Vitara Brezza vs Bolero Comparison

Maruti-Suzuki Vitara Brezza vs Mahindra Bolero Comparison
Overall, Vitara Brezza emerges as a clear winner of this comparo. It is cheaper, has more features, is vastly more efficient, has significantly better performance and dynamics and is more refined and also more comfortable and spacious than the Bolero.

Pricing & Features: Bolero’s top-end variant, the ‘ZLX’ retails for 8.14 Lakh, Ex-showroom, Delhi, which is 50,000 Rs. more expensive than Vitara Brezza’s ‘VDi’ diesel variant costing 7.62 Lakh. In spite of being cheaper, the Brezza has many more features than the Bolero as illustrated below.

Common Features: AC, Power Steering, Central Locking by Remote, Power Windows, Music System with FM, USB, Aux & CD player, Fuel Computer, Rear Wash-Wipe
Extra Features in Vitara Brezza (VDi): Driver Airbag, Parking Sensors, Electrically Adjustable Mirrors, Anti-Pinch Driver's Window, Bluetooth Connectivity
Extra Features in Bolero (ZLX): none

Performance & Drivability: The Bolero falls dismally short of the Brezza in terms of performance as well as refinement. Vitara Brezza has 95% better power & 40% better torque-to-weight than the Bolero. Bolero does reclaim a smidgeon of lost ground by giving slightly better drivability at very low speeds than the Brezza, but otherwise the Brezza dominates the Bolero at any speeds and in any gear.

Power (PS@rpm): Vitara Brezza – 90@4000, Bolero – 63@3200
Torque (Nm@rpm): Vitara Brezza – 200@1750, Bolero – 195@1400-2200
Kerb Weight (kg): Vitara Brezza – 1185, Bolero – 1615
Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Vitara Brezza – 76, Bolero – 39 (95% difference)
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Vitara Brezza – 169, Bolero – 121 (40% difference)

Fuel Efficiency: In our back-to-back tests, the Vitara Brezza was consistently 4 to 5 kmpl more efficient than the Bolero.
ARAI Mileage (kmpl): Vitara Brezza – 24.3, Bolero – 15.96
Fuel Cost for 75,000 km (Lakh): Vitara Brezza – 2.38, Bolero – 3.63
assuming current fuel prices

Space & Comfort: Brezza has far more spacious and comfortable seating in the first and second row seats than the Bolero. It has better head room, knee room and shoulder space than the Bolero. Even the ergonomics and interior quality is leagues ahead of the Bolero. Bolero side facing third row seats are nothing short of a nightmare. They are cramped and claustrophobic, even for kids. Best use of those seats is to just fold those up to liberate 550 liters of boot space compared to Brezza’s 328 liter capacity.

Length (mm): Vitara Brezza - 3995, Bolero - 4107
Width (mm): Vitara Brezza - 1790, Bolero - 1745
Height (mm): Vitara Brezza - 1640, Bolero - 1880

Ride Quality & Handling: Bolero is amongst the top three worst ride-handling cars in India. It has a harsh, unforgiving ride quality, which more or less negates its rough road capability and scary, ponderous handling, which can kill the fun out of the most enjoyable winding roads. The Brezza, in comparison feels vastly superior, it absorbs most bumps and ruts reasonably well and corners safely and securely. It is still not capable enough in damping sharp bumps and broken roads and doesn’t have much steering feel or agility while cornering, but even its average dynamics feel immensely better than the Bolero.

Ground Clearance (mm): Vitara Brezza – 198, Bolero – 180
Tyre Size:
Vitara Brezza - 215/60R16 (ZDi, ZDi+), 205/60R16 (LDi, VDi)
Bolero - 215/75R15

Reliability and After Sales Service: Mahindra is no match to Maruti’s proven record in vehicle reliability and service support. Brezza, in all probability will turn out to be as reliable as all the past Maruti products, while Bolero has taken care of most reliability issues in its long tenure in the market. Mahindra may not have the sheer service reach that Maruti enjoys with more than 2000 touch points, but it does have good reach in the rural market thanks to its tractor dealerships with just 400 odd touch points.

Resale after 5 to 7 years est. (Lakh): Bolero is bound to depreciate slightly more than the Brezza as its technology goes on becoming more and more obsolete and newer SUV’s shape the expectations of customers towards higher fuel efficiency in the coming 5 to 7 years.

Vitara Brezza – 4.55, Bolero – 4.45

Total Cost of Ownership (in Lakh): (Vehicle Price + Fuel Cost – Resale Value)
The Bolero will require almost 2 lakh rupees worth of extra outlay in terms of Total Cost of Ownership in comparison to the Vitara Brezza.
Vitara Brezza – 5.45, Bolero – 7.30 (34% difference)

Verdict: Vitara Brezza emerges as a clear winner of this comparo. It is cheaper, has more features, is vastly more efficient, has significantly better performance and dynamics, is more refined and also more comfortable and spacious than the Bolero.

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