Celerio vs Ritz Comparison

Maruti-Suzuki Celerio vs Ritz Comparison

Verdict: Ritz is better than Celerio Manual, but Celerio Automatic is better than Ritz.

Price Difference: Diesel: Celerio diesel is approximately 75,000 Rs. cheaper than a Ritz diesel with 2 or 3 features more as you can see in the table given below.

Resale Price: Diesel: Ritz being quite old now, will most probable be replaced by a new model in a couple of years and hence will face slightly higher depreciation than the Celerio. But even then, you will get back around 35,000 of the extra 75,000 Rs. that you might have to shell out over the equivalent Celerio.

Fuel Efficiency: Ritz diesel has an ARAI rated fuel efficiency of 23.3 kmpl, which is 4.42 kmpl less than the Celerio diesel. However in our back-to-back fuel efficiency runs, the difference was just 1 kmpl as the Celerio's tiny 800cc diesel engine had to work harder than the Ritz's 1250cc powerplant.

Drivability & Performance:
Diesel: In spite of having a much smaller engine the Celerio has better drivability in city traffic than the Ritz, thanks to lesser turbo lag and a lower kerb weight. However, once the turbo spools up, Ritz leaves the Celerio far behind. Ritz has excellent overtaking prowess as opposed to the Celerio which struggles to get up to speed out on the highways. Even the outright acceleration is far better in the Ritz as can be seen from the 0-100 km/h times. But that's not all, the Ritz's 4-cylinder unit is also much more refined and rev-happy than Celerio's 2-cylinder unit.

Petrol: Ritz's K12 unit outperforms the Celerio K10 unit in all performance parameters, which is no surprise at all. Ritz's drivability is marginally better around town, but the difference becomes greater as the revs rise. Ritz can overtake heavy vehicles on traffic much more effortlessly than the Celerio. In terms of outright acceleration also the Ritz out-accelerates the Celerio by a fair margin.

Ride and Handling: Ritz is quite softly sprung and rides over bumps and ruts much better than the Celerio. Celerio itself is quite adept at handling rough roads given its tiny wheelbase and wheels. Both cars aren't exactly tuned for enthusiastic cornering. The Ritz grips well but has has excessive body roll due to its tall stance, Celerio has neutral handling and tends to understeer when pushed hard.

Space & Comfort: The Ritz is arguable the most comfortable hatchback in the country. It has a high-set seating position, which results in excellent under thigh support as the occupant's knees are level with the seat. The Celerio also is a remarkable achievement in packaging, with more than adequate knee room, leg room and shoulder room for 4 people regardless of its diminutive size. Surprisingly, Celerio has a bigger boot than the Ritz which is an important advantage given Ritz lack of ability to carry 2 full size suitcases.

Reliability & After Sales Service: Both cars have equally brilliant reliability record and are backed by the best service network in the country