Alto K10 vs WagonR Comparison

Maruti-Suzuki Alto K10 vs WagonR Comparison
Verdict: Alto K10 automatic is better than WagonR, but WagonR is better than the manual Alto K10

Price Difference: The Alto K10 Automatic is 30,000 Rs. cheaper than Wagon R VXi Manual and exactly the same price as the Wagon R LXi Manual. This makes the Alto K10 incredibly better value than the WagonR. The Manual Alto K10 on the other hand is 70,000 Rs. cheaper than the same variant of the WagonR, but in case of manuals, the WagonR is certainly better value for money thanks to better space and comfort.

Practicality: Having an AMT gearbox will reduce the fatigue of your daily drive enormously, and that is an understatement. The sheer hassle of clutch-brake-first-second routine is eliminated by the game-changing automatic transmission developed by none other than the Magneti Marelli of Ferrari Formula 1 fame.

Fuel-efficiency: The automated manual transmission does not have the fuel-efficiency penalty of the old (torque-converter) automatics. In fact, since the Alto K10 is lighter than WagonR & engine powering both the cars being same, the automatic Alto K10 is even more fuel efficient than the WagonR, thanks to a lower kerb weight. In our back-to-back tests, the Alto K10 Automatic consistently returned 1 kpl more than the WagonR Manual.

Performance: Same goes for performance, AMT has no penalty either on the performance of the Alto K10 or the drivability. It is fairly jerk free as well, even more so than the Celerio's AMT which in itself is fairly jerk free and same has now been added to the WagonR as well.

Space & Comfort: WagonR is immensely more spacious and comfortable than the Alto, especially at the rear. Travelling as a passenger on the Alto's rear seat is nothing short of a punishment. There is hardly any knee room head-room or even shoulder room and anybody taller than 5 feet 4 inches will start becoming shifty and then downright irritable after a while!

Reliability & After Sales Service: So far Celerio's AMTs haven't faced any reliability issues and being inexpensive units, won't be too expensive to maintain in the long run as well.

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