Alto K10 vs Hyundai i10 Comparison

Maruti-Suzuki Alto K10 vs Hyundai i10 Comparison

Verdict: Alto K10 Automatic is better than Hyundai i10, but Hyundai i10 is better than Alto K10 Manual.

Price Difference: The i10 is a whopping 88,000 Rs. more expensive than the Alto K10 manual, but the i10 is also a significant upgrade over the Alto K10 and is pretty much worth the price premium that it commands over the Alto K10. But the Alto K10 Automatic is a different story altogether it (VXi) is 20,000 Rs. cheaper than the cheapest i10 (Era) and 50,000 Rs. cheaper than the i10 with similar features (Magna) minus an automatic gearbox. That makes the Alto K10 automatic far better value-for-money than the i10.

Drivability & Performance: In terms of drivability, the i10 is no match to the sheer ease of operation of the Alto K10's fantastic AMT gearbox. Gone is the need for frequent gearshift and the clutch-brake-first-second-gear routine in city traffic. Even the outright acceleration of the Alto K10 AMT is no less than the manual Alto K10, but it is slightly weaker than the i10's 1.1 iRDE engine. Compared to the manual Alto K10 though, the i10's drivability is much better, it has better low-end torque than the Alto's peaky K10 engine.

Fuel Efficiency: Both the Alto K10s, manual as well as AMT returned one or two kmpl more than the i10, thanks to a lighter kerb weight. ARAi certified mileage of Alto K10 is 24.07 kmpl, while that of the i10 is just 19.8 kmpl. Also the i10 is now available only with the Santro carryover 1.1 litre engine and the fantastic 1.2 Kappa engined i10 has now been discontinued to make way for the Grand i10.

Space & Comfort: Hyundai i10 is a much more spacious and comfortable car than the Alto K10. It has a higher seating position which firstly gives a much better view if the road ahead than the Alto K10 and secondly it gives better under thigh support to all the occupants as the knees come in line with the hips increasing the comfort quotient of the occupants by a significant margin. Even the i10's 225 litre boot-space is far better than the Alto K10's paltry 177 litres.

Ride Quality & Handling: Neither of the two cars are really known for their dynamics. Both share the common trait of having harsh ride quality especially for the rear passengers. Even the handling is not up to the mark although overall the Alto K10 fares slightly better thanks to its low height, unlike the tall boy i10.

Reliability & After Sales Service: Hyundai has worked hard for the past 15 years to build an excellent reputation for good After Sales experience, it's network has also spread to almost 500 touch points in the country but still is not even close to the sheer spread and affordability of Maruti-Suzuki.

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