Zest vs Bolt Comparison

Tata Zest vs Tata Bolt Comparison
Overall, the Zest is far better value-for-money and more practical than Bolt

Zest vs Bolt Comparison Video:

Features & Pricing: Overall Bolt is just 20,000 rupees cheaper than the identical variant of the Zest. Considering Zest comes with Alloy wheels & Dual tone dashboard from XE variant, and projector headlamps from XM variant and Angel Eyes in the XT variant.

Automatic Gearbox: Only the Zest comes with the option of the ingenious AMT gearbox, albeit without creep functionality i.e. unlike Celerio or Alto K10's AMTs, Zest does not start moving forward slowly when you take your foot off the brake pedal, which makes it slightly less convenient than other automatics, but still more convenient than other manuals.

Boot-space: Bolt's tiny little 200 litre excuse for a boot is not even adequate for carrying 5 people's luggage for a weekend trip. Zest's 350 litres on the other hand is just the right size.

Space and Comfort: Both cars have identical cabins with excellent space in all directions and flawed ergonomics in terms of high set dashboard and squishy soft seat foam. At least in the Bolt Tata should have judged the trade-off between rear leg-room and boot-space, increasing boot volume to at least 250 litres.

Drivability & Performance: Bolts' 75PS version of Fiat's 1250cc Diesel engine has noticeably lesser turbo-lag than the 90PS version, which is used in the Zest's XM & XT variants. Other than that, there is hardly any difference in terms of drivability or performance between the Bolt & the Zest. The petrols are absolutely identical.

Fuel Efficiency: ARAI certified mileage for the Bolt diesel is 22.95 kmpl, which is just 0.05 kmpl less than the Zest, but in actual testing, it was the Bolt which was fractionally more frugal than the Zest. The Bolt petrol has an ARAI certified mileage of 17.57 kmpl, which again is just 0.03 kmpl less than the Zest. There was no significant difference in our fuel efficiency tests either.

Ride Quality & Handling: Both cars have excellent ride quality and decent ground clearance as well. The Bolt corners with slightly more enthusiasm than the Zest, but the difference is hardly noticeable.

Reliability & After Sales Service: is pathetic, getting worse.

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