Jazz vs Ciaz Comparison

Honda Jazz vs Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz Comparison

Verdict: Jazz is better than Ciaz

Space & Comfort: There is no surprise in the fact that a full size sedan like Ciaz has more space than a hatchback like Jazz. But the Jazz itself has more than adequate space to stretch your legs be it on the front seats or the rear. Headroom and shoulder space too are enough for 5 full-sized adults to be as comfortable as they can be. Which raises the question whether the extra legroom in the Ciaz is really of any use or not. In fact the ergonomics of the Jazz are much better sorted than the Ciaz making it more comfortable over long distances. Ciaz has a cavernous 510 litre boot compared to the Jazz's 350 litres. But 350 litres itself is the biggest of all the hatchbacks in India and is more than adequate for carrying 5 peoples luggage for a weekend trip. Jazz also has the added advantage of its magical folding seats which unlike the Ciaz can liberate enogh space for carrying large items like washing machines, cabinets, bicycles etc. if need be. Not to forget that the Jazz will always have the upper hand in terms of maneuverability and ease-of-parking compared to the Ciaz.

Pricing & Features:


Fuel Efficiency: The diesel Ciaz has an ARAI certified mileage of 26.21 kmpl which is 1.1 kmpl less than the Jazz diesel. In our back-to-back tests, Jazz diesel was consistently 1 kmpl more efficient than the Ciaz. The petrol Ciaz has an ARAI certified fuel efficiency of 20.73 kmpl, which is 2 kmpl more than the Jazz. But to our surprise the Jazz returned 1 kmpl more than the Ciaz in our real world tests. The automatic Ciaz has an ARAI certified mileage of 19.12 kmpl which is almost same as Jazz's 19 kmpl. But in our back-to-back tests the Jazz CVT was constantly 2-3 kmpl more fuel efficient than the Ciaz. Which goes to show that super tall gear ratios may give an advantage in ARAI tests but in the real world they hamper the mileage as it takes more time to shift into higher gears.

Performance & Drivability:
Diesel: The Jazz is far better than the Ciaz in terms of drivability. Jazz hardly has any turbo lag and gets moving from low rpm making it extremely easy to drive in stop and go traffic. The Ciaz on the other hand gets going only after 2200 rpm onwards making it a nuisance to drive around on city streets. Both cars do have a potent mid-range though, while the Ciaz has a tad better top-end and also more sound deadening than the Jazz.
Petrol: Over the years the Jazz has piled on more weight than its earlier iteration, to the point where Honda's fantabulous 1.2 litre iVTEC engine feels just about adequate for its heft. Its incredibly free revving nature add to the feeling of the Jazz being torque deficient even further. The fantastic, sonorous, almost musical top-end being it's only saving grace. The Ciaz's 200cc advantage does make it more drivable than the Jazz, but still feels weedy and listless to drive. In the Jazz it is quite understandable that Honda had to use a 1.2 litre to take advantage of excise duty cuts. It is high time Honda and Suzuki get their act together and bolt on some turbochargers to their petrol mills.

Handling & Ride Quality: Both cars are neutral handlers, which exhibit safe and stable cornering behaviour but not much excitement. Slightly over-assisted feedback deficient steering is also a common trait. However both cars are extremely stable on highways and under hard braking. Ciaz has a slight advantage over the Jazz in terms of ride quality, thanks to a lower stance and hence lesser need for stiffer springs to counter body roll as much as the Jazz.

Reliability & After Sales Service: Both brands are well known for producing fantastically reliable products, backed by excellent service support at affordable prices. If you live in one of India's big cities, availability of a Honda service centre is not going to be a concern as well. Only in the small towns and villages would the Ciaz hold any advantage over the Jazz in terms of service availability.

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