Amaze vs Liva [Diesel]

Verdict: Amaze is better than Liva

Summary: Amaze has a much better powertrain (engine & gearbox) than the Liva. It has better outright performance, better drivability and identical refinement as the Liva. Amaze has better rear leg room and knee room than the Liva and the boot especially is much bigger than the Liva. Both have typical Japanese, hard wearing & ergonomic interiors, if only a bit spartan compared to other competitors. Both cars have comparable ride quality but Amaze corners slightly better than Liva And has a more precise steering as well. Both brand's have decades of proven track record of bulletproof reliability and after sales service. However, the Amaze in spite of being a sedan costs the same as Toyota's hatchback and hence is the clear winner of this comparo.

Features & Pricing:
1. Amaze E MT vs Liva GD: (comparison of cheapest AC-PS-PW-CL equipped variants)