XUV500 vs Scorpio Comparison Review

Mahindra Scorpio vs XUV500 Comparison Review

Verdict: XUV500 is better than Scorpio

Efficiency & Performance: The main difference between these two is that the XUV500 is based on a monocoque chassis while the Scorpio is based on a ladder frame chassis. This has made the Scorpio much more heavier than the XUV500. However, the engine in both cars is the same. This has made the Scorpio slower as well as less fuel efficient than the XUV500.

Stability & Dynamics: Scorpio is much less stable than XUV500 around corners. Even the ride quality of Scorpio is not as pliant as the XUV500. It ladder frame platform is no match for the monocoque chassis of the XUV500. Why Mahindra chose to stick with a ladder frame instead of making a Scorpio styled body out of the XUV500 is a big question.

Space & Comfort: Front 2 rows have ample space in both cars. But XUV500's third row is much better than Scorpio's. XUV's front facing seats are much more comfortable than Scorpio. Sitting on the sideways seats of Scorpio for anything more than 15 minutes is nothing short of a punishment.

Reliability & After Sales Service: is identical of course.

Pricing & Features: Variant to variant comparison reveals that XUV is 2-5% more expensive than Scorpio but has better safety features and with better performance, efficiency & dynamics is the better buy amongst the two.