Micra Active vs Alto 800 [Petrol]

Verdict: Micra Active is better value-for-money than Alto 800

Summary: Micra Active's Cost of Ownership is just 10% more than the Alto 800, but it is better than the Alto 800 in almost every aspect. First and foremost, it is a far far safer car than the Alto. It is also much more spacious and comfortable than the Alto. It has better refinement, drivability and outright performance and yet it is almost as efficient as the Alto. It absorbs bumps much better than the Alto, has more stability at high speeds and under emergency braking situations. It corners much better than the Alto as well. In terms of after sales service Maruti-Suzuki still remains unbeatable especially spares costing and service quality. However, Nissan has set up adequate service coverage in the urban areas and is continuously getting better at it day by day.

Features & Pricing:
1. Micra Active XE vs Alto 800 LXi:

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