Zest vs Elite i20 Comparison

Tata Zest vs Hyundai Elite i20 Comparison
Verdict: Elite i20 is better than Zest

Reliability & After Sales Service: Hyundai deserves to be applauded for accomplishing the immense task of establishing a capable and widespread dealer network in a country like India in less than two decades! Tata on the other hand continues to squander its legacy by being stubborn, complacent and overconfident about the quality of it's products and loyalty of it's customers. Tata is slightly cheaper but extremely low on quality, whereas, Hyundai offers reliable products and systematic service, albeit at a high price. Clearly, people have favoured the latter approach. Rest assured that the difference in resale value of an Elite i20 after 5-7 years will more than make up for whatever extra Hyundai may have charged for maintenance as well as for a slightly higher pricing than the Zest.

Pricing & Features:
Drivability & Performance:
Diesel: Both diesel cars are a nuisance to drive in the city due to turbo-lag below 2000 rpm. However, the Elite i20's 150cc larger powerplant does make a difference on the highways, by making overtaking even more easier than the Zest.

Petrol: Neither of the cars have a good petrol engine. Both petrol cars feel distinctly under-engined with no turn of speed even at higher revs. Even the turbocharger does not help matters in the Zest. Although it does give the Zest some much needed advantage in mid-range punch over the Elite, which comes in handy while pulling overtaking maneuvers on the highway.

Fuel Efficiency: Diesel powered cars return decent fuel efficiency, but both the petrols are quite thirsty compared to other competitors in this segment
Space & Comfort: Both cars are impressively spacious with spacious boots adding to the practicality factor.

Dynamics: Both cars have decent ride quality, with the Zest having a slight advantage over the Elite in terms of bump absorption and ground clearance. Neither of them are great handlers with both cars having lifeless, overlight steerings, but here too the Zest feels slightly better thanks to slightly lesser understeering tendency than the Hyundai.

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