Celerio vs WagonR Comparison

Maruti-Suzuki Celerio vs WagonR Comparison
Verdict: Celerio is much better than WagonR

Pricing & Features: As you can see from the table given below, WagonR LXi has almost all the features of Celerio VXi, i.e. Celerio is about 30,000 Rs. more expensive than a WagonR with similar features. However, Celerio is a far superior vehicle than the WagonR, especially in terms of crash safety, high speed stability, handling and ride quality. Moreover it is also available with an automatic transmission which is priced around 75,000 Rs. more than the equivalent WagonR manual but eliminates the hassle of constant gear-shifting in city traffic without any penalty in terms of mileage or performance compared to the WagonR.

Safety: Celerio is much safer car than the WagonR. WagonR's hollwed-out-breadbox like structure makes it flimsy and high dangerous in the event of a crash. Celerio on the other hand has not been tested by NCAP yet but thanks to the improvements made in chassis design and rigidity in the automotive industry in the decade post the launch of WagonR, it is bound to protect its occupants much better in the event of a collision.

Space & Comfort: The tall-boy WagonR surely looks like it will be a much more comfortable and spacious car than the Celerio. But when you actually sit inside the two and compare, you realise that the WagonR just has an extra one foot of headroom over the Celerio, which is absolutely useless. In fact the Celerio being a sensibly wider car has better elbow room and shoulder room than the WagonR, which means it is at least possible to squeeze in a third passenger at the rear for small trips. Celerio also has a bigger 232 litre boot compared to the WagonR's piddly little 180 litre excuse for a boot.

Ride Quality and Handling: WagonR is one of the worst handling cars in the country with horrible ride quality and questionable high speed stability. It's awkwardly tall height coupled with narrow width makes it highly susceptible to body roll. Suzuki has tried to cure this problem partially by using a stiff suspension setup which has made it skittish over bumps and ruts and literally unstable under panic braking. Celerio on the other hand was developed 10 years after the WagonR always planned to remedy the WagonR's problems by using the knowhow that Suzuki has acquired over the last decade. No wonder then that the Celerio has neutral handling with a surprisingly good ride quality for a car with such a small wheelbase and remarkable stability on the highways.

Drivability & Performance: Both cars weigh almost the same and use the same engine-gearbox combination resulting in identical performance. However, the Celerio is also available with the fantastic AMT transmission, which takes the fatigue out of daily commuting and makes the Celerio one of the easiest cars to learn driving with.

Fuel Efficiency: ARAI certified mileage of WagonR is 20.5 kmpl, which is 2.5 kmpl less than the Celerio, in spite of a lower kerb weight and the exact same powertrain!. In our back-to-back efficiency test both cars returned identical fuel efficiency numbers.
Reliability & After Sales Service: Whichever car you buy you will get a reliable vehicle supported by the legendary After Sales Support from Maruti.