Datsun Go vs Swift Comparison

Datsun Go vs Maruti-Suzuki Swift Comparison

Verdict: Datsun Go is more practical & better value-for-money than Swift

Summary: Datsun Go is significantly cheaper, has more features, has a much more spacious & comfortable rear seat & more boot space than the Swift. It has similar engine capacity and chassis-suspension configuration to the Swift. Hence there is no valid reason against comparing these two cars either. Datsun Go has better drivability than the Swift and equivalent outright performance. Go has a more pliant ride quality especially at low speeds compared to the stiffly sprung Swift. As a result it is not as pointy as the Swift, but in terms of stability it can certainly give the Swift a run for its money. Datsun (Nissan) is no match for Maruti-Suzuki's legendary after sales service, especially in the villages and smaller towns, but city dwellers need not worry about it as Nissan has adequate service availability, equally cheap spares and service quality that is catching up fast to typical Japanese standards.

Here we have compared the Datsun Go T variant with the Swift LXi as they are closest in pricing. If you are thinking of buying the Swift VXi however, read this comparison to it's relevant competitor. (Xcent vs Swift).

Pricing & Features: Go is not only a whopping 85,000 Rs. cheaper than the Swift, but also has much more features than the Swift
Space & Comfort: In spite of the Swift being slightly bigger externally, internally the Datsun Go is much more spacious. Swift's 1.5 box design being much less space-efficient compared to Go's mono-volume shell. Swift has arguably the most cramped rear seat of any full-size hatchback in the country. Knee room is tight and so is the shoulder room. An upward sloping waist line makes it even more claustrophobic by reducing the size of the windows. Go on the other hand has more than enough knee room, head room and shoulder room and big glass area giving an airy and spacious feel to the cabin. The rear seat could have done with more thigh support, but it is still a much better space to be in compared to the Swift. Even the Go's boot is much bigger than the Swift (and many more expensive hatchbacks like Ritz, Vista, Micra, Grand i10, Liva etc.) and can easily accommodate 2 full-size suitcases and still have room for more. Whereas, Swift has one of the smallest boot in the country that too with a high loading lip making matters worse.

Interiors: Go's interiors certainly feel made to a cost, while Swift's feel much more upmarket. Both boast of typical Japanese quality and are made to bear decades of abuse.

Performance: Datsun Go has excellent low-end torque compared to the Swift's peaky engine due to the basic difference of a 3-cylinder vs a 4-cylinder mill and also due to Swift's extra-tall gear ratios. Hence the Go accelerates quicker but the Swift has a higher top whack.

Refinement: Go's lack of much sound deadening material coupled to a 3-pot also makes it less refined than the Swift, but by a very small margin. Swift also has a nicer gear-shift with a short, sporty throw and great feel. Go has light shifts, but can be nothcy at times and lack of sound-proofing means some whine is audible at all speeds.

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Dynamics: Go has a longer wheelbase than the Swift. Hence it has excellent stability at high speeds as well as under hard braking. Only the tiny 13 inch tyres prove to be the weakest link of the overall package. It has a light and reasonably precise steering and well judged suspension setup giving it a mature ride quality as well a decent cornering manners, befitting cars with a much more hefty price tag. Swift has a wider track and stiffer suspension, hence it is more pointy and entertaining to drive than the Go, although ride quality is quite harsh overall and especially so at low speeds.

After Sales Service: Maruti-Suzuki's is well known for it's epic service with service centers in the most remote parts of the country. Datsun on the other hand may be a new brand, but it's parent company, Nissan is a behemoth. It is the second biggest Japanese automotive conglomerate in the World i.e. its bigger than Honda and it sells almost thrice as many cars as Suzuki does every year. It has established good coverage in urban India and continues to expand at breakneck speed. Just like Maruti-Suzuki, Nissan's cars fundamentally built to last and hence seldom require anything more than just regular servicing. However, it does take a while for even the most obsessive Japanese management to wring out good service quality from the politico-mafia funded dealerships.

Safety: Swift has the full 5/5 star safety rating from Euro NCAP but that is for the Airbag equipped variant, not the bare-bones variant considered here. Datsun Go being a car pitched specifically at emerging markets is expected to get a segment standard 0/5 safety rating just like the Alto, i10, Figo, Polo have got (from Global NCAP) and their platform sharing siblings like WagonR, Celerio & Eon are expected to have as and when they are tested.

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