Ciaz SHVS vs City, EcoSport, Duster, Verna 4S Fluidic, Terrano, Jazz, Vento, Rapid, Etios, Sunny, Scala, Sail Sedan, Linea Comparison

Ciaz SHVS Hybrid vs Competitors

1. Ciaz vs City
2. Ciaz vs EcoSport
3. Ciaz vs Duster
4. Ciaz vs Vento
5. Ciaz vs Verna 4S Fluidic
6. Ciaz vs Amaze
7. Ciaz vs Fiesta (New)
8. Ciaz vs Manza
9. Ciaz vs Sunny
10. Ciaz vs Scala
11. Ciaz vs Etios
12. Ciaz vs Corolla
13. Ciaz vs Sail (Sedan)

[1] Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz vs Honda City
Verdict: City is better than Ciaz

Performance & Drivability:
Diesel: Firstly, City has much better drivability i.e. it accelerates without any turbo lag from low rpm compared to the Ciaz, which in fact has quite a lot of turbo-lag. The problem with the Ciaz is that it's engine is too small for its size. This means that the Ciaz really struggles to accelerate until the turbo spools up. On top of that to appear competitive in spec comparisons, Maruti has plonked the 90PS version of the Fiat's 1250cc Multijet engine which has caused even more turbo-lag than the 75PS version, because the former's bigger sized turbocharger needs more revs spool up than the latter. In spite of all this effort the Ciaz still can't match the mid-range punch of the City, nor it's outright acceleration.
Petrol: City's petrol engine is vastly superior to the Ciaz's. In fact it is by far the best naturally aspirated engine in its class. It has far better drivability than the Ciaz at lower revs. Mid-range is a quantum leap over the Ciaz's making it much easier to overtake trucks and trailers on the highway and the City's top-end is absolutely immense, with unparalleled refinement accompanied by a musical exhaust note and performance so strong that it leaves the Ciaz gasping for breath. In fact, City's 1.5 VTEC unit is so good that even turbocharged mills in the Linea and Vento find it hard to outpace it.
Fuel Efficiency: The ARAI certified mileage of the diesel City is 26 kmpl, while the Ciaz is 26.21 kmpl. But in our back-to-back fuel efficiency tests, the City proved to be half a kpl more efficient than the Ciaz, thanks to better response at lower revs.
Ride Quality & Handling: Both cars have decent dynamics, but amongst the two, City handles better than the Ciaz, with a more feel-some steering and better grip around corners than the Ciaz. However, Ciaz has better ride quality than the City.
Space & Comfort: Both cars have spacious cabins with immense rear leg-room. But City's seats, both front and rear are much more ergonomically designed comfortable than the Ciaz, especially on long drives.
Pricing & Features: The Ciaz might be cheaper than a City with similar features, but City has proven that it can hold outstanding resale value in the last 15 years in India and in our opinion better fundamentals always trumps more gadgets.

[2] Maruti Suzuki Ciaz vs Ford EcoSport
Verdict: EcoSport is better than Ciaz
Suitability to Indian Roads: EcoSport is much better suited to Indian driving conditions than the Ciaz. It has much higher ground clearance than the Ciaz, which is absolutely essential on Indian roads. EcoSports' higher seating position & better maneuverability are an added bonus.
Drivability & Performance:
Diesel: Thanks to a 250cc bigger engine than the Ciaz, the EcoSport has far better drivability than the Ciaz. The Ciaz's engine is too small for it's size and on top of that it has tall gearing, giving it too much turbo-lag. It's slight advantage in outright performance is not of much use in day to day usage.

Ride Quality & Handling: EcoSport rides over rough roads much more confidently than the Ciaz, however Ciaz's low height makes it better around bends, again hardly of any use in day-to-day driving.
Space & Comfort: Ciaz has better knee room, especially in the rear, but EcoSport itself is more than adequate, which makes you wonder whether that additional space is really necessary.
Reliability & After Sales Service: However, Ford is no match for Maruti-Suzuki's legendary reliability & after sales service. But then the Ciaz is expected to be a good 1 lakh rupees more expensive than an EcoSport with similar features.

[3] Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz vs Renault Duster
Verdict: Duster is better than Ciaz
Summary: Ciaz can never match Duster's outstanding ability to glide over Indian roads, thanks to the high ground clearance and sturdy underpinnings of the Logan platform. It's lofty driving position and lesser length give it better maneuverability as well. Space inside the cabin as well as the boot is also equally matched. Ciaz's shorter height gives is decent handling but the cut-price electric power steering spoils the party there as well. Duster has one of the best drivability around town while the under-engined Ciaz one of the worst. But thanks to a lighter kerb weight Ciaz does hold a slight edge in performance and efficiency, but not significant enough to make any difference in everyday driving. One area where the Ciaz is unbeatable though is Maruti's legendary reliability & after sales service, but is that single advantage sufficient to ignore all the other disadvantages? Especially given that Duster and Ciaz are quite evenly matched on pricing & features too.

[4] Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz vs Volkswagen Vento
Verdict: Vento is better than Ciaz
Performance: Vento's engine is best-in-class and far far better compared to Ciaz. Vento's in gear performance is no short of a revelation. In contrast Ciaz's turbo lag ridden performance is a nuisance. Ciaz does make up with slightly higher efficiency which doesn't make up for it's hatchback rivalling performance at all.
Dynamics: Vento rides, handles, steers & brakes well than the Ciaz, its German underpinnings out-classing Ciaz's Japanese mannerisms.
Space & Comfort: Both cars are spacious and comfortable and have generous boot-space as well.
Reliability & After Sales Service: This is one area where no manufacturer can even dream of coming close to legendary track record of the great Maruti-Suzuki.

[5] Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz vs Hyundai Verna 4S Fluidic
Verdict: Ciaz is better than Verna 4S Fluidic

Summary: Ciaz has much better dynamics than the Verna 4S, Verna 4S is too softly sprung and with a superlight steering which seriously affects not just its handling but also its straight line stability. However in terms of performance, the 1.4 litre Verna 4S & 1.25 litre Ciaz are quite evenly matched. 1.6 Verna has good performance but at the same time too much turbo-lag, making it far less useful than what the 126 PS output on the brochure would suggest. Both Ciaz and Verna 4S are no different in terms of space and comfort either. And in spite of being the second best, Hyundai is still no match to Maruti-Suzuki's legendary reliability and after sales service. Maurti has also managed to price the Ciaz extremely well, giving it much more features than an identically priced Verna 4S Fluidic.

[6] Maruti Suzuki Ciaz vs Honda Amaze
Verdict: Amaze is better than Ciaz

Turbo lag: Fact is that the 1.25 litre multijet engine is just too small for a 4500mm long car like the Ciaz. Driving the Ciaz in city becomes quite tiresome because of the constant gear-shifting required to overcome its turbo lag. Amaze is a complete anti-thesis of this. It's 250cc bigger engine has an excellent torque spread, making it easier to drive in traffic at low speed as well as better at overtaking on highways.
Dynamics: Though the Ciaz and Amaze aren't best in class, they are pretty close. However the Amaze is just a tad better than Ciaz thanks to a more precise and feel-some steering.
Space & Comfort: Amaze is an achievement when it comes to packaging. In spite of being restricted to a sub 4 metre length it has excellent rear knee-room and a 400 litre boot, which makes you question whether Ciaz's extra 100 litres of boot-space and couple of inches of knee room are of any real use. Especially considering the huge disadvantage of its 500mm longer length in terms of maneuverability & parking.
Reliability & After Sales Service: Both Honda & Maruti have impeccable track records in this area.

[7] Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz vs Ford Fiesta
Verdict: Fiesta is better than Ciaz

Really? But I hardly see this Ford Fiesta on the road..
True! But that does not change the fact that the Fiesta is not only better than Ciaz but also the best-in-class. It delivers on things that matter the most in a car. So what makes a car a good car? We believe that above all, a car should deliver on four basic fundamentals viz. performance, dynamics, refinement and reliability. It is not to be judged like an appliance as to whether it is having a touch-screen or climate control or some other electronic gimmickry. Having the most gizmos in the segment does not a value-for-money car make especially if it's fundamentals are not up to the mark (Hyundai are you listening!?) Fiesta is blessed with a drivable, refined and decently fast diesel engine married to a magical chassis-suspension. It has a supple ride quality and yet corners with a lack of body roll which is uncanny. Steering is quick, precise and gives excellent feedback from the road surface. Overall it is better sorted than most cars from the class above.
Space and Comfort: It is a slightly cramped for a sedan, especially compared to the lengthy Ciaz, but it is by no means uncomfortable. Boot-space is also more than adequate.
Reliability & After Sales Service: Though nowhere as good as Maruti the great Ford has proven that it is catching up with the Figo & EcoSport and has spread its network to almost 400 dealers which means service availability in Urban and semi-urban areas is no longer an issue.

[8] Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz vs Tata Manza
Verdict: Ciaz is better than Manza
Similarities: Both Manza and Ciaz are equally spacious cars with humungous boot. Both cars have the exact same engine-gearbox which translates to similar performance as well as fuel efficiency, ARAI figure notwithstanding. Both cars have significant amount of turbo lag as well. Although the Ciaz being a good 100 kg lighter it is less of a burden on that puny little 1250cc engine.
Dynamics: Manza being developed on our crater filled roads means it has much better ride quality than Ciaz as well as much better ground clearance, which is crucial on Indian roads.
Reliability & After Sales Service: There is no doubt that Maruti-Suzuki's stellar reputation is in total contrast to Tata's poor track record. The lack of niggling issues and bulletproof reliability of the Japanese is in itself more than enough to justify the price premium. It is after 3 to 5 years of use that a Manza will start showing its age, while the Ciaz will still retain its trim and shine.

[9] Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz vs Nissan Sunny
Verdict: Sunny is better than Ciaz
Performance & Efficiency: Sunny is powered by a 250cc bigger (150cc vs 1250cc) engine than the Ciaz, which is what sedans in this segment require. Hence, Sunny is much more drivable and has no issue of turbo lag like the Ciaz. Outright performance and fuel efficiency are more or less similar.
Dynamics: Both cars have decent ride quality and excellent straight line stability. Ciaz's handling is slightly better than Sunny's but both are far from being segment leaders in terms of dynamics.
Reliability & After Sales Service: This is one parameter where the Sunny doesn't stand a chance to beat the Ciaz ever. Both cars are reliable but Nissan's 100 odd dealers can never match the sheer coverage of Maruti's 2000 dealerships in this country of ours.
Pricing & Features:

[10] Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz vs Renault Scala
Verdict: Scala is better than Ciaz
Drivability & Performance: Ciaz's engine is too small for its size. 1250cc diesel engine is just not enough for a car in this segment & this is the main reason why Ciaz loses out to Scala. Renault's 1.5 litre K9K power-plant has excellent drivability, with hardly any turbo-lag at all. On the efficiency front Scala is hardly 1 or 2 kpl less efficient in the real world, which is completely worth the extra performance.
Dynamics: Both cars are not the best-in-class when it comes to handling, but that being said Scala is better than Ciaz in ride comfort, while Ciaz is slightly better when it comes to handling manners.
Reliability & After Sales Service: This is one parameter in which no car, Scala included, can hold a candle to Maruti's sheer and complete dominance.
Interiors: Scala has better room inside the cabin than Ciaz, but by a small margin. However, Ciaz has a much more up-market interiors unlike the Scala which not only feels old, but also cheap.
Conclusion: If it weren't for that weak engine Ciaz would have won this comparo, but currently that engine is downgrading its performance to worse than Maruti's own 5 lakh rupee hatchback, the Ritz.

[11] Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz vs Toyota Etios
Verdict: Ciaz is better than Etios
Performance & Efficiency: Etios falls short in terms of performance, efficiency & refinement compared to the Ciaz. Etios is a prime example of Toyota's sheer overconfidence of refusing to put it's 90PS version of 1.4 litre engine in the Etios for some absurd, selfish, narcissistic thinking of "how can we put the same engine in Etios and Corolla?" instead of thinking whether their engine is better than competition or not. And this, amongst other things has led to a huge missed opportunity with the Etios twins.
Dynamics: Neither Ciaz nor Etios are even close to being best in class in terms of dynamics. But amongst the two it is the Ciaz which has a more mature ride quality. In terms of handling, both cars are on equal footing.
Space & Comfort: In spite of having a smaller footprint, Etios is no less spacious or comfortable than the Ciaz, although it is definitely less luxurious.
Reliability & After Sales Service: Both Japanese brands have impeccable reputations for Quality & Reliability. But Toyota still doesn't have the 4000 touch-point strong spread of Maruti's network.
Verdict: You might have to shell out 30-40k more than Etios to buy a Ciaz having same features, which in our honest opinion is absolutely worth it.

[12] Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz vs Toyota Corolla
Verdict: Ciaz is better than Corolla
Performance & Efficiency: Both Ciaz & Corolla Altis have the same 90PS output, but Ciaz is a good 100kg lighter, giving it better performance, drivability as well as fuel efficiency.
Dynamics: Neither of the cars have outstanding dynamics, but overall it's the Ciaz which trumps the Corolla Altis in terms of handling and steering feel. Corolla's ride quality also doesn't feel as accomodative as the Ciaz on Indian roads
Reliability & After Sales Service: Corolla of course has proven itself unbeatable in reliability all over the World, but then Maruti's record in India is even more remarkable, given how difficult it is to manage dealers and manpower in India. But that's not all Spares and service cost of Ciaz is bound to be half of that of the Corolla Altis over its lifetime.
Space & Comfort: Corolla Altis is hardly any longer or wider than Ciaz, it's wheelbase is also just 50 mm bigger and importantly it is actually shorter than the Ciaz, which translates into more or less equal space, be it inside the cabin or the boot.

[13] Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz vs Chevrolet Sail Sedan
Verdict: Ciaz is better than Sail Sedan
Summary: Both cars have the same engine, so performance, drivability, refine & fuel efficiency are identical.
However, Sail's China developed (GM-SAIC-Wuling) platform is no match for the Ciaz in terms of handling, ride quality & stability. Ciaz also has much more luxurious interiors. Both Sail and Ciaz have no cause for complaint when it comes to rear seat space & boot capacity, but the Ciaz has better ergonomics. However, Sail falls far behind the Ciaz when it comes to reliability & after sales service and hence resale value as well.

Where does Ciaz (Diesel) stand vs MUVs/SUVs
1. Honda Mobilio
2. Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz
3. Maruti-Suzuki Ertiga
4. Toyota Innova
5. Mahindra XUV500
6. Tata Aria
7. Nissan Evalia
8. Safari Storme
9. Scorpio
10. Chevrolet Enjoy
11. Xylo
12. Bolero

Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz vs Honda Mobilio
Verdict: Mobilio is better than Ciaz
Maneuverability: Even though you might have an impression that the Mobilio is a more cumbersome car to drive in city traffic, in reality it is the exact opposite. Mobilio has a smaller footprint and a tighter turning circle than the Ciaz and hence is actually the more nimble car amongst the two.
Space and Comfort: Mobilio can carry way more luggage than the Ciaz and if need be can carry 2 more people than the Ciaz as well.
Performance: Ciaz may look like a faster and sportier car, but again Mobilio leaves it far behind. If we compare the diesel engined cars, Mobilio has 250cc bigger engine, 10 more bhp and in the real world, it has way better acceleration and overtaking oomph than the Ciaz. Same for the petrol engined cars, Mobilio has the famous 1.5 litre iVTEC engine from the Honda City which has 25 more bhp than the Ciaz's 1.4 unit.
Dynamics: Both cars are excellent handlers and have quite pliant ride quality as well, but the Mobilio has a slight edge over the Ciaz thanks to its wonderfully accurate, feelsome and well weighted steering wheel.
Fuel Efficiency: In spite of better performance and practicality it is a big surprise that both cars are exactly as fuel efficient as the other.

Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz vs Ertiga (Diesel)
Verdict: Ciaz is better than Ertiga
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