Creta vs Innova Comparison

Hyundai Creta vs Toyota Innova Comparison
Verdict: Innova is better than Creta
Maneuverability & Off-road Ability: Creta is only 315mm (6.8%) shorter than the Innova and is in fact 15 mm wider than Innova, which means it is hardly any easier than the Innova to maneuver in city traffic. On the other hand the Innova being rear wheel drive and having far more robust underpinnings (shared with the Fortuner) can tackle rough-road & no road situations far better than the front wheel drive Creta.

Space & Comfort: Firstly, Innova has the huge advantage of a 3rd row of seats, which is reasonably comfortable for the smallest members of the family, the Creta on the other hand is strict 4 seater with an occasional 5th occupant. Secondly, Innova's seats are way more comfortable than the Creta, with much better lumbar support and also better under thigh support than Creta's overtly soft seats. Creta has a decent 400 litre boot, but with only 5 occupants on board, the sheer expanse of space left at the back of the Innova can swallow a lot more luggage than the Creta.

Pricing & Features: The Innova is around 3 lakh rupees more expensive than a Creta with similar features, but it has a far wider breadth of abilities, better ride comfort, ergonomics, drivability, space for 2 more occupants, better stability and durability than the Creta, which makes it far better in terms of sheer value-for-money.

Performance & Drivability: Innova is no match for Creta's outright performance. However, thanks to bigger engine and a smaller turbo, Innova has far better drivability than the Creta. Creta has massive turbo lag anywhere below 2000 rpm making it a chore to drive in stop and go city traffic. On the other hand the Innova has absolutely no turbo lag, making it far easier to trudge along on city streets. Out on the highway, Innova and Creta 1.4 both have decent mid-range performance to make light work of overtaking trucks and lorries, but the 1.6 Creta is significantly better. Once it gets into its powerband it just zooms across any slow moving traffic on the highways.

Ride Quality & Handling: Both Innova and Creta have slightly firm ride at lower speeds. But that is where the similarities end. As the speeds rise the Innova is able to smother broken roads with utter disdain. The Creta on the other hand struggles over a series of undulation with excessive body movement and loud crashing suspension. Creta's monocoque chassis should have made it a far more capable car at cornering, but that is not the case at all. The Innova has a more well weighted and feel-some steering aided by a remarkably communicative chassis for a body on frame layout. High speed stability and stability under panic braking is also far superior in the Innova than the Creta.

Reliability & After Sales Service: Both Brands are evenly matched when it comes to provide excellent service support in our country. But Hyundai still has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to the inherent reliability of it's vehicles compared to Toyota. Toyota's bulletproof reliability is no new thing. A brand new Creta might even be as trouble free as an Innova when it is new. But five years down the line, the Innova will still be fresh as new, while the Creta will have started showing signs of its age. There are Innovas that have covered five lakh kilometers and still going strong on the road. It is highly unlikely that the Cretas being sold today will make it that far. However, both these cars are bound to hold excellent residual value over the next 5 to 7 years.