Zest vs Ciaz Comparison

Tata Zest vs Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz Comparison

Verdict: Ciaz is technically superior than Zest

Reliability & After Sales Service: Over the last 20 years Maruti-Suzuki has worked hard to provide a trouble free product and hassle free ownership experience to its customers, while Tata motors has done exactly the opposite. Even today things are no different Ciaz is far more reliable product than the Zest and is backed by Maruti's effective service mechanism. Zest, like all other Tata products is bound to have quality issues from day one and its service network is in a state of decline. Maruti's service network has already grown to more than 2000 touch points, while Tata Motors has shrunk down to just 184, the last time we checked. No wonder then that a Ciaz is expected to retain around 75,000 rupees more of resale value than the Zest.

Fuel Efficiency: Both, the diesel Zest and Ciaz are powered by the same Fiat made 1.25 litre diesel engine. The ARAI certified mileage of the Ciaz is 26.2 kmpl, while that of the Zest is 23 kmpl. But in our back-to-back tests, the Ciaz returned just half a kpl more than the Zest.
In the petrols, the Ciaz has an ARAI certified mileage of 20.73 kmpl, while that of the Zest is 17.6 kmpl. In our back-to-back tests though, the Ciaz was consistently more than one kmpl more fuel efficient than the Zest.

Pricing & Features: Due to a better resale value as well as better efficiency, the Ciaz (VDi) which cost 1 lakh rupees more than the Zest (XT) is bound to have the same cost of ownership over a period of 5-7 years. That is why we have compared the top-end Zest with the base Ciaz here.
Drivability & Performance:
Diesel: In spite of being a full sized sedan and almost half a metre longer than the Zest, the Ciaz has a lighter kerb weight, therefore the diesel Ciaz it is able to manage the turbo-lag slightly better than the Zest. Outright performance is also marginally better in the Ciaz.

Petrol: In petrols, the Ciaz has a 200cc bigger engine, while the Zest has an added turbocharger. Neither of those measures remedies the fact that both of them still remain underpowered cars. Both cars suffer from a very weak low-end, Zest is able to just about match the Ciaz in mid-range torque, but has a rev-shy engine whereas the Ciaz has a much stronger top-end performance, and comparatively a significantly free revving engine than the Zest.

Ride Quality & Handling: Both cars are tuned for ride quality and to have adequate ground clearance to tackle the crater filled Indian roads. However with a longer wheelbase and a tad more progression in the steering rack, Ciaz feels more at home around the curves.

Space & Comfort: Both cars have spacious cabins, but the Ciaz has an upper hand in terms of ergonomics thanks to a better driving position, with a lower dashboard supportive seats. Also the Ciaz has a much bigger boot than the Zest, which is quite obvious.

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