Alto K10 vs Alto 800 Comparison

Maruti-Suzuki Alto K10 vs Alto 800 Comparison
Verdict: Alto K10 is better than Alto 800

Pricing: The Alto K10 Automatic is 40,000 Rs. more expensive than the manual Alto K10, which in turn is 25,000 Rs more expensive than the Alto 800. However, the Automatic is totally worth the extra money over both the manual Altos due to the following reasons:

Fuel Efficiency: ARAI has rated the Automatic Alto K10 to be 1.5 kpl more fuel-efficient than the Alto 800 and same as the Alto K10, which is remarkable. Even in our back-to-back fuel efficiency tests. There was hardly any difference between the fuel efficiency of all the three cars. This remarkable improvement in the mileage of automatic gearboxes has been achieved thanks to the new-age AMT gearbox fitted on to the Alto. Gone are the days when automatics used to guzzle more litres of fuel than their manual versions. However contrary to what the ARAI numbers lead you to believe, in the real world the manual geared Alto 800 did return half a kpl more than the 1000cc Alto K10's manual version.

Drivability & Performance: The sheer ease of driving that an Alto K10 Automatic provides is unmatched by any other car in the Indian market. That itself is a big enough reason to declare the Alto K10 Automatic as the winner of this shootout. There is no need for constant clutching & de-clutching making it one of the easiest cars to learn driving with as well. Between the Manual geared Altos, the K10 is definitely better than the Alto 800, especially with the AC on and 2-3 passengers, the Alto 800 really struggles to get a move on, whereas the Alto K10 hardly breaks a sweat. In terms of outright acceleration, the Alto K10 easily trounces the Alto 800. And between the Alto K10 Automatic and Manual, it is the Automatic that requires much lesser skill than the Manual to get a quick launch at the traffic lights. Only in the hands of a race driver will the Alto K10 Manual be able to out-drag the Alto K10 Automatic.

In terms of Reliability & After Sales Service, Space & Comfort, Ride & Handling or even Safety, both the cars are identical.

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