Zest vs Dzire Comparison

Tata Zest vs Maruti-Suzuki Dzire

Verdict: Dzire is better than Tata Zest

Reliability & After Sales Service: There is a huge difference in the Ownership experience of a Tata & a Maruti-Suzuki. Over the past 25 years, we have seen that Suzuki's little cars have been reliable, durable and long lived, with minimum breakdowns and hardly any need for maintenance apart from servicing. Tata's cars have been exactly the opposite, with plenty of niggling issues that just won't go away and some fundamental ones that just don't have any solution. Not to forget Maruti's 2000 strong dealer network which continues to grow and Tata's shrinking network of just 200.

Fuel Efficiency, Drivability & Performance: Dzire's AMT automatic gearbox has a standout advantage over the Zest's AMT gearbox, which is still a work-in-progress. It does not have the "creep" functionality i.e. the car does not start moving forward slowly on releasing the brakes, which is quite a big oversight since it has already been implemented in any automatic car launched after 1960 including the Dzire. Both cars are powered by the same diesel engine and hence are ridden by the common problem of turbo-lag anywhere below 2000 rpm. Petrol engine is a different story altogether. Zest's 90PS, turbocharged engine might tick all the boxes on paper, but in the real world it is no match for the gem of an engine that powers the Dzire. Suzuki's K12 might be a bit lacking in terms of low-end torque, but it is delightfully quick to rev and has a potent mid-range followed by a delicious top end performance. Aided by a lower kerb weight it leaves the Zest far far behind, be it in terms of performance as well as in terms of fuel efficiency

Dynamics: Zest's dynamics are more in sync with Indian road conditions. It has much better ride quality and importantly a higher ground clearance. Dzire feels more precise in corners thanks to better steering response, but Zest too is fairly good around corners, body roll and lifeless steering being the two chinks in it's armour

Space & Comfort: Dzire's weak point remains its inadequate rear seat space and it's hatchback sized boot and this is where the Zest is able to catch up half way with it. Zest has outstanding leg room as well as generous shoulder room for 3 passengers a the rear. Even it's boot is a decent 350 litres. But Dzire has a much better driving position with wide, supportive front seats and great visibility all around.

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