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Hyundai Creta vs Competitors
1. Creta vs City
2. Creta vs Safari Storme
3. Creta vs Innova
4. Creta vs Mobilio
5. Creta vs Ertiga
6. Creta vs Verna 4S Fluidic
7. Creta vs Vento
8. Creta vs Corolla Altis
9. Creta vs TUV300
10. Creta vs Xylo

[1] Hyundai Creta vs Honda City
Verdict: City is better than Creta
Price Difference: The Creta is around 1 Lakh rupees more expensive than a Honda City with similar features. In fact for just 25,000 Rs. more you can have a City with a cutting-edge Automatic CVT gearbox with Paddle Shifters, than a manual Creta. Considering that the City is also better than the Creta in terms of Ergonomics, Ride-Handling, Drivability & Fuel Efficiency, it is definitely far better Value-for-money than the Hyundai Creta.
Space & Comfort: Honda City is a much more comfortable car than the Creta. Firsty, City has much better legroom than the Creta be it at the front or the rear. Secondly, City's seats are much more ergonomically designed than the Creta with outstanding lower back support as well as under thigh support, which goes a long way in making the City far more comfortable car than the Creta. Thirdly Getting in and out of the City is much easier than the Creta. You just feel like you are walking into a City but in a Creta you need to climb up a bit and then slide on to the seat which can be difficult for shorter people as well as senior citizens.

Handling & Ride Quality: Honda City is a much more stable car around the corners as well as under panic braking situations thanks to a lower centre of gravity. It also has much better steering feedback as well as better balance than the Creta while cornering. Creta's tall height coupled with soft suspension makes it wallow over a series of bumps and makes it a bit scary to drive at high speeds. Creta's low speed ride is a bit softer than the City's but as the speeds rise, the City becomes better than the Creta at tackling bumps and ruts. Even though the Creta may trump the City on that particular bit of road which has big potholes due to its higher ground clearance, the rest of the time it will neither have the comfort nor the stability of the Honda City.

Performance & Drivability:
Petrol: City easily outperforms the Creta be it in terms of drivability around town or overtaking ability on the highway. Honda's 1.5 litre iVTEC mill is a real gem. It revs so quickly and smoothly that the Creta's engine feels agricultural in comparison. The City is easily the more tractable car here and aided by the light and positive gearbox is a joy to drive fast. Even at the top-end of the rev range the Honda spins effortlessly always asking for more and more revs while the Creta's mills starts getting a bit vocal and gruff.

Diesel: On one hand you have the faultlessly drivable nature of Honda's Earth Dreams iDTEC diesel unit, which has absolutely no turbo-lag while on the other hand you have Hyundai's CRDi mills, which take their own sweet time till the blower comes into action well past 2000 rpm. This makes the Hyundai's quite a chore to drive around town with constant gearshifts being needed to make any forward progress. Quite unlike the Honda which pulls cleanly from low revs at surprisingly low speeds even in 4th & 5th gear. On the highways, the City is slightly ahead of the 1.4 litre Creta at pulling overtaking maneuvers. But the 1.6 Creta is in a league of its own leaving the City and 1.4 Creta far behind in terms of its overtaking prowess. One parameter in which the Creta is able to convincingly outsmart the City is in terms of its sound deadening (not to be confused with refinement).

Fuel Efficiency: ARAI certified mileage of the 1.4 diesel Creta is 21.38 kmpl which is 4.62 kmpl less than that of the diesel City, while that of the 1.6 manual is 19.67 kmpl, which is 6.33 kmpl less than the City. In our back-to-back tests also the 1.4 Creta was around 3-4 kmpl less efficient than the City, while the 1.6 Creta was consistently 4-5 kmpl less fuel efficient. Which means that the 1.4 & 1.6 Creta will be 75,000 Rs. & 1.1 lakh Rs. more expensive than the diesel City respectively, over a running of 75,000 km. The petrol Creta has an ARAI mileage of 15.29 kmpl which is 2.51 kmpl less than the City. In our real world test the difference was even more, around 3 kmpl in favour of the City. That means a petrol Creta will be around 90,000 Rs. less economical than a City over a span of 75,000 km.

Reliability & After Sales Service: Both Hyundai and Honda have proven that they are more than competent in providing great Service experience in the past 2 decades in India. Both have excellent product reliability backed by an equally good After Sales network in the country. Honda is slightly ahead of Hyundai when it comes to affordability of service, while Hyundai is slightly ahead of Honda when it comes to the spread of its service network. But overall, it is no wonder that cars from both brands hold outstanding resale value in the market thanks to their outstanding reputations for After Sales.
[2] Hyundai Creta vs Tata Safari Storme:
Verdict: Creta is better than Storme

Maneuverability & Off-road Ability: Thanks to a smaller footprint (wheelbase & track), Creta is easier to squeeze through gaps in traffic than the portly Safari Storme. On the other hand the rugged Safari is a much more robust and capable off-roader than the soft-roader Creta. However, Creta is capable enough to drive over the typical Indian potholes without having to slow down to crawling speed and that is the very situation that 99% of personal vehicle owners are worried about while driving around in their small cars and low-slung sedans.

Fuel Efficiency: The ARAI certified mileage of the Safari Storme is 14 kmpl (13 kmpl 4x4), which is 5.67 kmpl less than the 1.6 Creta and 7.38 kmpl less than the 1.4 Creta. In our real world test the Safari was over 7 kmpl less efficient than both the Cretas. That translates to an added expense of 2 Lakh Rs. over an usage of 75,000 km.

Pricing & Features: The Safari Storme is around 1.5 Lakh Rs. more expensive than a Creta having similar features. The top-end Creta may be slightly more expensive than the Storme, but it has far more features than the Storme. Coupled with the savings in fuel costs and lesser depreciation, the Creta is bound to be 3-4 lakh rupees cheaper than the Storme over an ownership period of 5 to 7 years.
Performance & Drivability: In spite of having a huge 2200 cc engine the Safari Storme doesn't even have better performance than the 1.4 litre Creta. However, Storme's drivability is certainly better than both the Cretas, thanks to the turbo spooling up at lower rpm. In terms of outright acceleration though, the Storme is simply no match for the 1.6 litre Creta. Even the 1.4 litre Creta easily manages to keep up with the Storme. Not to forget, the Creta also has much better refinement than the Safari Storme.

Ride Quality & Handling: Even the sub-par handling manners of the Creta are still far superior to those of the Safari Storme. The Storme rolls, pitches, squats and yaws way more than any vehicle for developed after 1980 has any right to. Braking from high speeds in a Storme is a hair raising experience and not in a good way. But when it comes to smothering potholes and broken surfaces the Storme does leave the Creta biting the proverbial dust. The sheer authority with which the Safari can conquer Indian roads is simply mind blowing.

Space & Comfort: The sheer amount of in-cabin space of the Safari Storme is incredible. There is acres of knee-room, leg-room and head-room and so much shoulder room at the rear that 3 adult can sit without even touching each other. The Creta in comparison feels positively claustrophobic, with barely enough space for 4 passengers, with the 5th one being a real squeeze. The Storme however, has missed an opportunity to give a front facing third row of seats, which given its generous dimensions is a real failure of Tata's packaging abilities. Hyundai makes up for the lack of space with excellent fit and finish inside the cabin compared to the downmarket interiors of the Safari Storme.

Reliability & After Sales Service: Hyundai continues to build upon its stellar reputation for great service support earned over the last two decades. Tata's reputation on the other hand continues to decline, thanks in no small measure to the inherent lack of reliability of its products, made worse by the lack of company's grip on its dealers, making it a real hassle to get a Tata vehicle serviced at any of its authorised service outlets. No wonder then that today Tata cars are one of the fastest depreciating vehicles in the country, which means you can expect to lose around 2 lakh Rs. more than the Creta after an ownership period of 5 to 7 years.

[3] Hyundai Creta vs Toyota Innova
Verdict: Innova is better than Creta
Maneuverability & Off-road Ability: Creta is only 315mm (6.8%) shorter than the Innova and is in fact 15 mm wider than Innova, which means it is hardly any easier than the Innova to maneuver in city traffic. On the other hand the Innova being rear wheel drive and having far more robust underpinnings (shared with the Fortuner) can tackle rough-road & no road situations far better than the front wheel drive Creta.

Space & Comfort: Firstly, Innova has the huge advantage of a 3rd row of seats, which is reasonably comfortable for the smallest members of the family, the Creta on the other hand is strict 4 seater with an occasional 5th occupant. Secondly, Innova's seats are way more comfortable than the Creta, with much better lumbar support and also better under thigh support than Creta's overtly soft seats. Creta has a decent 400 litre boot, but with only 5 occupants on board, the sheer expanse of space left at the back of the Innova can swallow a lot more luggage than the Creta.

Pricing & Features: The Innova is around 3 lakh rupees more expensive than a Creta with similar features, but it has a far wider breadth of abilities, better ride comfort, ergonomics, drivability, space for 2 more occupants, better stability and durability than the Creta, which makes it far better in terms of sheer value-for-money.

Performance & Drivability: Innova is no match for Creta's outright performance. However, thanks to bigger engine and a smaller turbo, Innova has far better drivability than the Creta. Creta has massive turbo lag anywhere below 2000 rpm making it a chore to drive in stop and go city traffic. On the other hand the Innova has absolutely no turbo lag, making it far easier to trudge along on city streets. Out on the highway, Innova and Creta 1.4 both have decent mid-range performance to make light work of overtaking trucks and lorries, but the 1.6 Creta is significantly better. Once it gets into its powerband it just zooms across any slow moving traffic on the highways.

[4] Hyundai Creta vs Honda Mobilio
Verdict: Mobilio is better than Creta

Pricing & Features:

Performance & Driveability:
Petrol: The Petrol powered Mobilio has superior performance than the Creta. Honda's 1.5 litre iVTEC mill has been honed over the last couple of decades into an unbelievably free revving delight of a motor. It has slightly better drivability than the Creta around town. But as the revs rise the difference becomes even more stark. Mobilio feels like it can rev till infinity accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack, while the Creta's mill starts becoming more and more unrefined as the revs rise.

Diesel: There is a huge difference in the way the Mobilio's diesel engine delivers its power compared to the Creta twins. Mobilio's engine develops its power much lower in the rev range eliminating any turbo-lag and making it effortless to drive on city streets. Creta's engines on the other hand have immense turbo-lag. There's hardly any progress below 2000 rpm and then all of a sudden the turbo kicks in quite abruptly. This makes commuting in city traffic a bit of a chore. However, the same turbo-kick does come in handy on the highway, especially in the 1.6 Creta, not that the Mobilio has any problems with regards to its own overtaking abilities.

[5] Hyundai Creta vs Maruti-Suzuki Ertiga
Verdict: Ertiga is better than Creta

Pricing & Features:

Performance & Drivability:


[6] Hyundai Creta vs Verna 4S Fluidic
Verdict: Verna is better than Creta