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In the blooming multi-axle inter-city luxury buses segment, the Scania Metrolink HD 14.5m and the Volvo 9400 are perfect contenders. Here is our comprehensive comparison-cum-review of the two best-selling luxury coaches, including their technical specifications and details. 

The Inter-city luxury bus segment in India is long-dominated and completely monopolised by Volvo for more than a decade. Volvo entered the market in 2001 to mark the beginning of a new era -with true bus chassis concept, low floor city buses, multi-axle coaches, and host of comfort and safety. There was hardly a direct substitute for its likeness, but Indian buses with the expertise of local bus body builders have flared so well that costly Volvo could hardly penetrate beyond the periphery of the market. Mercedes Benz does offer series of luxury intercity buses in the single rear axle (4x2) configuration, as does Isuzu Motors, but both are comparatively new to the market and are gradually gaining momentum. At least in the past few years, escalating market standards and consumer requirements have resulted in more takers for Volvo buses. 

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