Nano [CNG] vs Alto 800 [Petrol]

Verdict: Nano eMAX (CNG) is better value-for-money than Alto 800 LXi (Petrol)

Summary: Nano eMAX has a whopping 60% lower cost of ownership than Alto 800, India's default choice while buying a first car. CNG's low running costs helping its case and making it the King of low-cost motoring. Nano also has much better knee room, head room & shoulder room compared to the claustrophobic Alto 800, However, the Alto does have a slightly bigger boot. Nano is much weaker than the Alto in terms of acceleration, but drivability within city confines is quite decent. Not as good as the Alto, but still good enough. Alto is far better than the Nano when it comes to bump absorption, stability and cornering manners. In terms of after sales service, Maruti-Suzuki has a proven track record for the last 30 years coupled with service centers in the most remote corners of the country and spares costing only marginally higher than the Nano.

Overall though Alto 800 is just 10-15% cheaper than modern, full-size hatchbacks like Nissan Micra Active & Datsun Go, which does not make it good value-for-money. Nano on the other hand is closer to a bike in terms of ownership cost than an Alto. It offers priceless advantages like weather protection, air-conditioning, back support and ability to carry a family of 4 people in complete comfort compared to a bike/scooter. This is what makes a great value-for-money offering.

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