Celerio [Auto, Petrol] vs Figo [Diesel]

Verdict: Celerio (Petrol, Automatic) is better value-for-money than Figo (Diesel)

Summary: Celerio has lower cost of ownership than a diesel Figo, in spite of being a petrol car having an automatic gearbox. However good Figo diesel's drivability might be, it is no match for an automatic gearbox. Celerio also matches the Figo on performance & cabin space and betters it in terms of interior quality and refinement. Figo does have a bigger boot, though Celerio's is not too small either. In terms of dynamics Figo is best-in-class. It has a supple ride, precise, well weighted steering and is remarkably stable at high speeds and under emergency braking. Celerio may not be able to match the Figo's dynamics but it also has a decent ride quality and good stability. It has a light steering and better maneuverability than the Figo within city confines. Then there is Maruti-Suzuki unbeatable after sales service backing the Celerio across the length and breadth of the country.

If you fall within the majority of population who drives less than 15,000 kms a year and mostly within the city, Celerio Automatic is not only an immensely stress free alternative to the Figo, but it also less heavy on the pocket.

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