Honda BRV vs Lodgy Comparison Review

Honda BR-V vs Renault Lodgy Comparison Review

Pricing & Features:
The range-topping BR-V ‘VX’ (diesel), costs 15.1 Lakh Rs. which is 1 Lakh Rs. more expensive than the Lodgy ‘RXZ 110PS’ variant costing 14.1 Lakh Rs, on road, Delhi. Both cars have similar number of extra features absent in the other. The BR-V VX has Climate Control, Projector Headlamps, LED DRLs, Push Button Start & Smart Key, Electrically Folding Mirrors and Leather Upholstery. The Lodgy RXZ has Parking Sensors, Parking Camera, Touchscreen, Navigation and Cruise Control.

Honda BR-V vs Lodgy Video Comparison Review:

Pricing of other variants:
BR-V V CVT’ petrol-automatic costs 13.75 Lakh
on road, Delhi

Common Features: ABS, Airbags - 2, AC, Power Steering, Power Windows, Central Locking, Keyless Entry, Stereo: FM, USB, Aux, Bluetooth & 4 Speakers + 2 Tweeters, Steering Wheel Audio Controls, Fog Lamps, Driver's Seat Height Adjust, , Rear Wash-Wipe-Defog, Electrically Adjustable Mirrors, Alloy Wheels, Tilt Steering, Boot Lamp, Fuel Computer

Extra Features in Lodgy (RXZ 110): Parking Sensors, Parking Camera, Touchscreen, Navigation, Cruise Control
Extra Features in BR-V (VX): Climate Control, Projector Headlamps, LED DRLs, Push Button Smart & Smart Key, Electrically Folding Mirrors, Leather Upholstery

Performance & Drivability:
Lodgy 110PS suffers from massive turbo-lag anywhere below 2000 rpm. This makes the awkwardly large Lodgy even more of a pain to pilot in city traffic. The BR-V on the other hand has hardly any turbo-lag at low revs making it much easier to drive around town. However, once the Lodgy’s turbo spools up, it has slightly stronger mid-range punch aiding overtaking maneuvers on the Highways. Lodgy’s refinement is also a tad better than the BR-V.

Power (PS@rpm): BR-V (Diesel) - 100@3600, Lodgy 110 (Diesel) – 110@4000, BR-V (Petrol) - 119@6600
Torque (Nm@rpm): BR-V (Diesel) – 200@1750, Lodgy 110 (Diesel) – 245@1750, BR-V (Petrol) – 145@4600
Kerb Weight (kg): BR-V (Diesel) - 1275, Lodgy 110 (Diesel) – 1365, BR-V (Petrol) - 1190

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): BR-V (Diesel) - 78, Lodgy 110 (Diesel) – 81, BR-V (Petrol) - 100
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): BR-V (Diesel) - 157, Lodgy 110 (Diesel) – 179, BR-V (Petrol) - 122

Fuel Efficiency:
In our back-to-back tests, the diesel BR-V was consistently 1.5 kmpl more efficient than the Lodgy 110, resulting in a saving of around 30,000 Rs over a usage of 75,000 km. The petrol powered BR-V automatic was almost 3 kmpl less efficient than the Lodgy 110.

ARAI Mileage (kmpl):
BR-V (diesel, manual) – 21.9, Lodgy 110 (diesel, manual) – 19.98 (difference 1.9
BR-V (petrol, automatic) – 16.0

Fuel Cost for 75,000 km (in Lakh):
BR-V (diesel, manual) – 2.50, Lodgy 110 (diesel, manual) – 2.80
BR-V (petrol, automatic) – 4.05

Space & Comfort:
Lodgy has a more spacious middle row seat than the BR-V, especially in terms of width. Lodgy can comfortably accommodate three passengers on the middle bench. BR-V’s middle row is a bit too narrow for three occupants. Both cars are available with optional captain seats in the middle which are more supportive and comfortable than the bench seat. Both cars have identical boot-space, 207 litres of it in the Lodgy and 223 litres inside the BR-V with all the seats in place. With third row seats folded, this increases to 589 litres in the Lodgy and 591 litres in the BR-V. BR-V fit-finish and plastic quality is a smidgeon better than the Lodgy, as is the outward visibility and overall interior ambience aided by the Leather Seats.

Length (mm): BR-V – 4455, Lodgy – 4522
Width (mm): BR-V – 1735, Lodgy – 1767
Height (mm): BR-V – 1666, Lodgy – 1697

Ride Quality & Handling:
BR-V has a definitive edge over the Lodgy in terms of dynamics. It feels much more nimble and responsive compared to the dull and lethargic cornering manners of the Lodgy. BR-V’s steering feel and feedback deserves a special mention for its well-weighted and feel-some nature over the dull and lifeless steering of the Lodgy. BR-V’s 210 mm of ground clearance is 36mm more than the Lodgy, but it’s the Lodgy which is more comfortable over rough roads than the BR-V, although the BR-V itself has decent ride quality over bumps and ruts.

Ground Clearance (mm): BR-V – 210, Lodgy – 174

Tyre Size:
BR-V – 195/60R16
Lodgy – 185/65R15

Reliability and After Sales Service:
Honda has proven its mettle in the Indian car market for almost two decades, proving to be the maker of one of the most reliable vehicles in the market. Renault’s record of reliability hasn’t been so great. Especially, Renault’s low-cost Romanian platform products are known to have niggling issues. Honda’s Service Support, though not too great is still much better than what Renault’s unestablished dealers offer.

Resale after 5 to 7 years est. (Lakh):
The BR-V is bound to hold significantly better resale value compared to the Lodgy, thanks to its crossover-SUV styling as well as a more hassle free ownership experience.
BR-V VX (Diesel manual) – 9.05, Lodgy RXZ 110 (Diesel manual) – 7.60
BR-V V CVT (Petrol automatic) – 7.85

Total Cost of Ownership (in Lakh): (Vehicle Price + Fuel Cost – Resale Value)
BR-V compensates for its higher price tag with a lower outlay on fuel as well as far better residual value compared to the Lodgy. This makes the diesel BR-V VX 70,000 Rs. cheaper than the Lodgy RXZ 110 in terms of Total Cost of Ownership over a usage of 5 to 7 years. Interestingly the petrol BR-V CVT automatic works out to be just 70,000 Rs. more expensive than the Lodgy 110.
BR-V VX (Diesel manual) – 8.55, Lodgy RXZ 110 (Diesel manual) – 9.25
BR-V V CVT (Petrol automatic) – 9.95

BR-V trounces the Lodgy to take the victory in this comparison. BR-V is easier car to live with in urban conditions, thanks to better drivability as well as better maneuverability than the Lodgy. It is a perceptibly better quality product than the Lodgy and in all probability will be far more reliable over its lifetime as well. It is also a more entertaining car to drive around the curves and yet reasonably well suited to Indian road conditions. It falls slightly short on cabin space and ride quality compared to the Lodgy, but then it works out to be significantly cheaper than the Lodgy in the long run.

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