Celerio vs Eon Comparison

Maruti-Suzuki Celerio vs Hyundai Eon Comparison
Verdict: Celerio is better than Eon

Fuel Efficiency: The ARAI rated fuel efficiency of the 800cc version of the Eon is 21.1 kmpl, while that of the 1000cc Eon is 20.3 kmpl, which is 1.9 & 2.7 kmpl less than the Celerio (both AMT and manual). However in our back-to back tests there was hardly any difference between the fuel efficiency of Eon & Celerio. It is worth noting that even the Automatic Geared Celerio was just as frugal as the Eons and the manual Celerio.

Space & Comfort: Even though both cars may look like they are about the same size, the Celerio is a segment bigger car than the Eon. No wonder then that it has far better room inside the cabin, especially at the rear. Unlike the Celerio, Eon neither has adequate knee room nor elbow room even for two passengers at the rear. Even the Eon's 177 litre boot is much smaller and much less usable than Celerio's 232 litre storage space.

Drivability & Performance: The 814 cc engine of the Eon is a weak performer, no two ways about it. It struggles to get going at low revs making it a pain to pilot around the city. On highways, it is even worse, and negotiating inclines with 4 passengers on board is not at all advisable. The new 1 litre mill does improve matters hugely, but even then it is no match for the tractability of the K10 mill in the Celerio. Mid-range is no match to Celerio's and neither is its refinement as good as the Celerio. Only thing better than the Celerio is the Celerio itself, the automatic that is. It has identical performance to the manual Celerio, without any of the hassle associated with the endless gear-shifting required while commuting through our great Indian cities.

Ride Quality & Handling: The Eon has a very small footprint (wheelbase & track), which makes it susceptible to bumps and ruts making for an uncomfortable ride and sub-par high speed stability. It is too softly sprung in an unsuccessful attempt to improve its ride quality and to make matters worse, it has an overly light steering destroying its abilities to handle corners. Celerio on the other hand acquits itself quite well both in terms of handling & ride quality despite a footprint that is not much bigger than the Eon's.

Reliability & After Sales Service: For the record we are talking about the 2 best After Sales Service providers in the market. But even then the sheer spread of Maruti's Service network and the value-for-money that it proved during Service is yet to be matched by Hyundai.

Price Difference: Lower & Mid variants of Eon (Dlite+, Era+ & Magna+) are roughly 50,000 Rs. cheaper than lower variant of Celerio (LXi & VXi). But when you compare the top variants (Celerio ZXi vs Eon Sportz), the Celerio has many more features than Eon making them equal in terms of value-for-money.