesel, automatic) – 21.79

Fuel Cost for 75,000 km
(in Lakh):
Polo (petrol, manual) – 4.00, Polo GT TSI (petrol, automatic) – 4.00, Ameo (petrol, manual) – 4.00
Polo (diesel, manual) – 2.85, Polo GT (diesel, manual) – 2.85, Ameo (diesel, manual) – 2.85, Ameo (diesel, automatic) – 2.85

Space & Comfort:
Both cars have an identical cabin, which is a reasonably spacious and comfortable place for four adults. The rear seat is a bit tight on shoulder space, therefore, taking on a fifth passenger is best, if avoided. The fit and finish of the cabin, is simply leagues ahead of its competition. Seating, is a bit low, but the seats are generously sized, and amazingly supportive. The only difference between the Polo and the Ameo, is the boot capacity, Polo having 294 litres of it, while the Ameo, having an additional 36 litres, to take it up to 330 litres of boot volume.

Boot-space: Ameo – 330, Polo – 294

Length (mm): Ameo – 3995, Polo – 3971
Width (mm): Ameo – 1682, Polo – 1682
Height (mm): Ameo – 1483, Polo – 1469

Ride Quality & Handling:
Both the Polo and Ameo, are arguably the finest handling cars in the segment.
They have excellent grip around the bends, coupled with a well weighted and precise steering, making it a joy to drive them around twisty mountain roads.
Stability at high speeds and under panic braking, wouldn’t feel lacking, even on the autobahn.
Ride quality is a bit stiff at low-speeds, but improves as the speeds rise.
However, the low ground clearance can be a bit of a bother, on our roads.

Ground Clearance (mm): Ameo – 165, Polo – 165

Tyre Size:
Ameo – 175/70R14 (Trendline), 185/60R15 (Comfortline & Highline)
Polo - 175/70R14 (Trendline), 185/60R15 (Comfortline, Highline & GT)

Reliability and After Sales Service:
Volkswagen has been struggling, to discipline its dealers into giving good service support to its customers. Firstly, its products itself, have been riddled with quality issues since launch, which its dealers, try to brush-off under the carpet, to save themselves, from the warranty claims. Volkswagen’s service and repairs, are also exorbitantly expensive, especially if something like the DSG gearbox packs-up, as many customers have reported on team-bhp. Volkswagen’s service reach, is also quite limited, with just 120 outlets in the country and no plans of rapid expansion, on the horizon.

Resale after 5 to 7 years est. (Lakh):
The Ameo is bound to hold slightly better residual value than the Polo, thanks purely to the sedan shape being a more popular body style in our country.

Polo Highline (petrol, manual)4.10, Polo GT TSI (petrol, automatic)5.15, Ameo Highline (petrol, manual) – 4.25
Polo Highline (diesel, manual)5.20, Polo GT (diesel, manual)5.60, Ameo Highline (diesel, manual)5.65, Ameo Highline (diesel, automatic)6.00

Total Cost of Ownership (in Lakh): (Vehicle Price + Fuel Cost – Resale Value)
Overall the petrol, as well as the diesel Ameo ‘Highline’, works out to be around 40,000 Rs. cheaper, than an equivalent Polo, in terms of Overall Ownership costs.
The diesel variants, work out to be around 50,000 Rs. cheaper than the equivalent petrol versions, in the long run, as their higher price, is more than offset by lower fuel cost and better resale value. The Polo GT TSI works out to be 1.5 Lakh Rs. more expensive than the manual Ameo petrol, while the Ameo Highline Automatic works out to be 1.2 lakh Rs. more expensive than the manual Ameo diesel.

Polo Highline (petrol, manual)7.90, Polo GT TSI (petrol, automatic) 8.95, Ameo Highline (petrol, manual)7.50
Polo Highline (diesel, manual)7.40, Polo GT (diesel, manual)7.80, Ameo Highline (diesel, manual)7.05, Ameo Highline (diesel, automatic)8.25

It’s a very close call between the Ameo diesel and the Polo GT TSI. The Polo GT TSI is a real charmer. For anyone remotely interested in automobiles, it is the most, obvious choice. It isn’t quicker than the diesel from 0-100, but it is immensely more enjoyable to take it from 0-100 than the diesel. It sounds better and better, as you take it through the rev range, always encouraging you to give it some gas!

For the rest of the Car Buying population though, the Ameo diesel makes more sense. It is a whopping 2 lakh Rs. cheaper than the Polo TSI, over an ownership period of 5 to 7 years, making it incredibly better value-for-money, than its stablemate. It is a bit more practical than the Polo, thanks to better boot-space as well as, less prone to expensive repairs, than the DSG equipped offerings. Last but not the least, in the right hands, it can show a clean pair of heels to a Polo TSI, making it the clear winner of this test.

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