Nano vs Alto 800 [Petrol]

Verdict: Nano is better value-for-money than Alto 800

Summary: Nano has a lot more features and is significantly cheaper than the Alto. Nano has much better space in the front as well as the back, and it's high-set seating is a lot more comfortable as well. Bootspace though is much lesser than the Alto. Both cars have decent drivability but in terms of outright pace, Alto is much better. Nano has better maneuverability in city confines, but Alto's ride quality is much better than Nano and so is its, stability and handling. Alto also has better refinement and proven reliability. Maruti-Suzuki still has better after sales service, both in terms of availability and quality of workmanship over Tata. That translates into excellent resale value as well. Nano however, has managed to keep a check on the spares costs really well.

Overall though, the Alto is just too expensive for what it offers and much better options like Micra Active are now available at just 10% more i.e. just Rs. 40,000 more (click here to read Micra Active vs Alto). Nano is still a good 1.25 lakh cheaper and hence remains the only option for those whose wallet does not allow them to buy a proper full-size hatch. But even then the question remains whether it is wise to buy a new Nano at all, given that a used Alto/Santro would be available at a much lesser price.

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