Xcent vs Swift Comparison

Hyundai Xcent vs Maruti-Suzuki Swift Comparison
Verdict: Xcent is better value-for-money than Swift (Petrols)

Summary: Hyundai has managed to price the Xcent remarkably well. Swift on the other hand feels a bit overpriced with respect to it's competition. Swift has a claustrophobic rear seat and a ridiculously small boot. In contrast, the Xcent has ample leg room at the rear and generous boot. Swift has great interiors but the Xcent's are even better. Both cars have great engines, with excellent performance, efficiency and drivability. Swift does have a more capable chassis with better cornering manners and highway stability than the Xcent, but the ride is stiffer, especially at lower speeds. But the Swift just can't match the sheer level headed practicality and value-for-money offered by the Xcent.

Pricing & Features: In spite of being a sedan Xcent even betters the Swift when it comes to pricing and equipment levels.
1. Xcent Base vs Swift LXi: (Comparison of cheapest variants having AC-PS)

2. Xcent Base vs Swift VXi: (Comparison of cheapest variants having AC-PS-PW-CL)
3. Xcent S vs Swift VXi: (Comparison of closely priced variants)
4. Xcent S (O) vs Swift VXi

Fuel Efficiency: Both cars have identical fuel efficiency owing to similar engine capacity and weight.

Space & Comfort: The biggest difference between the two is the rear seat space and comfort. Knee room in the Swift's rear is really tight even the seat is low giving it hardly any under-thigh support. Even the head room is compromised thanks to the sloping roof. The Xcent's rear seat on the other hand is one of the best in the business, with more than enough knee room, head room and seats are higher, giving good under thigh support and comfort.
Boot space also is vastly different. Swift having arguably the smallest boot in its price range and Xcent having the largest.
Performance: Both cars are closely matched in terms of performance, drivability and refinement thanks to their brilliant engines.
On-road Performance:
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Xcent's kerb weight is a guesstimate as Hyundai refuses to quote an official figure.

Dynamics: Xcent is sprung softly compared to the Swift resulting in better ride quality at lower speeds. The steering is light, making it a boon in city traffic. It is not a cornering tool thanks to generous amounts body roll and understeer setting in quite early for safety reasons. The Swift is a hoot to drive. Steering is precise and chassis is agile and well balanced making it our recommended choice for most fun-to-drive cars here... However, it is not a comfortable car for the passengers, which is where it loses out the Xcent when it comes to a practical choice.  

After Sales Service: Maruti-Suzuki and Hyundai are leader and runner-up respectively, when it comes to after sales service in India. Especially in rural areas Maruti-Suzuki's service availability is still unmatched, but in Metro's and B-towns Hyundai has more or less caught up. However, even in terms of quality of workmanship and service costs Maruti-Suzuki still holds an slight advantage.
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