Innova Crysta vs Lodgy Comparison Review

Toyota Innova Crysta vs Renault Lodgy Comparison Review

Pricing & Features?
Lodgy’s top-end 'RXZ 110’ variant costs 14.1 Lakh, on road, Delhi, which is over 3 Lakh rupees cheaper than Innova Crysta’s 'GX' (manual) variant retailing for 17.25 lakh Rs. In spite of being cheaper, the Lodgy RXZ has quite a few extra features over the Crysta GX like Parking Camera, Touchscreen Infotainment System, Navigation, Steering Wheel Audio Controls, Fog Lamps, Driver's Seat Height Adjust & Cruise Control, while the Crysta has Driver Knee Airbag & Telescopic Steering Adjustment over the Lodgy.

Innova Crysta vs Lodgy Video Comparison Review:

Common Features: ABS, Airbags - 2, AC, Power Steering, Power Windows, Central Locking, Keyless Entry, Parking Sensors, 4-Speakers, Steering Wheel Switches (for Instrument Cluster control), Rear Wash-Wipe-Defog, Electrically Adjustable Mirrors, Alloy Wheels, Projector Headlamps, LED DRLs, Tilt Steering, Boot Lamp, Fuel Computer

Extra Features in Innova Crysta (GX): Driver Knee Airbag, Telescopic Steering Adjust,
Extra Features in Lodgy (RXZ 110): Parking Camera, Stereo: FM, USB, Aux, Bluetooth, 2 Tweeters, Touchscreen, Navigation, Steering Wheel Audio Controls, Fog Lamps, Driver's Seat Height Adjust & Cruise Control

Performance & Drivability:
Innova Crysta has far superior drivability than the Lodgy. Firstly, Lodgy’s 1365 kg kerb weight is just too much for the little 1.5 litre K9K engine to handle. Secondly, the Lodgy has tremendous turbo-lag below2000 rpm, making it a pain to pilot in city traffic. However, once the turbo spools up, it matches the Crysta 2.4 manual’s performance on the open road. Lodgy also has a slight advantage over the Crysta in terms of refinement, the Crysta feeling a bit too vocal for today’s day and age.

Power (PS@rpm): Innova Crysta 2.4 – 150@3400, Lodgy 110 – 110@4000, Innova Crysta 2.8 – 174@3400, Lodgy 85 – 85@3750
Torque (Nm@rpm): Innova Crysta 2.4 - 343@1400-2800, Lodgy 110 – 245@1750, Innova Crysta 2.8 – 360@1200-3400, Lodgy 85 – 200@1900
Kerb Weight (kg): Innova Crysta 2.4 – 1835, Lodgy 110 - 1365, Innova Crysta 2.8 - 1855, Lodgy 85 – 1338

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Innova Crysta 2.4 – 81, Lodgy 110 – 81, Innova Crysta 2.8 - 94, Lodgy 85 – 64
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Innova Crysta 2.4 – 187, Lodgy 110 – 179, Innova Crysta 2.8 - 194, Lodgy 85 – 154

Fuel Efficiency:
In our back-to-back tests, the Lodgy was consistently 4 kmpl more efficient than the Crysta manual, reducing outlay on fuel by almost 1 lakh Rs. over a usage of 75,000 km.

ARAI Mileage (kmpl):
Innova Crysta 2.4 (diesel, manual) – 15.1, Lodgy 110 (diesel, manual) – 19.98 (difference 4.9), Lodgy 85 – 21.04

Fuel Cost for 75,000 km (in Lakh):
Innova Crysta 2.4 (diesel, manual) – 3.45, Lodgy 110 (diesel, manual) – 2.60, Lodgy 85 – 2.45

Space & Comfort:
The Lodgy’s interiors are just as spacious as the Crysta’s, even though Crysta is a much larger vehicle than the Lodgy. This is because the Crysta’s massive 2400cc longitudinally mounted engine and Rear-Wheel-Driving transmission, eats up a lot of its cabin space. However, Crysta’s seats are supportive and more ergonomic than the Lodgy’s. With all the seats in place, Crysta has a decent 300 litres of boot-space compared to Lodgy’s 207 litre boot volume. With the rear seats folded, Crysta’s boot capacity expands to 758 litres, marginally more than the 589-litre capacity of the Lodgy. Lest we forget, Crysta's opulent interiors and solid build quality is far superior to that of the Lodgy.

Length (mm): Innova Crysta – 4735, Lodgy – 4522
Width (mm): Innova Crysta – 1830, Lodgy – 1767
Height (mm): Innova Crysta – 1795, Lodgy – 1697

Ride Quality & Handling:
Innova Crysta rides over the worst of road conditions like an absolute pro. Lodgy also has decent ride quality, but it is no match to the Crysta. Crysta's bigger tyres and rear wheel drive makes it more capable than the Lodgy while going over the unpaved roads. But then it loses out to the Lodgy around twisty roads. Lodgy though by no means an enthusiast's car, is still much more precise and nimble around the turns compared to the Crysta. Crysta feels vague and ponderous around the bends with hardly any feedback making its way from the tarmac to the driver at all.

Ground Clearance (mm): Innova Crysta – 176, Lodgy – 174

Tyre Size:
Innova Crysta – 205/65R16 (GX/VX), 215/55R17 (ZX)
Lodgy – 185/65R15

Reliability and After Sales Service:
This is where Lodgy loses any argument against the Crysta. Innova's impeccable product reliability has been an eye opener for the Indian Car Buyer and the Crysta will undoubtedly continue this trend. Renault's Romanian platform on which the Lodgy is based and which it shares with the Duster & the Logan, has never been completely trouble free. Renault is still struggling to establish and standardise hassle free service support at its unestablished dealerships, whereas Toyota has streamlined their service centers to run with clockwork precision.

Resale after 5 to 7 years est. (Lakh):
Just like the old Innova, the Crysta is also bound to hold mind-boggling residual value, while the Lodgy is bound to depreciate quite steeply, owing to its lukewarm reception in our country and people's lack of trust in the Renault brand.
Innova Crysta ZX (Diesel manual) – 10.85, Lodgy RXZ 110 (Diesel manual) – 7.60

Total Cost of Ownership (in Lakh): (Vehicle Price + Fuel Cost – Resale Value)
Crysta almost makes up for its 3 Lakh rupee price disadvantage by retaining even better resale price after a usage of 5 to 7 years. The Lodgy is still cheaper in terms of Overall Ownership Costs compared to the Crysta, thanks to lower fuel costs, but only by a very small margin of 70,000 Rs.
Innova Crysta ZX (Diesel manual) – 9.80, Lodgy RXZ 110 (Diesel manual) – 9.10

Innova Crysta emerges to be the clear winner of this test. Any sane person would not chose the Lodgy over the Crysta in order to save just 70,000 Rs. in Cost of Ownership, over a period of 5 to 7 years. Crysta's effortless drivability, tough durability, hassle free reliability and monolithic build quality is still far beyond the reach of mediocre products like the Lodgy. Crysta's superbly crafted interiors, comfy seating and practical cabin makes you feel relaxed and pampered which you can never experience in the Lodgy. It does lose out to the Lodgy in terms of efficiency and dynamics, but those are small shortcomings compared to its mammoth lead in other attributes.