Should You Avail December/ Year-End Car Discounts Or Not? | by

Should You Avail December/ Year-End Car Discounts Or Not? | by

As the end of the year draws near and new model year approaches, car dealers are keen on clearing out stocks of old models and make room for new, pricier models. Therefore, 'December' month means "Discounts" and "Delights" in the automotive calendar. Exciting cash back offers and financing deals like zero percent interest loans woo buyers.

However, one should avail or not such year-end offers actually depends on buyers' individual usage and ownership plans. There is no hard and fast logic that every reduction in car price works in buyers favour.

It is indeed true that year-end is a smart time to buy cars, when new model-year units are rolling into dealers' inventories. This month, buyers may get an attractive deal on a 2015 models, especially those with manufacturing dates exceeding four-five months. At times, dealers will even have the previous year models in stock till the month of March or April. In such cases, stock clearance will be the sole priority of the dealers and even receive bonuses from the automakers to get rid of old inventory. In contrast, those buyers who demand the newest models will likely pay closer to the manufacturer's suggested retail price, or "sticker price." In case of some all-new or face-lifted models that are in high demand, dealers may ask for more than the sticker price, or may even cut accessories and other allied, dealer-level benefits.

Buying a new car at the end of the calendar year remains a good strategy because it follows the same logic as other buying techniques - the dealers are most anxious to negotiate than any other time. Further, in addition to usual bargaining, those consumers who are willing to do a bit of homework can maximise their savings in car purchase. The more you are aware of different offers by various sellers, the less you are likely to be deceived. Because, a good deal means that both the buyers and the dealerships are fairly treated and have made a reasonable profit. Blind focus on the final price of the car may not work in buyers favour always.

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