Zest vs Swift Comparison

Tata Zest vs Maruti-Suzuki Swift Comparison

Verdict: Swift is a technically superior and better quality car than the Zest.

Reliability & After Sales Service: The most important factor, where Tata loses out big time to Maruti is in the area of quality, reliability & After Sales Service. It starts with the product quality itself where Suzuki is able to maintain a far better consistency, lesser manufacturing defects and better fit & finish than Tata. Lesser defects means Maruti's service centres have lesser need for doing repairs under warranty. Maruti goes further and delivers better quality of workmanship at affordable prices than Tata as well. And then there's the unbelieve reach of the 2000+ service centres compared to Tata dwindling network of 300 service points.

Price Difference: Swift is around 30,000 Rs. cheaper than the Zest with same features. But thanks to inferior product reliability and worse After Sales Service, the Zest is bound to fetch around 50,000 Rs. less in resale price after 5 to 7 years than a Swift, which actually makes it far less economical than the Swift. No wonder then that the Swift sells close to 19,000 units every month while the Zest sells just 2000.

Fuel Efficiency: Both Diesel cars have the same engine-gearbox therefore there is hardly any difference in the fuel efficiency, but thanks to a lighter kerb weight, Swift has an ARAI certified mileage of 24.2 kmpl whereas the Zest is rated at 23 kmpl.
The petrol Swift has an ARAI rated mileage figure of 20.4 kmpl, while that of the Zest is 17.6 kmpl, but in the real world, Swift was a good 1.5-2 kmpl more efficient than the Zest petrol in our back-to-back efficiency tests.

Space & Comfort: Zest is way more spacious than the Swift is all the dimensions. Especially the rear seat space is just what Tata is known for, "Club Class". Even the boot-space is a much more useful 350 litres in the zest compared to paltry 200 litres in the Swift.

Drivability & Performance:
Diesel: Both diesel cars have the same Fiat sourced powertrain, which has significant turbo lag making it a pain to pilot in city traffic. But the performance on the freeways is fairly good.

Petrol: Both the petrols are no better in terms of driveability either with hardly any punch at low rpm. But there is one crucial difference. Zest has a turbocharged engine which gives it a decent mid-range punch but it is reluctant to rev and has a weak top-end. Swift's 1.2 naturally aspirated is a bit low on mid-range punch but loves to rev and has an enthusiastic top-end.

Ride Quality & Handling: Zest has been tuned more for ride comfort and with good ground clearance is well suited for Indian roads. Swift on the other hand has a fairly harsh ride. But it is one of the most fun-to-drive cars in the market. It has quick and precise steering coupled to a wide track and good grip around the corners.

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