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Where does Avventura (Diesel) stand: In terms of Fundamentals: Performance-Efficiency-Dynamics-Reliability
Ford EcoSport
Volkswagen Polo
Honda Amaze
Ford Figo
Fiat Avventura
Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz
Maruti-Suzuki Ritz
Maruti-Suzuki Dzire
Maruti-Suzuki Swift
Toyota Liva Etios
Toyota Etios
Toyota Etios Cross
Hyundai Elite i20
Hyundai Xcent
Hyundai Grand i10
Tata Zest
Tata Bolt

Fiat Avventura vs Hyundai Elite i20 (Diesel)
Verdict: Avventura is better than Elite i20
Performance & Efficiency: Both cars are a disappointment in terms of drivability due to the turbo-lag of their engines. Elite i20 fairs slightly better in terms of outright acceleration but is no better than the Avventura when it comes to fuel efficiency either. It is really sad because the Avventura with a bigger engine would have easily been best-in-class.
Dynamics: The Aveentura is also the most suitable car for Indian road conditions, this side of 10 lakhs. It has 205 mm of ground clearance which is more than many so called "Rough Roaders" like Bolero, Scorpio, Duster, EcoSport, Terrano & XUV500 and yet it's moderate height means it has a reasonably low centre of gravity coupled to a pliant yet rugged suspension setup that Fiat is so famous for. Handling too is excellent with a well weighted precise steering aiding it even further. The Elite i20 is already well known for its deficiency in ride handling, it wallows over bumps at speed and the steering plays spoilsport by being too light, slow to react and devoid of any feedback.
Space & Comfort: Both car being full-grown hatchbacks, are reasonably spacious and comfortable, but still far from the best in class.
Reliability & After Sales Service: Hyundai has developed a good reputation for A.S.S. But recently it's costs are trending northwards, while Fiat has managed to keep them in check. Moreover, if you live in any of the big cities in India, finding a service centre is not going to be an issue either.

Fiat Avventura vs Ford EcoSport (Diesel)
Verdict: Avventura is better than EcoSport
Performance: EcoSport easily outclasses the Avventura just by having a diesel engine more suited to it's size. It has quicker acceleration, higher top-speed and crucially better drivability, with none of that irritating turbo lag of the Avventura. This singular factor is what tilts the verdict in Avventura's favour.
Dynamics: Both cars are exceedingly good in terms of dynamics, much better than most hatchbacks and sedans, in spite of raised ground clearance. However Avventura has a minute bit of advantage over the Ecosport in this regard.
Space & Comfort: Both cars are reasonably spacious and extremely comfortable with good bootspace as well.
Reliability & After Sales Service: Neither Ford nor Fiat have stellar reputations when it comes to After Sales Service, but Ford has really made an effort starting with the Figo with a widespread, 400 strong dealer network in India. Hence it hold an advantage over Fiat which is still trying to stand on it's own feet after split with Tata.

Fiat Avventura vs Maruti-Suzuki Swift (Diesel)
Verdict: Avventura is better that Swift
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Fiat Avventura vs Maruti-Suzuki Dzire (Diesel)
Verdict: Avventura is better than Dzire
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Fiat Avventura vs Honda Amaza (Diesel)
Verdict: Avventura is better than Amaze
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Fiat Avventura vs Hyundai Xcent (Diesel)
Verdict: Avventura is better than Xcent
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