Jazz vs Amaze Comparison

Honda Jazz vs Honda Amaze Comparison:

"Overall, the Jazz is much better value for money as well as being technically superior to the Amaze. It is safer, more luxurious, more practical and has the cutting-edge CVT gearbox making it our pick of this test."

Jazz vs Amaze Comparison Video:

Interiors: Amaze is no match to the Jazz in terms of the sheer luxury and finesse. Jazz shares its interiors (and platform) with the legendary Honda City, while the Amaze borrows them from the humble, little Brio hatchback. The sheer ambience that you will experience everyday in Jazz will be a quantum leap above the ambience you will encounter inside the Amaze. The difference mainly stems from the fact that the Jazz was developed by Honda Japan, while the Amaze was developed by Honda of South-East Asia. It seems as though the South-East Asian operations still have a lot of catching up to do with their Japanese colleagues.

Pricing & Features: The best thing is that, in spite of being from a higher segment, Honda has priced the Jazz cheaper than the equivalent Amaze. Jazz is priced more or less similar to the Amaze, but the mid and top variants have many additional features than the equivalent Amaze and all those features are quite expensive if you want to get them fitted at an accessory shop. Really shows how much extra Honda charges it's customers by adding a boot to the Jazz and calling it the Honda City.


Diesel: The diesel Jazz is slightly more expensive than the Amaze. But if you consider the S & SV/SX versions, which form the majority of buyers of these cars, Jazz has 4 to 5 features more than the Amaze. Especially the Multi-view reverse camera with a 5" colour screen is a huge boon while parking.

Ride Quality & Handling: Jazz has a 125mm longer wheelbase than the Amaze, which gives it more stability as well as makes it more comfortable over bumps and ruts, than the Amaze. It also has slightly bigger wheels (not wider, but bigger in diameter), which help the ride quality further. Jazz is also better than the Amaze in the corners, but only by a miniscule margin. Where the Amaze claws back lost ground is in terms of maneuverability, which comes in handy in tight parking spots, thanks to its tight turning radius compared to the Jazz.

Space & Comfort: Both cars have outstanding occupant space be it in the front, the rear or the boot. However, where the Jazz trumps the Amaze, is in it's 'magical' flexibility, thanks to the splitting, folding, tumbling and if need be even completely removable seats of the Jazz.

Safety: Jazz is bound to be a much more safer car than the Amaze in the event of a collision. Unlike the Amaze, the very same Jazz that we get in India is also sold in US & Europe, where the safety requirement are much more stringent than ours. The Amaze on the other hand was conceived just for developing markets and hence adding as much strengthening as the Jazz was deemed unnecessary while development, instead the weight & cost reduction resulting from it was given higher priority. But since this cost saving has not been passed on to the customer, we should stay well away from it.

Fuel Efficiency: Both these cars are lesson to the automobile industry, in terms of fuel efficiency. The diesel Jazz has an unbelievable ARAI certified mileage of 27.3 kmpl, while the Amaze is rated at 26 kmpl. However in our back-to-back tests we found absolutely no difference in fuel-efficiency of both the cars. The petrol Jazz is rated at 18.7 kmpl by ARAI for the manual gearbox and an impressive 19 kmpl for the CVT Automatic. The Amaze is rated at 18 kmpl for the manual and 15.5 kmpl for the conventional Automatic. In our real-world tests, we were blown away by the amazing fuel-efficiency of the Automatic Jazz, which was consistently 2-3 kmpl more efficient than the automatic Amaze. Although, the fuel-efficiency of both the manual geared, petrol engined cars was more or less similar.

Performance & Drivability: Both the manual petrols and diesels share the same engine-gearbox combination, which gives them equally strong performance. The Amaze being slightly lighter feels a tad bit more eager than the Jazz, but that may also be due to the fact that it more vocal than the Jazz.
Crucial difference lies in the automatic gearbox used by the two cars. On one hand we have the Jazz which uses Honda's state-of-the-art CVT gearbox, while the Amaze uses the previous generation conventional, torque convertor unit. The CVT is no less than a revelation! The way Honda has controlled the rubber band effect is beyond belief. Owing to its seamless nature, it feels way smoother than the Amaze and it's sheer tractability is out of this world. It does not get better than this when it comes to driving around town. Out on the highway it does feel slightly out of breath, but that is more due to the engine's lack of cubes, rather than the transmission. The ability to kick-down a gear does give the Amaze an upper hand in terms of overtaking albeit by a very small margin.

Reliability & After Sales Service: Honda's products are well known for their impeccable reliability. This makes the job of service centers much easier than others. But that does not mean that the Service is taken lightly at Honda. Honda's obsessive control over the Service centres ensures that their cars remain working like clockwork for decades.

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