Maruti-Suzuki Celerio vs Alto K10 Comparison

Celerio vs Alto K10 Comparison
Verdict: Celerio is better than Alto K10

Pricing & Features: Alto's top-end 'VXi' variant retails for 3.53 Lakh ex-showroom Delhi, which is 74,000 Rs. more than the Celerio's 'VXi' variant that costs 4.27 Lakh rupees.

Common Features: AC, Power Steering, Front Power Windows, Central Locking, Parcel Shelf
Extra Features in Alto K10 (VXi): Stereo: FM, USB, Aux + 2 speakers
Extra Features in Celerio (VXi): 60:40 Split Rear Seat, Rear Power Windows

Fuel Efficiency: Both Manual & Automatic geared Alto K10 has an ARAI certified mileage of 24.1 kmpl, which is 1 kmpl more than Celerio's mileage of 23.1 kmpl. However, in our back to back tests the difference was just half a kpl in favour of the Alto. This translates to a negligible difference of 10,000 Rs. in favour of the Alto K10 over an usage of 60,000 kms.

Space & Comfort: Celerio is a far more spacious and comfortable car than the Alto K10, no surprises there. Alto falls way below the minimum required space and ergonomics threshold, while the Celerio falls above that, which will make a huge difference in the comfort and well being of the occupants over the entire usage period of the car. Celerio is significantly better in terms of leg-room, knee-room, head-room, shoulder-room, elbow room, under thigh support, lumbar support, interior quality, fit and finish, design and any other parameter you can imagine than the Alto K10. Seating three passengers on the rear seat is no less than a punishment in the Alto K10, while it is perfectly acceptable for short durations inside the Celerio. Even the boot-space which is in incredibly short supply inside the Alto K10 is far better in the Celerio. The Celerio is more than worth the premium it commands over the Alto K10 just for its ergonomic superiority alone.

Boot-space (litres): Celerio - 232, Alto K10 - 170
Length (mm): Celerio - 3600, Alto K10 - 3545
Width (mm): Celerio - 1600, Alto K10 - 1490
Height (mm): Celerio - 1560, Alto K10 - 1475

Reliability & After Sales Service: Maruti has an unparalleled reputation for service support in our country. Suzuki's products themselves are incredibly reliable as well making the job easier for the service guys in the first place as well. However, the Alto K10 has a marginal advantage over the Celerio as it's spare parts are slightly cheaper than the Celerio. However, rest assured that both the cars will hold excellent resale value after a usage of 5 to 7 years.

Ride Quality & Handling: Celerio has far superior dynamic capabilities than the Alto K10. It has a maturity and compliance in its ride quality, which feels like it is from two segments above the Alto K10. The Alto K10 itself benefits from a low CG and leverages the advantage it gains from it by using soft springs to provide decent bump absorbing capabilities. However, it's tiny wheelbase and track place a natural limit on its dynamic capabilities. Celerio is no enthusiast's cars but is a neutral handler with a good balance between ride quality and handling. It is also more stable during high speed cruising and panic braking than the Alto K10.

Ground Clearance (mm): Celerio - 165, Alto K10 - 160

Drivability & Performance: Both cars are powered by the same fantastic K10 petrol engine. It is an incredibly refined and rev happy unit, albeit with a weak low-end torque. However, both car are available with the smart AMT automatic gearbox, which makes them incredibly easy cars to drive around town. Alto K10 gets an edge in terms of overall performance thanks to its lighter kerb weight, but the Celerio itself in not at all deficient in terms of performance when compared to other cars in its segment.

Verdict: If you plan to keep your car for the next 5 to 7 years, you should try your best to stretch your budget and buy the Celerio. The huge advantages that it has over the Alto K10 in terms of comfort, dynamics refinement and safety are worth far more than the additional expenditure compared to the Alto K10 and its sheer value-for-money is insanely higher than its older stable-mate.