Figo vs Xcent Comparison

Ford Figo vs Hyundai Xcent Comparison

Verdict: Figo is better than Xcent

Summary: Considering the 4 basic fundamentals (engine-gearbox & chassis-suspension) Figo is a much stronger car than the Xcent. Xcent's 1120cc engine feels inadequate for propelling a sedan. Figo's engine has absolutely no turbo lag compared to the Xcent's engine which has quite a lot of it. Hence the Figo has much better drivability than the Xcent, whereas the outright performance is evenly matched. Figo also has much better dynamics than the Xcent. It's combination of a supple ride with tightly controlled body roll around the corners is amazing. Xcent is softly sprung, giving it an absorbent ride at low speeds, but it starts wallowing as the speeds rise. Handling is sub par with lots of body roll and understeer cutting in quite early. Even the Xcent's steering is too light compared to the precise and feelsome wheel of the Figo. Both cars have airy and spacious cabins with the Xcent having better boot space but the Figo also has one of the biggest boots among the country's hatchbacks. Xcent does manage to seduce the less informed buyer's with attractive looking interiors compared to Figo's utilitarian and quite dated innards. Hyundai does have an edge when it comes to after sales service but Ford has closed the gap and Figo has proved a reliable and low-maintenance car in its innings so far.

Pricing & Features:
1. Figo EXI vs Xcent Base: (cheapest variants with AC-PS-PW-CL)
2. Figo ZXI vs Xcent Base: (identically priced variants)