Celerio vs Bolt Comparison

Maruti-Suzuki Celerio vs Tata Bolt Comparison
Verdict: Celerio is better than Bolt

Fuel Efficiency: The ARAI rated mileage of Bolt petrol is 17.59 kmpl which is 5.4 kmpl less than the Celerio. In our back to back tests the difference was lesser, between 3 to 4 kmpl (both Celerio manual & automatic). This means that the Celerio will save around 90,000 Rs. in petrol costs compared to the Bolt  assuming running of 60,000 kms over a span of 5 to 7 years.

Reliability & After Sales Service: There is a world of difference when it comes to the Service Experience of Tata & Maruti. On one hand we have the bulletproof product reliability backed by the country's most expansive and trusted service network in Maruti-Suzuki. While on the other hand we have the pathetic track record for vehicle reliability and equally appalling After Sales Support from Tata. Not only will it make a huge difference in the peace of mind during the period of ownership but it will also have a bearing on the resale value of the two cars. The Bolt will at least lose an additional 45,000 Rs. in depreciation compared to the Celerio over the next 5 to 7 years.

Drivability & Performance:
Petrol: In spite of 200 additional ccs of displacement and an added turbocharger, the Bolt's drivability and performance is no better than the Celerio, thanks to Bolt's higher kerb weight. The petrol engined Bolt has copious amounts of turbo-lag making it a nuisance to drive in city traffic compared to the lightweight Celerio. However once the turbo kick in the mid-range endows the Bolt with slightly better overtaking abilities than the Celerio. Outright acceleration is quite evenly matched in both the cars.


Space & Comfort: The Bolt has a much more roomier cabin than the Celerio, especially at the rear with fantastic leg-room and enough room for a occasional 4th passenger in typical Tata style. Celerio isn't too bad though, it does have more than adequate room for 4 occupants and crucially has a bigger 232 litre boot compared to the Bolt's 205 litres.

Ride & Handling: Bolt rides over bumps and ruts with much more authority and lesser movement than the Celerio. It also has visibly better ground clearance than the Celerio, making it much more suitable for the Indian roads. Celerio also rides better than expected considering its compact wheelbase. Both cars are neutral handlers, with their overtly light electric power steerings playing spoilsport while cornering.

Price Difference: